Chapter 058 – Heavenly Demon Chaotic World

Listening to the two of them praising the benefits of the Heavenly Demon and the dangers of Feng Qi, Zong Gui impatiently waved his hand and sent them to a side hall. He then sent someone to investigate their usual words and actions before turning his attention to the elders in the hall. “Elders, what do you think?”

“The matter of the Heavenly Demon is quite suspicious, we should handle it with caution,” said the elder in charge of transmitting martial arts. “The Heavenly Demon uses the evil method of body possession to descend into the world. Even if they speak well, this alone makes them not good people and we must be on guard.”

“We should be on guard, but also make use of them,” said the elder in charge of law enforcement. “I think Tan Hongsheng’s words make sense. If all the sects have Heavenly Demons and we don’t, we will inevitably be at a disadvantage in future conflicts in the martial world. But before using them, we must investigate them thoroughly.”

“Those who are not of our clan will always have different hearts. I’m afraid we will be backlashed by the Heavenly Demon in the end,” said the elder in charge of the sect. “Didn’t the Feng Family suffer from Feng Qi’s backlash? And the Iron Palm Gang, in just a few days, was changed by Feng Qi and became the Peacekeeping Gang. We don’t have a deep understanding of the Heavenly Demon. It is most secure to kill them while they are weak.”

“Zhao Junior Brother, what should we do if other sects start using the Heavenly Demon?” asked the elder in charge of law enforcement.

“I think we should gather the major sects in the name of Huashan and discuss the matter of the Heavenly Demon together,” said the elder in charge of the sect. “Don’t forget, if it weren’t for Feng Qi, Tan Hongsheng and the others would still be lurking in Huashan. These people with sinister intentions, how can we trust them?”

“…” Zong Gui fell silent for a moment and took out Feng Zhong’s letter. “Elders, take a look at this letter.”

“The Xueshan Sect and the Blood Blade Sect intend to attack the Central Plains and seize the Martial Saint’s legacy; the Emei Sect has a thousand-year-old blood ginseng that can increase one’s martial arts power by a hundred years; our Huashan Sect’s predecessor, the Sword Demon Dugu Yun, created a sword technique called ‘Dugu Nine Swords,’ which is said to have surpassed all martial arts in the world. The suspected location of his sword tomb is in the back mountains of the Kunlun Sect…”

“Sect Leader, where did this letter come from?” asked the elder in charge of law enforcement. “Apart from the truth about the Heavenly Demon, the rest of the letter is nonsense. I have never heard of a Sword Demon like Dugu Yun in Huashan. I have never heard of Bai Xiaosheng from the Tianji Sect…”

“Senior Zhang, I didn’t believe it when I received this letter either,” Zong Gui sighed. “But the matter of the Heavenly Demon has already been confirmed. Take a look at the second page, it contains Dugu Yun’s life story.”

The elder in charge of law enforcement turned to the second page and read, “Before the age of thirty, he wielded a sharp sword and roamed the world… Before the age of forty, he wielded a heavy iron sword… The heavy sword has no edge, yet it is skillful and ingenious… After the age of forty, everything can be used as a sword… Breaking sword technique, breaking knife technique, breaking spear technique, breaking palm technique… Every move only attacks and does not defend, attacking where the enemy must save… No moves are stronger than having no moves…”

At first, the elder in charge of law enforcement didn’t take it seriously, but the more he read, the more shocked he became. He looked at the paper in his hand, bloodshot eyes appearing, muttering to himself as if he had gone mad, “Attacking where the enemy must save, having no moves is stronger than having moves. How is it possible for such a sword technique to exist in the world?”

The elder in charge of transmitting martial arts took the letter from him after reading it and silently handed it to the elder in charge of the sect…

After reading it, everyone in the hall fell into silence.

“The sword technique mentioned in the letter is truly extraordinary. With such a theory, it opens up a whole new world for sword techniques,” said Zong Gui. “If our Huashan Sect can obtain this sword technique, we can dominate the world. It’s really just a matter of time. If the Qiao Family can produce a Martial Saint like Qiao He, why can’t our Huashan Sect have a Sword Demon predecessor?”

“But this letter came too coincidentally!” said the elder in charge of the sect. “The Martial Saint’s treasure vault has been safe for many years. Why would the Xueshan Sect and the Blood Blade Sect suddenly want to seize it for no reason?”

