Chapter 050 – Internal troubles and external threats

The people of Luyang City were skeptical of Du Ge’s words about the peacekeeping alliance, but when the body of He Yuan’an from the Divine Fist Sect was hung up and Gao Yong and others stood beside Feng Qi with smiles on their faces, promising to jointly maintain the security of Luyang City, everyone believed.

It should be noted that these people were already the largest forces in Luyang City.

And Feng Qi, in just one night, convinced them to join the peacekeeping alliance, proving to everyone not only his intention to protect Luyang City but also his strength to do so.

Just as Du Ge had expected, some things didn’t require evidence. All they wanted was a satisfactory result.

Especially when Du Ge brought out baskets of gold and silver, compensating the victims double, and promising that compensation would double again if similar incidents occurred in the future, all the wariness towards him suddenly disappeared.

What Heavenly Demon?

The Heavenly Demon referred to someone else. Feng Qi was their Heavenly Demon, their lord…

There was nothing that money couldn’t buy.

On that day.

The bulletin board in Luyang City posted the signed contract of the peacekeeping alliance and announced the responsibilities and obligations of the peacekeeping alliance to everyone.

The five major sects formed patrol teams, patrolling the city day and night, responsible for resolving any sudden incidents.

In cases of injustice and unfairness, one could seek help from any organization within the peacekeeping alliance nearby. If not dealt with in a timely manner, one could directly appeal to the peacekeeping gang, and they would send someone to resolve the issue and deal with any negligence of the alliance members.

In the process of upholding justice, all confiscated money, apart from being used to compensate the victims, would be partially used by the peacekeeping gang to cover their normal expenses. However, all financial expenditures would be regularly disclosed to the public.

The peacekeeping gang regularly recruited young people with aspirations from the public, inviting them to join the gang, uphold justice together, and provide food and accommodation while teaching them basic martial arts…

One by one, the rules and regulations were listed. The peacekeeping gang quickly replaced the official government in the hearts of the people of Luyang City.


With the peacekeeping alliance, there were no more incidents of attacking the people at night.

The faces of every citizen in Luyang City were filled with smiles. They spoke of the peacekeeping gang and Feng Qi, and the scene was thriving.

Feng Qi’s power and attributes skyrocketed.

After Qiu Feipeng and the others were incorporated, no one intercepted Qiu Feibao, Li Chao, Lou Yuexiang, and other hall masters who were outside the city. On the day they rushed back, they were captured and persuaded by Qiu Yuanlang to join the peacekeeping gang in a logical and natural manner. They began to assist in the handover of various industries from the former Iron Palm Gang to the peacekeeping gang.

After the Feng Family members were rescued, Feng Shiren tried to exchange their previous relationship for power within the peacekeeping gang. However, Feng Qi rebuked them with the argument of upholding justice, making them start from the bottom and cutting off their thoughts of taking shortcuts.

Looking at Feng Qi, who ruled Luyang City with an iron fist, Feng Shiyi finally understood that the roles of master and servant had reversed. The Feng Family members could no longer climb up to Feng Qi’s level. Moreover, what Feng Qi said was true. Relying on the Heavenly Demon could indeed strengthen a family. Unfortunately, the Feng Family did not have that fate…

Luyang City was full of vitality and had a completely new look, but the atmosphere within the peacekeeping gang was gloomy.

Liu Cheng, Gao Yong, and other middle-level cadres hardly had any smiles on their faces.

“Gang Leader, if Qiu Muqian has convinced Master Tong, they should be back the day after tomorrow. Shouldn’t we be prepared in advance? Master Tong is one of the seven top experts in the world…” Liu Cheng paused for a moment. “Of course, with the Gang Leader’s martial arts, there is no need to fear Tong Shihong. But the Divine Fist Sect has countless experts. If they are determined to target the peacekeeping gang, with our skills, we may not be able to handle it. We have too few experts in the peacekeeping gang, and Qiu Feipeng and the others may not be truly loyal…”

He glanced at Wang San beside Du Ge and said, “Even if they are truly loyal, as long as Mr. Wang is present, they cannot exert their corresponding combat power.”

“It’s not just the Divine Fist Sect we need to worry about, but also the sects behind us.” Ding Wanjie said with a bitter smile. “After the incident in Luyang City spreads, the few of us may be treated as traitors by the sects. No sect allows such things to happen. This is undermining their foundation!”

