Chapter 055 – Maintain balance

Taking advantage of Tong Shihong’s fame, Du Ge drew a perfect blueprint, completely uniting the peacekeeping gang and gaining the support of the people in Luyang City for Feng Qi.

Except for Tong Shihong and a few members of the Qiu family who still held illusions, everyone was happy.

After eating and drinking, the guests gradually dispersed.

Tong Shihong, who had been holding back his anger, finally found an opportunity to speak. He glared at Du Ge and said, “Gang Leader Feng, you’ve gone too far. When did I say that I wanted to go to Huashan and convince the Sect Leader?”

“Didn’t you say that?” Du Ge smiled. “I clearly heard you telling Qiu Muqian that you wanted to go to Huashan to invite the Sect Leader…”

“I was talking about inviting the Sect Leader to deal with…” Tong Shihong’s voice abruptly stopped.

Because he saw Feng Qi’s sword pointing at him again. Beside Feng Qi, Wang San, who had been fascinated with playing with a smooth skull, also turned his gaze towards him.

Damn it!

They won’t let me speak properly, huh!

Tong Shihong frowned, and his anger grew stronger.

“Deal with who?” Du Ge asked with a smile.

“Naturally, it’s to deal with you.” Tong Shihong made up his mind. He was certain that Feng Qi wouldn’t dare to really kill him. If he kept being submissive and couldn’t even have a normal conversation, then there would be no point in living. It would be better to risk death.

Tong Shihong had the pride of a top expert.

Qiu Muqian, who had been taking care of her father, couldn’t help but look over when she heard this, her eyes filled with admiration. Indeed, experts had confidence.

Qiu Yuanlang, on the other hand, shook his head repeatedly at his old friend, signaling him not to act impulsively.

However, Du Ge did not make things difficult for Tong Shihong. Instead, he looked at him in surprise and asked, “Is there any difference?”

“What?” Tong Shihong looked puzzled.

“It’s all going to Huashan anyway. You invite the Sect Leader to deal with me, and I convince the Sect Leader to join the peacekeeping alliance. There’s no conflict between the two.” Du Ge stabbed himself in the back without hesitation. “Didn’t I tell you before? After eliminating the other Heavenly Demons, I am the biggest threat. If you don’t find a way to get rid of me, it’s disrespectful to me.”

Feng Zhong looked at Du Ge with admiration, feeling even more regretful for his own shortcomings. He glanced at Wang San, who was constantly playing with the skull, and a strong sense of crisis arose in his heart.

After thinking for a moment, Feng Zhong picked up the chopsticks in front of him and played with them, flipping them back and forth.

To make a move and increase his strength a little bit, if he continued to be lax, he might not be able to maintain his position in the top ten of the Simulation Field.

Haven’t you seen Wang San carrying a box of ice inconveniently and asking a craftsman to turn his collection into bone art to carry with him?

Seeing Feng Qi’s self-assured expression, Tong Shihong was speechless for a moment. Feng Qi gave him a reasonable explanation and even said that he didn’t mind if Tong Shihong eliminated him.

But why did he feel even more frustrated?

Was it because he was being ignored?

Tong Shihong looked at Wang San, who was playing with the skull, and then at Feng Zhong, who was playing with the chopsticks. His eyes twitched, and he found the reason.

It’s not because of himself. These guys are just a bunch of lunatics!

If he argued with them and thought about their actions based on normal people’s behavior, he would probably live ten years less. The most correct thing to do was as Feng Qi said: let them do their thing, and he would do his own thing, and then find an opportunity to get rid of them…

But when he thought that he came to this conclusion because of Feng Qi’s reminder, Tong Shihong became even more depressed.

“Master Tong, do you have any more questions?” Du Ge asked with concern. “You can voice any doubts you have. We respect everyone’s opinions.”

“No, I don’t.” Tong Shihong waved his hand and said, “I want to be alone now.”

“Of course, as long as you don’t leave the peacekeeping gang.” Du Ge said, “Otherwise, I’ll go to the Divine Fist Sect to uphold justice.”

Tong Shihong looked at Du Ge, stood up, and stopped speaking. He decided to implement the method he had found to deal with Feng Qi.

