Chapter 059 – Maintain freedom

“…… This is a fifty-two silver ticket. I ask the young hero to hurry to Huashan and inform the sect leader that Feng Qi’s martial arts surpass mine in every aspect. There is no need to waste words with him. Gather all the power of Huashan and directly attack, without adhering to the rules of the martial world like the Heavenly Demon.”

“Once Wang San speaks, it will instill fear in people. Do not let him speak.”

“Feng Qi has a skill where he attacks from behind with incredible speed. Do not face him head-on. Instead, let the disciples of Huashan form a defensive formation.”

“Just go and don’t worry about Feng Qi and the others behind. The Peacekeeping Sect upholds peace, righteousness, justice, and freedom. Killing people without reason will tarnish their reputation.”

“I ask the young hero to go to Mount Tai and make arrangements with the sect leader. If Huashan is defeated, Feng Qi’s next targets will be Mount Tai and Emei. Let him contact the experts of both sects in advance…”

Along the way.

Tong Shihong, with a swollen face, rode ahead of Du Ge and the others. Whenever he encountered suitable people, he would send them to deliver messages to various sects, completely disregarding Du Ge and the others following behind.

“Brother Qi, are we giving this old man face? We’re even informing the enemy, without hiding it.” Feng Zhong, whose letter had taken effect, had now risen to third place in the Simulation Field rankings, surpassing Wang San. He was in high spirits and had sharp senses.

Having tasted success, he became even more diligent. Besides playing with cat ears daily, Feng Zhong would fiddle with anything he could find, such as horse ears, chopsticks during meals, small stones on the ground, branches by the road, and so on.

With his improved attributes and diligent practice, whenever he fiddled with something, his fingers would leave afterimages.

Du Ge looked at the horse whose fur had fallen off due to Feng Zhong’s fiddling and seriously suspected that he had developed an advanced skill called the “Hand of Something.”

He then looked at Wang San, who had three skulls hanging from his neck and a necklace made of finger bones. Du Ge felt that his team had become abnormal, but he pitied himself as the only normal person. He exerted all his efforts to maintain peace and serve the people wholeheartedly, but now he was gradually being misunderstood.

This damn Simulation Field…

“Feng Zhong, I must correct two things.” Du Ge said, “First, Huashan Sect is not our enemy. They are our future partners. We are going to negotiate, not annihilate Huashan. The only condition for annihilating Huashan is if they have committed heinous acts that violate the principles of the Peacekeeping Sect. Second, the Peacekeeping Sect upholds everything, including freedom, which includes freedom of speech and action. We must lead by example and never violate it.”

Only you still remember the keyword “uphold”!

Ask anyone in the world, who still believes that your keyword is “uphold”?

Du Ge’s performance, which seemed to be bordering on madness, was admired by Feng Zhong. He looked at Tong Shihong, who was at least a hundred meters ahead of them, and smiled, “Brother Qi, you’re right. I was narrow-minded. However, we have every reason to teach him a lesson. We clearly came to negotiate, but Tong Shihong’s actions can be seen as provoking conflicts between sects and undermining stability and unity!”

“But I still want to kill him. It would be so fulfilling to have the head of a peerless master as my collection.” Wang San, following Du Ge’s example, caressed the skull hanging from his neck with a look of obsession, completely immersed in his sickly adorable state.

“Wang San, it’s best to restrain your thoughts.” Du Ge looked at Wang San and said seriously, “If we kill him now, no one will join our Peacekeeping Sect anymore. In name, he is still a partner of the Peacekeeping Sect. If we harm him, all the sects will fight back, which is detrimental to the development of the Peacekeeping Sect. My keyword is ‘uphold,’ but without helpers, how many people can we uphold?”

“You’re right, but it still feels a bit frustrating!” Feng Zhong said.

“What’s frustrating? He hasn’t caused any serious consequences yet, right? We can’t judge him based on his criminal thoughts alone. We have to wait until his actions have a negative impact.” Du Ge saw a group of onlookers following them and smiled, “Looking at it from another perspective, don’t you think Tong Shihong’s actions are constantly promoting the principles of the Peacekeeping Sect? Is there a better missionary than him? He’s so dedicated!”

“Brother Qi, he has exposed all our weaknesses. What if Huashan really decides to attack when we meet?” Feng Zhong worriedly asked, “Huashan is easy to defend but difficult to attack. If they use bows and arrows, we won’t even have a place to hide.”

“If he didn’t inform them, wouldn’t the Huashan Sect still know our weaknesses? Besides, that’s not our weakness, it’s our greatest strength.” Du Ge chuckled and said leisurely, “As for bows and arrows, don’t I have your backs? When necessary, I am the team’s shield…”

“Brother Qi, you are righteous.” Feng Zhong smiled, “But I wonder how many Heavenly Demons the Huashan Sect has. We have caused such a big commotion, they definitely won’t sit still. I don’t know if they will escape or fight to the death.”

“Those who choose to start with Huashan usually have ambitions. The possibility of fighting to the death is higher. After all, killing any one of us will inherit our rankings.” Wang San licked his lips with a sinister expression, “Unfortunately, they won’t have this opportunity. I want to fill my neck with collections…”

“You perverted freak.” Feng Zhong muttered, watching Wang San, who was constantly playing with the skull, and noticed that his speed of fiddling with the horse’s ears was getting faster.

It’s difficult not to make progress in such a team!

Traveling day and night.

On the third day, the group arrived at the foot of Huashan.At this moment, hundreds of wandering martial artists from various sects trailed behind them. The collision between the rising Peacekeeping Gang and the old, established Huashan Sect was a spectacle that hadn’t been seen in the martial arts world for a long time.

Moreover, who wouldn’t want to get a closer look at the Heavenly Demon?

Upon seeing Du Ge and his party, the disciples at the foot of Huashan changed their expressions and turned to report to the mountain.

“Feng Qi is here, Feng Qi is here.”

The disciple ran while banging a gong, like a little mountain demon who had discovered a pilgrimage team, not knowing whether to be excited or scared.

Tong Shihong glanced back at Du Ge and sneered, “Let’s go, Gang Leader Feng, Sect Leader is already waiting for us on the mountain.”

“Wait a moment.” Du Ge smiled, turned back to the onlooking martial artists, and said loudly, “The Peacekeeping Gang has come to Huashan to invite the Sect Leader to join the Peacekeeping Alliance and maintain the stability of the martial arts world together. It’s an honor for me that you all are here to witness this. However, as I am the Heavenly Demon, some of you may have reservations about my identity. The Huashan Sect may also be wary of the Heavenly Demon’s mischief. The upcoming negotiation may not go smoothly. You can follow me from a distance, and I will do my utmost to ensure everyone’s safety.”

Before ascending the mountain, Du Ge gave himself a final boost, turning the curious onlookers into those he was bound to protect.


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