Chapter 048 – The death of gluttony


Feng Jiu suddenly turned into a monster, which startled Du Ge. What the hell is this?

Advanced skills can actually create a divine beast?

Almost everyone in the courtyard stopped their actions, regardless of whether they were afraid of the fear of beauty or not. They all looked at the Glutton that appeared, showing a horrified expression.

This time, there was no need for any proof. Everyone believed that Feng Qi and the others were indeed Heavenly Demons. When did humans also turn into monsters?

As soon as he saw the Glutton, Wang San turned around and ran, like a gust of wind, he drilled into the crowd.

The Glutton followed closely behind.

Ranked second in the simulation field, Wang San’s attributes were not low, and he ran like a gust of wind.

However, after transforming into the Glutton, Feng Jiu’s speed was only slightly faster than Wang San’s. Moreover, unlike Wang San who avoided the crowd, he directly charged through. Anyone he bumped into had their tendons broken and bones shattered, as if he was a real ferocious beast, the Glutton.

In the blink of an eye, he pounced behind Wang San, opened his big mouth, and bit towards his head.

Seeing that Wang San was in danger, Du Ge also reacted and stabbed the Glutton’s buttocks with his long sword.


In an instant.

Du Ge was right behind the Glutton, and the long sword, over a meter long, penetrated into the Glutton’s valley.

Everyone who saw this scene couldn’t help but shudder.

Du Ge was also helpless. It’s not that he didn’t want to stab other places, but the Glutton was different from humans. Its back was covered in scales, and this was its only weakness. His combat talent guided him to naturally attack this flaw.


The Glutton raised its head and let out a cry like a baby, giving up on Wang San who was about to be bitten and turned around to swipe its claws at Du Ge.

Du Ge quickly retreated, pulling out the sword that had pierced its valley.


Another cry.

The Glutton completely forgot about its previous prey, its eyes spewing fire as it pounced towards Du Ge, clawing and biting. Behind him, blood dripped down, leaving a trail.

Du Ge dodged several times, seized the opportunity, and swept his sword towards its neck.

With a loud noise.

Sparks flew, and the long sword created a gap, but the Glutton was unharmed.

Being hit by the long sword, the Glutton was initially panicked, but then it revealed a pleased expression. It roared and slapped its paw towards Du Ge.

Du Ge dodged, wanting to go around to its back and continue attacking its weak point. However, the Glutton refused to let him, following Du Ge in circles at the fastest speed, always keeping its head facing Du Ge.

After transforming into the Glutton, Feng Jiu could almost keep up with Du Ge’s speed. One person and one beast unexpectedly circled around the courtyard twice.

Seeing that he couldn’t break through the Glutton’s defense, Du Ge couldn’t help but shout, “Wang San.”

Wang San snapped back to his senses, touched his own head, and quickly said, “Glutton, my favorite Glutton, didn’t you want to eat me? Come on, I’ll let you eat. You were just chasing after me, why are you circling with someone else now…”

The fear of beauty can affect any creature.

As soon as Wang San spoke, the Glutton suddenly shivered and abandoned Du Ge, turning around and rushing towards the outside of the courtyard.

The instinct of a ferocious beast made it want to escape from the monster that frightened it.


Once it turned around, it no longer had a chance in front of Du Ge.


The long sword hit its heart again.

This time, because of the fear of beauty, even if the Glutton felt pain, it didn’t dare to turn back and fight Du Ge. It screamed in pain while running forward.

Du Ge closely followed behind, stabbing again and again.

Seeing the Glutton fleeing, Wang San quickly chased after it. He had to make sure he was present.

Otherwise, the fear of beauty would lose its effect.

Seeing that both of them were chasing after them, Feng Zhong, who was left alone, raised his long sword without hesitation and followed.

Although his attributes had improved, he had too little experience in controlling major events. Even if he was ranked ninth in the simulation field, he was not a match for these martial artists. Moreover, he didn’t have any attacking skills.

If the few guys coerced by Feng Qi turned against him, he would be the first one to be killed.

A gentleman does not stand under a dangerous wall. Since his identity and keywords were exposed, he only had one way left, which was to cling to Du Ge’s thick thigh.

In the blink of an eye.

The three men and the beast rushed out of the courtyard and onto the street.

The remaining group of people regained their senses without Wang San suppressing them.

The sudden appearance of the ferocious beast overturned everyone’s understanding of the world.

Han Zuo looked at Gao Yong, hesitated for a moment, and said, “Daoist Priest Gao, let us go, what do you think?”

“Don’t run away, you’ve joined Feng Qi, right!” Gao Yong glanced at Han Zuo and the others, suddenly lost interest, put away his long sword, and advised, “You are not his opponents. Going against him is a dead end. Surrendering might still give you a way out. With the Glutton appearing, the world has truly changed.”

After speaking.

Gao Yong no longer paid attention to Han Zuo and the others. He jumped onto the courtyard wall and looked outside. Compared to the people of the Iron Palm Gang, he was more concerned about the fate of the ferocious beast, the Glutton.