“Yes! We can’t suppress the incident in Luyang City at all.” Nie Nong said, “The day before yesterday, several of my subordinates escaped from Luyang City. They probably went to inform the sects. Perhaps in a few days, the main sect will send people to wipe us out.”

“It’s the same on my side.” Gao Yong frowned. “Gang Leader, the Three Gates, Five Sects, and two major gangs, a total of eleven top sects. The peacekeeping gang has offended six of them and angered half of the martial world. Even the Martial Saint, Qiao He, didn’t dare to be so reckless…”Gao Yong and the others were bound to the Peacekeeping gang’s warship by Du Ge’s series of actions. They wanted to get off but didn’t dare to run. Thinking of the enemies they would face next, they were all worried to death, so much so that they couldn’t even cry.

“So, do you regret joining the Peacekeeping Coalition?” Du Ge looked around at them and asked with a smile.

What did he mean by regret?

Did you give us any choice?

It was clearly you, the villain, who forcibly tied us to the Peacekeeping gang, making it sound like we willingly joined?

If time could be turned back, I should have run back to my sect the moment I saw that invitation letter, without even seeing your face…

Everyone glanced at Du Ge, wanting to refute but not daring to. They all lowered their heads, using silence as a form of resistance.

Du Ge shook his head and asked, “How do you think my skills compare to those top experts?”

Still, no one spoke.

“Daoist Priest Gao, you speak.” Du Ge called out.

“Comparable, if not better.” Gao Yong glanced at Du Ge. In just a few days, Du Ge’s speed had increased rapidly. When practicing martial arts, he could barely see Du Ge’s techniques.

“What about with Wang San suppressing them?” Du Ge asked again.

“We would definitely win.” Gao Yong said.

“Then what are you afraid of?” Du Ge asked.

“But a few experts can’t support a sect!” Nie Nong couldn’t help but say, “Hall Master Wang’s supernatural power is indeed strange, but the incident in Luyang City has already spread. If they make a move, they will definitely target Wang San first.”

“I’m not afraid of them.”

Wang San had adopted a new way of cultivation. He always carried a box filled with ice cubes, chilling several hands or hearts of unknown origin. He would occasionally flaunt them in crowded places, showing off his sickly adorable reputation.

If it were just him, he would have been beaten to death long ago.

But on the Peacekeeping gang’s territory, under the name of the Peacekeeping Law Protector, he did these things without any fear of harm. Now, he still maintained the second rank in the Simulation Field.

This was something he didn’t dare to think about when he first got the keywords. Now, he had decided to follow Feng Qi wholeheartedly.

“You guys are just too timid. He who wins the hearts of the people wins the world. We are doing the right thing, what are you afraid of?” Du Ge shook his head, “I’ve thought of everything you’ve thought of. In fact, before you came, I had already sent investigation invitations to all the major sects, explaining the harm of the Heavenly Demon, inviting them to investigate the Heavenly Demons everywhere and nip the unrest in the bud. With Glutton as a witness, as long as they understand the greater good, they won’t make things difficult for us.”

Seeing everyone hesitating to speak, Du Ge smiled and continued, “I know what you’re worried about. I’ve also explained your situation. You’ve only joined the Peacekeeping Coalition, not the Peacekeeping gang. Essentially, you’re still members of your original sects. Betrayal and such are all nonsense…”

Are you serious?

Are you treating the sect leaders like children?

Gao Yong and the others couldn’t believe it and widened their eyes. This was pure provocation. You’re just hoping we’ll die, aren’t you?

“I know, the status of the Peacekeeping gang is not high enough, and what I say may not attract their attention.” Du Ge looked at Liu Cheng and said seriously, “Didn’t Qiu Muqian invite the old Sect Leader Tong Shihong? I will find a way to persuade him to join the Peacekeeping gang. We can’t let the maintenance of justice be difficult. The Peacekeeping gang really needs some old-school experts to hold the fort.”


Hearing Du Ge’s words, everyone present breathed a sigh of relief and temporarily put their hearts at ease.

After all.

Everyone present had experienced Du Ge’s persuasion method firsthand. It should be a sure thing that Tong Shihong would join the Peacekeeping gang.

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