Chapter 049 – Great kindness seems heartless

“He came, but why did you follow?” Du Ge looked at Feng Zhong and asked, “I set up such a big trap, aren’t you worried about letting those people escape and ruining my plan?”

“Brother Qi single-handedly killed Glutton, his reputation is well-known, they dare to run is strange.” Feng Zhong accompanied with a smile.

“Do you really think so?” Du Ge looked at him and asked with a smile.

“Well, I’m a coward, I’m afraid they will kill me while they’re running amok.” Feng Zhong scratched his head and said with a hint of embarrassment.

“Useless.” Wang San gave him a disdainful look.

“You don’t understand anything. Those people ran away, and I just need to write a few letters to deceive them and bring them back. If I die, it will be the biggest loss for our team, okay?” Feng Zhong glared back at him. “Again and again, Brother Qi scares them a few more times, and they will be completely devoted.”

Du Ge glanced at him and remained silent.

Feng Zhong was speaking the truth.

At present, the cooperation between the three of them was still relatively tacit. This time, it was Feng Jiu who turned into Glutton. There were still hundreds of participants in the simulation field, and who knows what kind of abnormal advanced skills they possessed.

Moreover, the further they went, the harder it was to find opponents they could trust. If any one of them died, it would be detrimental to their future development…

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Glutton transformed into a human, and the streets quickly descended into chaos. People pointed and whispered at Feng Jiu lying on the ground, discussing and worrying about the future.

A living monster had appeared in Luyang City, which had never happened before. Coupled with what Feng Qi had said about the Heavenly Demon, they couldn’t help but be afraid.

Glutton’s appearance even offset the remaining goodwill they had towards Feng Qi.

After all, Feng Qi was also a Heavenly Demon.

Different races have different hearts.

Taking in the discussions of the crowd and looking at the lifeless Feng Jiu, Du Ge sighed inwardly. He couldn’t let his old friend die without any meaning.


Du Ge leaped up and jumped onto a nearby platform. He cleared his throat and said, “Fellow villagers, many of you saw me yesterday, but there are still many who don’t know who I am. Today, I am here to solemnly introduce myself again. My name is Feng Qi, the leader of the Peacekeeping Gang. My lifelong belief is to uphold justice and peace in this world.”

He paused and looked at the still chaotic street, continuing, “I know that some heartbreaking things happened last night, which shook everyone’s confidence in the Peacekeeping Gang. It’s not your fault, it’s because I didn’t do my job well. Here, I apologize to everyone.

Today, I came to Luyang City to deal with the events of yesterday and give everyone an explanation. The person who transformed into Glutton just now is called Feng Jiu, a Heavenly Demon. It was under his influence that the Divine Fist Sect attacked you last night, intending to blame the Peacekeeping Gang.”


The discussions rose again.

Du Ge raised his hand to silence them and sighed, “I know that hearing such news suddenly is bound to shock everyone. After all, the Divine Fist Sect is one of the leaders of the martial world. But in a big forest, there are all kinds of birds. He Yuan’an, the principal official of the Divine Fist Sect stationed in Luyang City, has done many evil deeds in secret.

When a rabbit dies, the fox grieves.

The Iron Palm Gang’s encounter made him restless, fearing that one day the Peacekeeping Gang would come to settle the score. So, under the influence of the Heavenly Demon, he sent people to impersonate the Peacekeeping Gang and attack the people at night, intending to destroy everyone’s trust in the Peacekeeping Gang from the root.

If the Peacekeeping Gang dissolves, he can continue to oppress the righteous without worry.

Glutton is indeed terrifying, but monsters can be killed. They have weaknesses, and once you find their weaknesses, you can easily kill them.

But what about evil people?

They look exactly like you, living among you, and will do everything possible to oppress you, eat your flesh, drink your blood, sleep with your wives. One day, two days, one year, two years, your children, your grandchildren, generations to come will all be oppressed by them…”

Du Ge’s words were full of infectious power, and people’s attention gradually shifted away from Glutton and fell into contemplation.

Everyone’s gaze unknowingly focused on Feng Qi, forgetting his demonic origin.

“Evildoers are more fierce than monsters. And, you have no way to deal with them.” Du Ge’s face showed a mix of sadness and anger, his voice gradually becoming louder. He clenched his fist and waved it forcefully. “Compared to those evildoers, you have no power, you are weak and easily bullied. But now it’s different, the Peacekeeping Gang is here, I can be your spokesperson!

I am different from them, I am a Heavenly Demon, and I can only grow by protecting you. The more stable your lives are, the stronger I become. From the root, I cannot harm you. We are mutually beneficial, and you never have to worry that I will abandon you.

Indeed, compared to the Divine Fist Sect, the current Peacekeeping Gang is also weak, but a spark can start a prairie fire. I will not give up my belief and principles of upholding justice just because the enemy is strong.

