Chapter 056 – Simulation Field Disaster

Du Ge waited for the disciples of the Divine Fist Sect.

Feng Zhong’s letter finally reached the major sects, and the events in Luyang City spread throughout the Daqian region through traveling merchants.

The Heavenly Demon descended, and the Peacekeeping Gang, which maintained the interests of the people in Luyang City, became the topic of discussion for everyone.

“What the hell, who is this? Flipping the table directly! Are they trying to kill everyone…”

“Feng Qi? Peacekeeping Gang, interesting. They’re directly showing their cards. Who gave them the courage…”

“Let them be proud for a while. First, they’re fat but not called fat. Later, their fatness will overwhelm the kang. I hope they can hold on until the end. It’s rare to see such an interesting player.”

“We need to figure out the real keyword behind his deceptive maintenance.”

“Glutton, such a good keyword, but it was wasted like this. How stupid!”

“Maybe I should go to Luyang City and see. This person has caused such a big commotion, their ranking must not be low. If I kill them and take over their inheritance, my cultivation of keywords should progress much faster than my slow practice. But they have three people, it might not be easy to deal with…”

“It seems that some people have actually found partners in the simulation field. Three lucky bastards!”

The hidden players in various locations in the simulation field were going crazy. Most people expressed strong indignation towards Du Ge flipping the table.

More people were anxious.

After all,

Not everyone’s keyword is suitable to be revealed and played with.

Especially after the news spread, the common people and major sects started a vigorous movement to search for the Heavenly Demon around them. This made some people afraid to even show their faces.

Players with keywords like rebellious, malicious, brutal, lustful, and destructive, who could gradually grow while becoming evil, were affected.

When they truly grew up, they would become a demon in their own right.

Now Du Ge’s actions directly cut off their path of growth. Even if it wasn’t a direct cut-off, it made their growth much more difficult.

No individual or group wants an evil demon around them who is destined to harm others.

In the world of martial arts, no one will reason with you.

Once local sects and clans discover your strange behavior, they can directly label you as a predetermined Heavenly Demon and execute you.

A rebellious keyword can never be disguised as obedient…

Players with keywords like kindness and nobility also suffered unjustly.

Du Ge’s keyword is peacekeeping, and it caused such a big commotion. Who knows what these people with their keywords will do when they grow up?

For the indigenous people, the best way to deal with the Heavenly Demon is to kill them while they haven’t grown up yet.

After all, Feng Qi revealed the method to identify the Heavenly Demon, such as body possession of the old, weak, sick, and sudden changes in personality.

These characteristics are actually easy to find.

Not everyone has Du Ge’s ability to adapt on the spot, nor can everyone encounter the clever Feng Family.

Many players with excellent keywords could have grown slowly and competed for a top ten ranking in the simulation field.

But now they have been eliminated unexpectedly, and they just want to say to Feng Qi, “Damn it…”

Five hundred, four hundred, three hundred…

In just a few days, the number of players in the simulation field, which was originally stable, began to rapidly decline again, with the numbers changing almost every day.

“Tsk tsk, it’s so miserable. Brother Qi flipping the table and the quick offensive from the Peacekeeping Gang, it’s truly a brilliant move. In less than half a month, there are less than two hundred people left. It can be called the most miserable start in the simulation field.” Feng Zhong held a cat in his arms and played with its ears with one hand. He looked at the constantly changing numbers on the data panel and made clicking sounds with his mouth. “Many people who wanted to be lazy have also suffered unjustly. They definitely hate Brother Qi to death.”

“This is how the simulation field is. Any situation can happen, and no one can blame anyone,” Wang San said while holding a skull in his arms, unable to conceal his joy in his eyes. He was currently ranked second in the simulation field and naturally hoped that there would be fewer candidates in the field.

Du Ge remained silent.

After betraying so many players, his attributes had once again made a qualitative leap. At this moment, even without relying on schemes and tricks, he estimated that he could defeat Tong Shihong.

Du Ge was considering his life after leaving the simulation field.

While he was enjoying himself, would these eliminated players hold grudges against him and cause trouble for him in reality?

This meant that he suddenly had hundreds of enemies!

But it wasn’t appropriate to ask about this matter.

After all, he didn’t want to expose his identity as a time traveler. It was fine if he didn’t have the memories of the characters in the simulation field, but if he didn’t have memories from reality either, it would be hard to explain.


However, judging from the attitudes of Wang San and the others, there shouldn’t be a big problem. In any school, the top-ranked student should have special privileges!

Moreover, he was so outstanding, it wouldn’t be justified if he didn’t receive special protection…After much consideration, Du Ge decided to follow his heart. Excellent people should be envied. If he were to stagnate due to fear of being hated, it wouldn’t be his style.

“However, those who can survive this storm should all be elites. And everyone will be targeting us, which may not be a good thing for us,” Feng Zhong said.

“It could also be the real losers,” Wang San glanced at Du Ge and Feng Zhong, and said with a bitter smile, “You elites from prestigious academies don’t understand. Many students from ordinary academies enter the Simulation Field not to compete for rankings, but to enjoy life. As long as they don’t expose themselves at the beginning, they should be able to hide.

Moreover, even if they are elites, what can they do? According to Brother Qi’s plan, we should be able to control half of the Simulation Field within a month. I can’t think of any Keywords that could grow to compete with Brother Qi in such a short time…”

“It’s not about competing with Brother Qi, but with the three of us,” Feng Zhong glanced at Wang San and said, “Wang San, don’t underestimate the students from elite academies. When the situation is so critical that individual abilities can’t turn the tide, they will actively form alliances. The education we received since childhood is to utilize everything around us. As long as we can survive to the end, there is always a chance of victory.

Sometimes attributes can’t decide everything, just like Glutton before, transforming into a divine beast, which is an advanced skill that has never appeared in the Simulation Field. To be honest, our trump cards are already revealed, we can’t be too careless.”

After Feng Zhong finished speaking, he looked at the silent Du Ge and asked with a smile, “Brother Qi, what are you thinking about? You haven’t spoken for a while.”

“Nothing?” Du Ge, who had just overcome his inner conflict, smiled and looked at the two freaks beside him, “I’m thinking about our next move, how to maintain our ranking. I think as long as we act fast enough, get everyone moving, keep them constantly struggling for survival, on the edge of death, there should be no chance for them to form alliances.”

Wang San and Feng Zhong looked at each other.

Feng Zhong gave a thumbs up and praised, “Brother Qi is always rational, never affected by external factors.”

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