Chapter 061 – Provoked into a corner

What’s going on?

The onlookers were all stunned.

They looked at the heavily injured Tong Shihong, but for a moment, they didn’t know what to say to match their current mood.

All the way, Tong Shihong had been recklessly finding people to deliver messages to Huashan. Everyone saw it, but Feng Qi remained indifferent, as if he tacitly approved. People thought that he was limited in ability, which was why he allowed Tong Shihong to act so recklessly.

After all, Tong Shihong was a top-notch master in the world. They didn’t expect that as soon as he arrived on the mountain, he would be stabbed.

They couldn’t even tell if this was a warning or a deterrent?

What shocked them even more was that in the face of Feng Qi’s sudden attack, Tong Shihong couldn’t even dodge…

Sure enough, it was worth following them all the way. This time, there was really a good show to watch.

Huashan Sect fell into silence.

Tong Shihong suddenly came as a gesture of goodwill to disrupt the alliance between the two sects?

Zong Gui looked at Tong Shihong, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground, healing his injuries, and his mind went blank for a moment. He couldn’t figure it out.

Master Tong, what are you doing?

All the way, you sent letter after letter to me, saying that it was not an exaggeration to say that you knew Feng Qi inside out. How come you didn’t have any defense against his sneak attack?

We’ve already come up the mountain, why didn’t you come earlier?

Could I still have someone shoot you?

Could it be that you used your own life to demonstrate how powerful Feng Qi is?


It has nothing to do with Master Tong. Clearly, it’s the Heavenly Demon’s unpredictable behavior that makes it impossible for people to guard against…

Zong Gui calmed his mind and looked at Feng Qi and the other two, who were two hundred meters away. After a moment of contemplation, he said, “Alright, since Nie Nong has agreed to Huashan Sect joining the Peacekeeping Alliance, you can come forward and let’s discuss cooperation. All disciples, put away your weapons and welcome Gang Leader Feng.”

Two hundred meters was too far, even a strong bow couldn’t reach that distance. At least lure him closer first.

Feng Qi was ruthless and heartless. Once he turned his back, Huashan Sect, being so close to Luyang City, would definitely suffer endless calamities. Zong Gui decided to follow Tong Shihong’s suggestion and kill Wang San first.

Du Ge seemed a little surprised, “This agreement was signed by Nie Nong, the Principal Official of Luyang City. Does Sect Leader Zong also recognize it?”

Recognize my ass!

A small Principal Official of Luyang City, what right does he have to be the leader of Huashan?

But at this moment, Zong Gui just wanted to lure Feng Qi closer and let the hidden archers shoot him, so he reluctantly said, “Yes, Nie Nong is a member of my Huashan Sect. I will naturally recognize what he does. Gang Leader Feng, right after the Divine Fist Sect merged into the Peacekeeping Gang, such an incident happened. If Master Tong dies on Huashan, it will also be detrimental to the reputation of the Peacekeeping Gang. It’s better to bring Master Tong here first to recuperate…”

“Sect Leader Zong really understands righteousness.” Du Ge smiled, “I thought a small Principal Official wouldn’t be able to be the leader of Huashan. He came all the way to Huashan to seek confirmation from Sect Leader Zong. If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have come to Huashan.”

“Sect Leader Zong is the leader of a sect, and his words carry weight. I trust him! And, as Sect Leader Zong said, I need to hurry down the mountain to take care of Master Tong’s injuries. If we wait too long and Master Tong dies on Huashan, we won’t be able to explain it clearly.”


Zong Gui cursed inwardly, a sneer hanging at the corner of his mouth, “A document signed by a small Principal Official, I dare to recognize it. Does Gang Leader Feng not even dare to come up the mountain and let me confirm it?

If you don’t even let me take a look at the agreement, Gang Leader Feng, I won’t recognize it once you leave Huashan. Feng Gang Leader, my Huashan Sect clearly has ready-made medicine, but you want to take Master Tong down the mountain for treatment. All these signs go against common sense. Could it be that Feng Gang Leader has something to hide?”

“… ” Du Ge looked at Zong Gui and thought to himself, this guy really has a sharp tongue.

“Gang Leader Feng, please.” Zong Gui looked at Du Ge and smiled, “It is rumored that you and Feng Gang Leader single-handedly attacked the Iron Palm Gang and killed the Glutton, a ferocious beast. You are an unparalleled young hero. But today, you dare not even enter the mountain gate of Huashan. If this gets out, it will be detrimental to the reputation of the Peacekeeping Gang. How can someone without courage uphold justice in the world?”

Two cunning foxes!

Watching Zong Gui and Du Ge confront each other, the onlookers who followed were once again amazed. They felt that this trip was not in vain.

The intentions of both sides were clear, and neither had good intentions.

But they could still speak so grandly and nobly, and no one could find fault with their words…

Is this the brilliance of the big shots?

If they were in the positions of either side, they would have been overwhelmed by words long ago.

But for now, Feng Qi was at a disadvantage.

After all, Zong Gui’s reasons were more righteous.

And Feng Qi’s words and actions were clever, sounding reasonable, but upon closer inspection, they were all untenable.

Indeed, experience makes the master.

“Sect Leader Zong, have you made up your mind?” Du Ge didn’t seem like someone who had been cornered, smiling as he asked.

“I don’t understand what Feng Gang Leader means by that,” Zong Gui said.

“Presumably Sect Leader Zong also knows that the main purpose of the Peacekeeping Gang’s establishment is to eradicate the Heavenly Demons in the world. This matter is no less important than upholding justice and peace in the world,” Du Ge said seriously.

“Feng Gang Leader, there’s no need to beat around the bush. Everything can be said openly,” Zong Gui smiled.”Alright, I’ll be straightforward then.” Du Ge smiled, “Firstly, if Sect Leader Zong attacks me when I ascend the mountain, it would be a betrayal of trust; secondly, if the Huashan Sect is secretly harboring the Heavenly Demon and it gets exposed, it would be another violation. If either of these is discovered, Huashan will become a target for the Peacekeeping Gang to eliminate. The vast estate of the Huashan Sect might be reduced to ashes.

The reason why I insist on descending the mountain is to leave some room for Sect Leader Zong to maneuver, and to give the Huashan Sect some time to self-examine and self-correct.

After all, the Peacekeeping Gang allows people to make mistakes and to correct them, just like how I only slightly punished Master Tong for his mistake and still insisted on helping him. But if the mistake is too grave, there won’t even be a chance to correct it.”

Slightly punished?

You pierced my heart and lungs, and you call that slight punishment?

So, I should thank you, right?

Tong Shihong, who was healing his wounds, heard Du Ge’s words and was so angry that he almost lost control. He swayed slightly, a trace of fresh blood spilled from the corner of his mouth, and he almost lost his mind on the spot. He quickly stabilized his mind, focused on healing his wounds, and stopped listening to Du Ge’s nonsense.

“I’ve made myself clear. Does Sect Leader Zong still insist on inviting me up the mountain?” Du Ge asked with a smile.

Do you think I, Zong Gui, am easily scared?

Are the hundreds of us in the Huashan Sect afraid of your three Heavenly Demons?

Even if you talk eloquently, killing you would solve everything. Who in this world would dare to speak ill of me then?

Do you really think the Huashan Sect is a third-rate sect like the Iron Palm Gang?

Seeing Feng Qi being provoked into a corner, Zong Gui smiled broadly and said with a fist salute: “Gang Leader Feng, you worry too much. I, Zong Gui, have a clear conscience. Please.”

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