Since ancient times, evil cannot defeat righteousness. I have always believed that as long as you have a heart that upholds justice, you will move more righteous people.

You may not know, last night, I visited the Beggar’s Sect, Taishan Sect, Huashan Sect, Emei Sect, and Tianshan Sect in Luyang City, and sincerely invited them to join forces with the Peacekeeping Gang to uphold justice.

Fortunately, the principals of these sects understand the righteousness and immediately agreed to join our peacekeeping alliance and protect Luyang City together with us.

After the evil deeds of the Divine Fist Sect, the peacekeeping alliance immediately identified the culprits.

Just now, He Yuan’an, the principal of the Divine Fist Sect, has been executed, and the instigator, the Heavenly Demon Glutton, has been killed right under your noses.””When you were suffering and in trouble, I solved your problems as quickly as I could. I’ve put so much effort into this, don’t I deserve your trust?”

As he spoke, Du Ge raised his long sword high, thought for a moment, then lifted it to the side, a little further from his head. He declared loudly, “Today, in front of all the people of Luyang City, I, Feng Qi, swear with this sword that slayed the beast, I will devote my life to maintaining peace and justice. This sword that can slay the Glutton today, can eliminate all the evil in the world tomorrow, kill all the Heavenly Demons in the chaotic world, and create a bright universe.”

He paused, looked at the stirred-up crowd, smiled slightly, revealing a warm smile, “Of course, actions speak louder than words. No matter how beautiful the words are, they are useless. Just watch my actions. Later, please tell each other, notify the victims from last night, and those who were injured by the Glutton on the street, after I clean up the remnants of the Divine Fist Sect, I will give everyone a reasonable compensation.”

Having said that.

Without waiting for the crowd to respond, Du Ge jumped off the stage, greeted the two law enforcement officers, and returned to the Divine Fist Sect’s base through the crowd.


Just as Feng Zhong had guessed, neither the Divine Fist Sect nor the Iron Palm Gang had left.

Feng Jiu, who suddenly turned into a Glutton, changed their understanding of the world. Everyone was lost about the future, not knowing where to go.

The Glutton is a monster, isn’t Feng Qi, who can slay the Glutton, also a monster?

Feng Qi is also a Heavenly Demon, can a mortal body win against a Heavenly Demon?

What’s the point of dying at the hands of a Heavenly Demon?

If they were killed by Feng Qi, would the Divine Fist Sect really avenge them?

In the end, they were just the bottom of the society struggling to survive……


Seeing Du Ge return, everyone in the yard instinctively took a step back, fearing that he would suddenly explode.

The scene of Feng Qi chasing the Glutton still lingered in their eyes. That terrifying speed, coupled with Wang San’s restraint, no one was his match.

“Don’t be afraid.” Du Ge looked around at the people in the yard and smiled, “I have principles in doing things, I only punish the main culprits. Now that He Yuan’an is dead, and the Glutton is also dead. Killing you is meaningless, it’s just creating karma. I just want to ask you one question, are you willing to join the Peacekeeping Gang, and fight for peace and justice from now on, to make life more meaningful?”

“Feng Gang Leader, can we join?” someone from the Divine Fist Sect asked.

“Of course, the Peacekeeping Gang welcomes all who abandon evil and do good.” Du Ge smiled and looked at Han Zuo and others, “You are the same, I know what you did yesterday, but you were deceived by Feng Jiu, it’s understandable.

Besides, He Yuan’an of the Divine Fist Sect has taken the blame, the old gang leader is waiting for you to reunite in the Peacekeeping Gang, we can live in peace and work towards a common goal, why do you insist on opposing me? Do you have to fight me to the death, and end up being nailed to the pillar of shame, to feel better?”

You took our property, beat our father, and now you want us to live in peace with you?

Han Zuo and others remained silent, occasionally glancing at Wang San, they would shiver, fearing that the terror would continue to affect those who were targeted by Wang San.

Everyone present knew that Feng Qi’s grandiose words were all false, framing, intimidation, threats, good at using all kinds of despicable means were his true face.

But at this moment, Feng Qi had already paved the way for them, had given them enough face, it’s time to step down!

Better to live shamefully than die honorably!

“We are willing to join the Peacekeeping Gang, and serve the Gang Leader.” The people from the Divine Fist Sect began to speak one after another.

“Not for me, but for justice.” Du Ge looked at the crowd and corrected, he looked at Han Zuo and others again, “What about you? Are you still waiting for the reinforcements that Qiu Muqian will bring?”

“Feng Qi, how is my father?” Qiu Feipeng asked with a trembling voice.

“He’s seriously injured, the doctor said he might need to rest for two years.” Du Ge glanced at him and said, “But if you continue to make trouble, I can’t guarantee anything, Fourth Young Master, the doctor said, the patient can’t stand the torment.”

Qiu Feipeng’s eyes widened suddenly, he hurriedly said, “Don’t touch my father, we will join the Peacekeeping Gang.”

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