Chapter 033 – When you can’t hold chopsticks

That night, the Iron Palm Gang was in chaos.

All the gang members were dispatched to Luyang City, some to find carpenters, some to find tailors, some to find embroiderers…

Han Zuo was holding back his anger, but he dared not disobey Feng Qi’s orders, not even in the slightest.

Feng Qi was reckless, and Han Zuo was worried that he would really dare to bring out Gang Leader Qiu the next day to inspect his work. Changing the Iron Palm Gang to the Peacekeeping Gang was somewhat humiliating, but it was better than having the Gang Leader killed by him.

The canal transport was a big piece of fat meat, and countless eyes were watching. Without Qiu Yuanlang holding it down, the Iron Palm Gang would not be far from destruction.

At worst, he could just get rid of Feng Qi, apologize, and help the Iron Palm Gang clear its name.


In Qiu Yuanlang’s sickroom, Du Ge and Liu Cheng talked about their ideals all night and also probed each other.

Liu Cheng’s original intention was to guard Du Ge, hoping to find an opportunity to snatch the Gang Leader from him. Who knew that by the end, even the sickly Wang San had managed to sneak in a nap, while Feng Qi was still full of energy, showing no signs of fatigue.

On the contrary, he was yawning one after another, somewhat unable to hold on. If it weren’t for Feng Qi’s lack of killing intent, he would have been the first to fall.

Dawn broke.

Liu Cheng, with dark circles under his eyes, yawned, “Mr. Qi, you have such a strong energy, you must be a standout in the Heavenly Demon!”

Du Ge modestly said, “I wouldn’t say standout, just a bit more energetic by chance.”

In fact, Du Ge had originally planned to tie up Liu Cheng, then take turns resting with Wang San. He had tested the special forces’ eight-minute rest method on Earth, taking an eight-minute nap every once in a while to recover most of his energy.

With his keen senses and Wang San’s warning, sneaking out for eight minutes should not be a problem.

But who knew that after a whole night of tossing and turning, he didn’t feel the slightest bit sleepy. It must have something to do with his skyrocketing attributes and the increased mental power he had gained earlier. It was a pleasant surprise.

It made sense.

In the game, virtual characters only have a stamina setting. When they need to sleep, they rest, completely depending on whether the person playing the game outside is tired or not.

Wang San still needed to sleep. The Simulation Field’s setting was already very humanized. However, he had rested for more than half an hour and had recovered his energy. His attribute values were probably not low either.

At this moment.

There was a commotion outside.

Accompanied by the advice, “Young Master, don’t be impulsive.”

With a bang, the door was kicked open, and a person rushed in with a cold wind, “I want to see what kind of Heavenly Demon dares to… Dad…”

The man saw Qiu Yuanlang with a sword at his throat and braked urgently.

“Young Master? Qiu Feilong?” Du Ge glanced at him and said indifferently, “Impulsiveness is the devil. Do you know that if I hadn’t raised my sword a bit just now, your action just now would have sent your father to the west. I preserved your filial piety, you should thank me…”

“Get the hell out!” Qiu Feilong was furious, “Let go of my father, and I’ll spare your life.”

Han Zuo followed in. He had already changed into a blue-black outfit with a white circle on the front, inside which was a straight “Wei” character.

He awkwardly surveyed the scene in the room, reached out to pull Qiu Feilong, and said tactfully, “Young Master, let’s go out first. The Gang Leader needs to rest. We can talk outside…”

“My father is being held at sword point, and you want me to go out and talk?” Qiu Feilong was angry. He pointed at the “Wei” character on Han Zuo’s chest, “And you, you fool, you do whatever he tells you to do? Are you a member of the Iron Palm Gang, or are you his man?”

“I…” Han Zuo glanced at Du Ge and couldn’t say a word.

“Kneel down, or I’ll cut off one of your father’s fingers.” Du Ge looked at Qiu Feilong and suddenly shouted. With a clang, he had already drawn another long sword, the blade pressing on Qiu Yuanlang’s thumb, “Are my people something you can scold?”

“…” Qiu Feilong was stunned, glaring angrily at Du Ge.

“Feng Qi, what are you talking about? When did I become your man?” Han Zuo hurriedly defended himself with a red and white face.

“Wearing the clothes of the Peacekeeping Gang, you are my man.” Du Ge said seriously, “If you can’t even protect the dignity of my people, how can you talk about maintaining justice in the world?”

He looked at Qiu Feilong again, “Kneel down!”

Du Ge didn’t miss any opportunity to maintain his position. He pressed down with his long sword, and Qiu Yuanlang’s finger immediately turned red. The unconscious Qiu Yuanlang twitched subconsciously.