Just as he stood up, Feng Zhong suddenly spoke, “Master Tong, I think the Sect Leader of the Huashan Sect might not think highly of you. I accidentally heard a piece of news that the Sect Leader commented that your Tyrant Fist is a technique used by street brawlers, tarnishing the honor of martial artists. Being compared to you is his shame. He even said that your Tyrant Fist should be renamed to Turtle Fist…”

“… ” Tong Shihong was stunned, turned his head to look at Feng Zhong, furrowed his brows, and snorted coldly, “Mr. Feng, there’s no need to tell me these words from the street rats. With this, you can’t sow discord between me and the Sect Leader.”

“Master Tong, where there’s smoke, there’s fire!” Feng Zhong said calmly. “If you want to increase your strength, it’s better to use the power of words more skillfully. Since Tong Shihong doesn’t dare to make a move against you, you should learn from Feng Qi.”

“Well, I know. I will verify it myself.” Tong Shihong felt inexplicably annoyed and walked away.

Du Ge looked at Feng Zhong and gave him a thumbs up under the table. Well done, this guy finally understood. With his help, taking Tong Shihong to Huashan was now more certain.

Qiu Muqian watched Tong Shihong’s back and frowned slightly. She felt that he seemed to have lost his usual composure. But thinking about staying with Feng Qi and this group of people, not getting angry was already commendable. It was normal to lose composure.But for some reason, she still felt something was off…

“Miss Qiu.” Du Ge knocked on the table, waking the daydreaming Qiu Muqian, and asked, “What are you thinking about?”

“Nothing?” Qiu Muqian shook her head, feeling inexplicably nervous.

“Could you please make another trip to the Divine Fist Sect for us?” Du Ge said with a smile.

“Master Tong has already agreed to go to Huashan with you, why do you need to go to the Divine Fist Sect again?” Qiu Muqian asked.

“We need to invite Master Tong’s disciples and family to join the Peacekeeping Gang.” Du Ge explained, “We are leaving Luyang City for Huashan and we don’t know how long we will be gone. Luyang City can’t be left without someone to maintain order.”

“Do we really need to invite Master Tong’s disciples?” Upon hearing that Du Ge and the others were really leaving, Qiu Muqian was secretly delighted, feeling that she had found an opportunity to turn the tables. “Isn’t Daoist Priest Gao still here? With them guarding Luyang City, the Peacekeeping Gang will be fine even if you guys are gone for a few days.”

“It’s not the same.” Du Ge shook his head and smiled, “We are taking Master Tong with us and leaving his family in Luyang City to help us maintain order. Both sides are holding each other’s hostages, so no one dares to cause trouble. This is beneficial for us to maintain balance.”

You call this maintaining balance?

Qiu Muqian’s eyes widened, her secret delight instantly vanished. Feng Qi’s move not only restrained the people of the Divine Fist Sect but also perfectly eliminated her potential to cause trouble.

The Divine Fist Sect is a top-tier sect. If Master Tong’s disciples and family are brought here, unless there is external intervention, they won’t be able to cause any trouble with their current manpower…

Is this what they call leaving no stone unturned?

Looking at Du Ge, Qiu Muqian’s desire to oppose him suddenly extinguished. It was too terrifying. Unless another Heavenly Demon as brilliant as him appears in the world, or the Martial Saint Qiao is reborn, the experts of the Three Gates and Five Sects are probably no match for Feng Qi.

At this moment.

Liu Cheng hurried over, glanced at Qiu Muqian and the others, and hesitated to speak.

Du Ge smiled, “Don’t worry, there’s nothing that can’t be said.”

Liu Cheng said, “Shao Zhou has run away.”

Du Ge asked, “Who is Shao Zhou?”

Liu Cheng explained, “Previously, the Gang Leader wanted to investigate the Heavenly Demon hidden within the gang, but it was delayed by He Yuan’an’s incident. After we investigated all the people who visited the old Gang Leader Qiu, we thought there were no other Heavenly Demons in the gang. However, Shao Zhou, who was supposed to patrol Luyang City today, has disappeared. After some investigation, no one has seen Shao Zhou since last night. Therefore, I suspect that Shao Zhou is the Heavenly Demon hidden within the gang.”

Feng Zhong stopped playing with his chopsticks and said, “Brother Qi, should I write some notices and post them in the cities along the river to lure him back?”

Du Ge’s fingers lightly tapped on the table, he was silent for a moment, then said, “Forget it. We are going to Huashan next, it’s not suitable to spread our energy too thin. Let them jump around for a while. As long as we consolidate the Peacekeeping Alliance, they won’t be able to turn the tables.”

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