Chapter 057 – Role model and bravery

The Huashan Sect and the Taishan Sect are the two major sword sects in the Central Plains, renowned for their swordsmanship.

The Huashan Sect has over a thousand disciples, which sounds fewer than the three thousand gang members of the Iron Palm Gang.

However, the quality of the three thousand gang members of the Iron Palm Gang varies greatly, and there are not more than five hundred skilled martial artists among them. On the other hand, all one thousand disciples of the Huashan Sect are skilled in martial arts, passed down from generation to generation.

The Sect Leader of the Huashan Sect is named Zong Gui, in his forties, and his swordsmanship is extraordinary.

Because the sword he carries naturally forms golden patterns on its blade, during battles, the sword light shines brilliantly like the morning glow. Therefore, he is nicknamed the “Golden Glow Swordsman”.

The Huashan Sect is only a two-day journey away from Luyang City, and Zong Gui is the first to receive news from Luyang City.

For the first time, he heard that the Heavenly Demon was a disciple who defected from Nie Nong’s faction. Even if that disciple swore an oath and claimed to have personally seen the Glutton, Zong Gui did not believe it.

After all, the existence of gods, ghosts, and demons is too bizarre. Without seeing it with one’s own eyes, no one would believe it too much, especially Zong Gui, who is the Sect Leader.

He stubbornly believed that the so-called Heavenly Demon and Glutton were tricks played by tricksters in the martial world.

The Peacekeeping Gang is just a gang similar to the Lotus Sect, using some unorthodox methods to deceive the people. The Principal Official of Luyang City, Nie Nong, was also deceived and made the foolish decision to besiege the Divine Fist Sect’s residence.

In the desperate eyes of the disciple who reported the news, Zong Gui only sent two disciples to Luyang City to awaken Nie Nong and investigate the situation of the Peacekeeping Gang, as well as consider how to apologize to the Divine Fist Sect.

Afterwards, the news about the Heavenly Demon spread vividly among the merchants traveling between Luyang City and Huashan, and even among the disciples and followers of the Huashan Sect.

The content specifically mentioned that the Heavenly Demon was really discovered in a certain village. A certain seriously ill person suddenly recovered and had a drastic change in personality. After being discovered, their power increased greatly and they injured dozens of villagers single-handedly, which was different from ordinary people. They were eventually beaten to death by the villagers with clubs.

Zong Gui began to have doubts about the existence of the Heavenly Demon.

After that, Feng Zhong’s letter arrived. After reading Feng Zhong’s letter, Zong Gui summoned the disciple who had previously returned from Luyang City to inquire in detail about the Glutton and the Heavenly Demon. Then, a large-scale investigation of the Heavenly Demon was launched within the Huashan Sect.

Through the investigation, they did find a problem.

To be precise, it was not that they found it, but that the Heavenly Demon exposed themselves.

Lotus Peak, Qingxu Hall.

Zong Gui and many elders gathered together, examining the two third-generation disciples in the hall.

Zong Gui asked, “Are you the Heavenly Demon who possesses others, as rumored in the world?”

“Yes.” The two disciples glanced at each other, and one of them said, “Sect Leader, it is true that we are the Heavenly Demon who possesses others, but unlike what Feng Qi said, we do not harm the world. We came to this world just to seek a peaceful life and never thought of harming others.”

“Yes, Sect Leader. The ones who truly harm others and provoke chaos in the world are Feng Qi and his group,” the other person said. “Feng Qi disrupts the order of Luyang City under the pretext of maintaining it, and his protector, the Heavenly Demon, takes pleasure in playing with dead bodies. Judging from their words and actions, they are not righteous Heavenly Demons. The people of Luyang City have been blinded by their interests, which is why they are so protective of the so-called Peacekeeping Gang. Sect Leader, if Feng Qi and his group are not eliminated, it will lead to a real chaos in the world!”

These two people were forced to reveal their identities and had no choice.

The number of participants in the simulation field was visibly decreasing, and news about the Heavenly Demon was spreading fervently within the Huashan Sect. Many disciples were already looking at them with suspicious eyes.

Possessing others after being severely injured, sudden recovery, change in personality…

They almost fulfilled all the methods Feng Qi mentioned to identify the Heavenly Demon.

After all, apart from possessing others, most people would usually choose to stabilize themselves by using keywords for healing and recovery. Therefore, even for low-profile candidates, in order to protect their bodies, they had to use keywords.

It was already good enough to be assigned a suitable keyword. How could they have such good luck to have their personalities perfectly match the keyword?

Given time to grow, change in personality, and increase in strength, all abnormalities could gradually be concealed, and they could ultimately blend perfectly into this world.