“It’s not without reason,” said Zong Gui. “Zhao Junior Brother, if the Heavenly Demon can infiltrate the Central Plains, they can also infiltrate the Western Regions. It’s normal for them to be influenced by the Heavenly Demon.”

The elder in charge of the sect fell silent, finding it reasonable to connect everything with the Heavenly Demon.

“It’s better to believe that it exists than to believe that it doesn’t!” Zong Gui sighed. “It’s a troublesome autumn!”

“Sect Leader, I will take some people to Kunlun for a visit!” said the elder in charge of law enforcement. “If we can really find Dugu Yun’s sword tomb, it will be a blessing for our Huashan Sect. If we can’t find it, I will go and discuss the matter of the Heavenly Demon with the Kunlun Sect Leader. It won’t be a wasted trip.”

“Good, thank you, Senior Zhang,” Zong Gui nodded.

“I will go to Emei in the name of the Heavenly Demon and investigate the matter of the thousand-year-old blood ginseng,” said the elder in charge of the sect. “A hundred years of martial arts power is enough to create a super expert. We must be on guard.”

“Thank you, Senior Zhao,” Zong Gui nodded.

Several elders of the Huashan Sect were discussing their separate actions and planning the specific itinerary based on Feng Zhong’s letter.

Zong Gui’s senior disciple, Wang Yuanhao, hurriedly arrived in the main hall. “Master, I just received news that Master Tong of the Divine Fist Sect has joined Feng Qi’s Peacekeeping Alliance. He claims to want to go to Huashan with Feng Qi and persuade the Sect Leader to join the Peacekeeping Alliance, eradicate the Heavenly Demon, and uphold justice in the martial world.”

“…” Everyone in the hall was stunned.

“Has Tong Shihong gone mad?” said the elder in charge of law enforcement.

“He is a respected figure in his sect. How could he cooperate with someone as insignificant as Feng Qi?” said the elder in charge of transmitting martial arts. “I’m afraid he has been influenced by something!”

“…” The elder in charge of the sect was dumbfounded, finding it reasonable to connect anything with the Heavenly Demon.Zong Gui pondered for a moment, then suddenly laughed and shook his head, “Elders, please calm down. I understand Master Tong’s character. He is not one to submit to others. This time, he must have suffered a loss at Feng Qi’s hands and wants to borrow the strength of Huashan. He wants me to join him in dealing with Feng Qi! Otherwise, why would Feng Qi come directly to attack Huashan and make this matter known to all?”

“What the Sect Leader said makes sense,” the Law Enforcement Elder said, “But even with Master Tong’s strength, he can’t handle Feng Qi and needs to borrow the strength of Huashan. Sect Leader, you need to be cautious.”

“I understand,” Zong Gui smiled, “Uncle Zhang, you can go to Kunlun with peace of mind. The ‘Dugu Nine Swords’ is related to the future of Huashan and is more important. Can the hundreds of people in the Huashan Sect, including Master Tong, not handle a small Feng Qi? Once everything is arranged, I will find the two Heavenly Demons in the sect and find out their weaknesses.”

The same thing happened in Taishan, Beggar’s Sect, Emei, and other sects.

The letters Feng Zhong sent to each sect were different, but each one precisely scratched the itch of each sect.

In just a few days, all the sects had taken action.

As Du Ge predicted, the major sects were more concerned about their own interests and would not focus all their energy on his small Peacekeeping Sect.

At this time.

Du Ge and his two companions, along with Tong Shihong, had already set off for Huashan.

Tong Shihong’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot, and he didn’t say a word all the way.

Before departure, Qiu Muqian had tricked his wife, children, and a group of personal disciples into the Peacekeeping Sect.

In order to make his disciples work hard for the Peacekeeping Sect, Feng Qi had beaten him up in front of everyone from various angles.

He bluntly stated that if there was any trouble in the Peacekeeping Sect, he would kill him, then turn around and eliminate the Divine Fist Sect to maintain the order they had disrupted.

In front of so many people, he was beaten like a drowned dog, completely losing face.

This bastard, really did nothing human…

What made him even more depressed was.

In just a few days, Feng Qi could suppress him without resorting to any tricks. With such a growth rate, it wouldn’t be long before no one in the martial arts world could handle him.

Going to Huashan this time, if Zong Gui was also taken down by him, he would never be able to shake off the name of a traitor to the Three Gates and Five Sects.

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