Ding Wanjie, Nie Nong, and Xia Mingliang followed suit and jumped onto the wall.

Han Zuo and the others looked at each other and surprisingly didn’t take the opportunity to escape.

The Glutton rampaged, and the people on the street shouted and dodged.

Du Ge stabbed it from behind, again and again.

Such a tough guy, if he let it go, he wouldn’t be able to sleep peacefully.Glutton screamed and bled all the way.

Wang San trailed far behind them, shouting over Glutton’s screams, “…You disgusting beast, do you enjoy being stabbed by his sword, in front of so many people, screaming so wantonly…”


Du Ge, who was chasing Glutton, was exasperated. You pervert, can’t you say anything nice?

Watching the bizarre group rush past, the onlookers were astounded, and the whole street fell silent.

Yingchun Tower.

A petite maid stood on the second floor, watching the pitiful Glutton fleeing on the street and the ferocious Feng Qi through the window. She subconsciously covered her buttocks, swallowed, and suddenly decided not to compete for the ranking in the Simulation Field.

Staying in the Simulation Field until the end was actually quite nice.

No, she should move to a city without Feng Qi.

The system wouldn’t create such a brutal attack skill. Feng Qi’s keywords must be something like sleazy and brutal. Even with these keywords, to derive such an evil skill, he must have done something similar.

She absolutely couldn’t stay in the same city as this pervert.

The commotion only lasted for two minutes.

Having been severely injured, the fleeing Glutton suddenly shrank and gradually returned to Feng Jiu’s appearance.

Feng Jiu’s clothes had burst when he transformed into Glutton. His clean body was covered in black Glutton patterns, blood was oozing out from behind, and his steps were faltering.

Du Ge stopped the chase. He had no problem attacking Glutton’s weak point, but stabbing a man’s anus with a long sword on the street seemed a bit inhumane.

Due to inertia, he had forgotten that he could stab other places from behind.

When the Glutton patterns faded and disappeared from Feng Jiu’s body, he finally couldn’t hold on and fell to the ground with a thud.

Du Ge watched the barely breathing Feng Jiu with his sword at the ready, not daring to approach, fearing that he might unleash some big move.

But he was overthinking. Feng Jiu just struggled to put his hand behind him, touched it, then looked at Du Ge, his eyes full of hatred, and hysterically said, “Feng Qi, we are irreconcilable, don’t let me know who you are in reality…”

“So what if you know, dare you tell others how you died in reality?” Du Ge mocked habitually.

Feng Jiu’s voice stopped abruptly, he pointed at Du Ge, “You…you…”


A mouthful of blood spurted out from Feng Jiu’s mouth. He convulsed a few times, lay on the ground with his eyes wide open, motionless. His face was frozen in a mix of embarrassment, anger, unwillingness, resentment, relief, and more.

Du Ge was stunned, looking at Feng Jiu’s face, not sure if he was angered to death or died of embarrassment?


The moment Feng Jiu died, Du Ge could clearly feel his attributes soaring.

He didn’t know the rules of the Simulation Field, and wasn’t sure if his attributes increased because he stabbed Glutton many times, protecting the people of Luyang City, or because he killed a player, and it was a reward from the Simulation Field…

But Du Ge guessed that it was mostly the latter.

In battle royale games, you usually get to loot after killing an enemy. It’s normal to get some rewards in the Simulation Field since you can’t loot. Otherwise, there would be a lack of competitive motivation!

Looking at the dead Feng Qi in front of him, even though he knew he was just eliminated, Du Ge still felt a sense of loss, as if he had really taken a life. This feeling was completely different from killing NPCs in the Simulation Field.

He pursed his lips, wondering why the Simulation Field was so realistic?

Eliminating opponents in this way, aren’t they afraid that the players will have psychological problems?

What kind of world is it outside!

At the moment of Du Ge’s sentiment, Wang San caught up. He looked at the dead Feng Jiu and cautiously asked, “Brother Qi, is he dead?”

“Yep.” Du Ge nodded.

Wang San didn’t have so many sentiments, he sighed in relief, looking relieved, “Damn, that was too close. How could there be such an outrageous advanced skill as transforming into Glutton? How did this one trigger it? We almost got killed by him.”


Advanced skills were random.

Skills like Glutton’s Pattern were probably rare.

Du Ge glanced at Wang San and didn’t say anything.

Feng Zhong also stood beside them, looking at the dead Feng Jiu, shaking his head, and analyzing, “It’s a one-time thing, right? The duration of transforming into Glutton should be related to his attributes. The higher the attributes, the stronger the Glutton he becomes. Otherwise, Glutton wouldn’t be just two meters tall. This guy is just unlucky. Otherwise, if he had survived until the end, and his attributes had grown, and then suddenly transformed, he might have wiped out everyone.”

“Yeah, he’s really unlucky! After he goes out, he probably won’t dare to tell others how he died in the Simulation Field…” Wang San glanced at the blood-stained long sword in Du Ge’s hand and quietly moved to the side.

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