But Feng Qi disrupted everything too quickly, catching everyone off guard…

When the Huashan Sect began investigating the Heavenly Demon, the two of them knew they couldn’t hide anymore. Instead of being exposed, it was better to admit it themselves and take the initiative.

The matter of the Heavenly Demon is actually true!

Several elders in the Lotus Hall looked at the two third-generation disciples, pointing and discussing, showing astonishment on their faces.

Zong Gui suppressed his astonishment and asked, “What are your names?”

The disciple who spoke first said, “Replying to the Sect Leader, my name is Tan Hongsheng.”

The second disciple said, “My name is Gao Hongqiao.”

Zong Gui asked, “I’m asking for the name of the Heavenly Demon.”

The two disciples glanced at each other and said in unison, “Sect Leader, the Heavenly Demon does not have a name. After descending to this world, we take on the name of the host.”

Zong Gui was stunned for a moment and asked again, “According to Feng Qi, the Heavenly Demon has its own attributes. What are the attributes of the two of you? You better answer truthfully. There are already methods to identify the Heavenly Demon. If your words and actions match your attributes, your strength will increase. Otherwise, your strength will weaken. This can be tested.”

Damn Feng Qi, not leaving anyone a way out, forcing everyone to play with their cards face up…

The two cursed Feng Qi in their hearts.

Fortunately, they had already figured out how to disguise themselves on their way here.

Tan Hongsheng said, “Replying to the Sect Leader, my attribute is an example. As long as I become someone’s role model or someone imitates me, I will continue to become stronger.”

Gao Hongqiao remained composed, “My attribute is bravery. Facing danger without retreating or being afraid will make me continuously stronger…”

“Is that so?” Zong Gui asked.”Sect Leader, you can always seek verification from others.” Tan Hongsheng said, “Ever since I underwent Body Possession, I have been practicing my internal skills until late at night, waking up at the crow of the rooster, and rushing to handle the affairs within the sect, fearing that I would fall behind others. Even my fellow disciples have become as diligent as I am. This is evident to all. Sect Leader, my attributes do not harm others. On the contrary, keeping me in the sect can foster a good atmosphere and inspire my fellow disciples to grow together…”

“What about you?” Zong Gui interrupted him, turning to Gao Hongqiao, and asked, “How do you prove yourself?”

“A brave person is not afraid of difficulties and dares to face any failure.” Gao Hongqiao said, “Sect Leader, I once ventured alone into the back mountain a few days ago, and fought a fierce tiger with bare hands. The body of the tiger is still there; I have also bravely challenged the master who taught us, never showing any fear or retreat due to our huge gap; I once climbed the most dangerous cliff in the back mountain of Huashan with bare hands. If the Sect Leader does not believe, I can climb it again.”

“You call this bravery?” Zong Gui frowned.

“Sect Leader, the brave are fearless.” Gao Hongqiao puffed out his chest, “With me in Huashan, I will always be at the forefront, willing to climb the knife mountain and dare to descend into the sea of fire. I can assure the Sect Leader that no matter what difficulties Huashan encounters, I will always stand at the forefront to resist the dangers for Huashan.”

Zong Gui looked at the two of them and fell silent. After a while, he waved his hand: “You two go to the side hall first, wait for us to discuss, and then decide whether you stay or leave.”

Tan Hongsheng did not leave, but stepped forward: “Sect Leader, the growth rate of the Heavenly Demon is extremely fast. We don’t know what Feng Qi’s real attributes are, but he has established the Peacekeeping Gang in Luyang City, controlling hundreds of thousands of people in Luyang City. His attributes must be extremely high. He has been exposed, and in order to consolidate his position, he will undoubtedly accelerate his expansion, and eliminate other Heavenly Demons for various reasons, aiming to be the only one in power.

Huashan Sect is the closest to Luyang City, and Feng Qi’s next target might be Huashan. If we are slow, we will always be slow. We can’t hesitate anymore, we should take the initiative to attack, kill Feng Qi, and eliminate the hidden danger.”

Gao Hongqiao said: “Sect Leader, Brother Tan is right. Feng Qi’s actions prove that his attribute is not to maintain, but most likely to swallow and create chaos. If not stopped in time, and let him continue to grow, in not too many days, no one will be able to control him. By eliminating Feng Qi, with Brother Tan’s example and my bravery, Huashan can grow stronger in no time, and it is not impossible to become the leader of the Three Gates and Five Sects.”

Tan Hongsheng said: “Sect Leader, you have also seen Feng Qi’s abilities. Now that the matter of the Heavenly Demon has spread, other sects must also be looking for Heavenly Demons to use for themselves. The future world will definitely be a world of Heavenly Demons. Huashan must have its own Heavenly Demon, Sect Leader, you must think thrice!”

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