“You dare?” Qiu Feilong was anxious. He took a step forward, and Du Ge’s other hand pressed the sword against Qiu Yuanlang’s throat, looking provocatively at Qiu Feilong, “Rebel, do you want to kill your father and usurp the throne?”

Qiu Feilong’s face turned black, caught between a rock and a hard place.

At this moment.

He finally understood why Han Zuo had tried to stop him at the door. Without killing Feng Qi, this was an unsolvable situation. Whoever came in would be humiliated, unless he wanted his father to die.

“Not kneeling?” Du Ge shook his head and laughed mockingly, “Old Qiu, you have a good son with ambition. Unfortunately, from now on, your nickname in the martial arts world will probably be ‘Nine-Fingered Divine Palm’. In the future, I hope you won’t blame your son when you can’t pick up chopsticks…”

As he spoke, he raised his long sword, ready to chop.

“Stop!” Qiu Feilong’s eyes were about to split, and he gritted his teeth, “I’ll kneel.”

He glared at Du Ge and slowly knelt on the ground, word by word, “Are you satisfied now?”

“Why are you kneeling to me?” Du Ge looked surprised, “Kneel to Han Zuo! You insulted his dignity, not mine.”

“…” Qiu Feilong was stunned. He got up with a livid face, turned to Han Zuo, and was about to kneel down, “Hall Master Han, I was wrong.”

Han Zuo hurriedly helped him up, “Young Master, there’s no need.” He looked at Du Ge, flustered, “Mr. Qi, you don’t need to stand up for me, I don’t have any dignity…”

“Hall Master Han, you may not have dignity, but when you put on that outfit, you represent the Peacekeeping Gang. What I’m defending is not only your dignity, but also the face of the Peacekeeping Gang.” Du Ge said seriously, “I want every member of the Peacekeeping Gang to know that as long as you put on this outfit, no one can bully you.”

No one bullies us, except you!

Originally, changing the sign and the clothes, I could still live. But with the Young Master kneeling for me, I have no way out in the Iron Palm Gang…Han Zuo was on the verge of tears.

Du Ge’s move was ruthless, effortlessly driving a wedge between him and the eldest son.

“Hall Master Han, don’t stop me. This kneel is self-inflicted.” Qiu Feilong said with a gloomy face, pushing away Han Zuo’s hand, and gave him a solid kowtow, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have insulted the Peacekeeping Gang.”

It’s over!

Han Zuo closed his eyes in pain, his heart filled with despair.

“Are you satisfied now?” Qiu Feilong stood up again, looking at Du Ge, his eyes cold, as if looking at a dead man.

“Eldest son, don’t blame me. The Peacekeeping Gang was jointly established by your father and me. To uphold the righteousness of the martial arts world, we must use iron-blooded means. I had no choice but to do this. You are also a member of the Iron Palm Gang, since you’re back, you should fulfill your filial duties. Change into the Peacekeeping Gang’s clothes first!” Du Ge smiled, “The old man hasn’t woken up yet. When he does, I hope he sees a completely renewed gang…”

“Feng Qi, don’t push it too far.” Qiu Feilong said angrily.

“You’ve already knelt, what’s the big deal about changing clothes? I can’t possibly threaten you with your father’s finger again, can I?” Du Ge looked at Qiu Yuanlang with regret, picked up his sword again, and toyed with his fingers, “In the future, when you can’t pick up chopsticks, I hope you won’t resent your son…”

Reverse ladder effect, when you ask the target to do something excessive, and then ask him to do something not so excessive, he will find it relatively easier to accept.

“Fine, I’ll change.” Qiu Feilong’s eyes widened, his face flushed with humiliation, “Hall Master Han, go get me a set of clothes.”

Han Zuo nodded.

“Four sets.” Du Ge corrected, “The Gang Leader, Master Liu, and the doctor also need to change.”

Liu Cheng remained silent. After a night of confrontation, he had long understood that compliance was the best way to deal with Du Ge, so that the old gang leader would suffer less.

Overnight, his neck had been rubbed by Du Ge to leave more than ten marks. If this continued, they might as well rename their gang to Iron Neck Gang.

Du Ge thought for a moment, looked at Qiu Feilong, and ordered, “Eldest son, you are the head of the Qiu family. If any other Hall Masters come to visit your father in the future, you are responsible for receiving them. Whoever comes must change their clothes. If they don’t, I’ll break your father’s fingers. There are six more Hall Masters, ten fingers should be enough.”

Qiu Feilong was furious, “Feng Qi, don’t push it too far. My father is in such a state, can he wear clothes?”

Du Ge said, “Draping it over him will do. Old Qiu is a symbol of the Peacekeeping Gang, he must set an example no matter what…”

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