Chapter 032 – Peacekeeping Elder

In just a moment, even the names of the gangs have changed?

Are you sure this is a surprise for the gang leader, not digging up his ancestors’ graves?

The two hall masters glanced at each other and saw the helplessness in each other’s eyes.

Han Zuo signaled to Liu Cheng.

Liu Cheng reluctantly said, “Mr. Qi, what you said is a big deal. We can’t make the decision. Let’s wait for the gang leader to wake up and talk about it.”

“Master Liu, before Old Qiu passed out, he agreed to cooperate with me,” Du Ge frowned, “Are you going against the gang leader’s orders?”

Who do you think you are, using a chicken feather as an arrow?

Do you really think you can do whatever you want by holding the gang leader hostage?

Liu Cheng coldly said, “Mr. Qi, the gang leader did agree to cooperate with you, but he did not give specific orders. We are members of the Iron Palm Gang, not your subordinates. Unless the gang leader personally gives us orders, we cannot execute your commands.”

“Do you want Old Qiu to give the order personally?” Du Ge asked.

“Yes, we only listen to the gang leader,” the two hall masters nodded at the same time.

“I neglected that,” Du Ge smiled apologetically, “I forgot that my supreme elder was given by the Feng Family. It’s okay, wait for me.”

In the puzzled eyes of Han and Liu, Du Ge bent down and put his ear close to Qiu Yuanlang’s mouth, nodding gently.

After a while.

Du Ge raised his head and said naturally to the two, “Alright, go and execute the command I just gave! Old Qiu just appointed me as the supreme elder of the Iron Palm Gang before he passed out. I have the same authority as him and can command everything in the Iron Palm Gang.”

The doctor’s hand trembled and almost poked his finger into Qiu Yuanlang’s wound.

How could there be such shameless person in the world? Han and Liu were both stunned. Did he think we were stupid or blind?

Wang San held his breath and felt that he had gained some insight.

Han Zuo’s face turned red, and he roared, “Feng Qi, you’re talking nonsense. The gang leader hasn’t woken up at all.”

Du Ge nodded affirmatively, “He woke up. He just woke up for a while. Wang San, did you see it?”

Wang San cooperated extremely well and said expressionlessly, “He woke up. I saw his eyes move and his mouth move. The doctor’s medical skills are excellent.”

What does it have to do with me?

The doctor’s hand trembled again. At this moment, he really wished he was deaf and blind. Seeing a doctor was too torturous.

Fortunately, Han and Liu wouldn’t make things difficult for a doctor.

Han Zuo’s eye twitched violently and cursed, “Feng Qi, do you have no shame? Even if the gang leader wakes up, he can’t possibly say so much in such a short time…”

“Han Hall Master, when your neck is held by a sword, you will speak quickly too,” Du Ge said seriously, adjusting the angle of the sword.

Han Zuo’s voice stopped abruptly.

Du Ge narrowed his eyes, “So, do you understand? If you do, then do as I said!”

Liu Cheng looked at Du Ge and suddenly took a step forward, saying, “Are you afraid to kill the gang leader? If you kill the gang leader, you won’t survive either…”

“Liu Cheng, do you want to seize power?” Du Ge’s sword pressed lightly, and a red mark appeared on Qiu Yuanlang’s neck, his voice swift.

Liu Cheng stopped in his tracks.

Du Ge looked at the two and smiled, “Master Liu, stay and talk to me about the main members of the Iron Palm Gang. Master Han, go and execute the command I just gave. Start with the headquarters of the Iron Palm Gang, find a tailor to customize unified gang uniforms with ‘Wei’ written on the front and ‘He’ written on the back. Find a carpenter to change the signboard. Tomorrow morning, I want to see the sign of the Weihe Gang hanging on the door. If you see any worms in the gang, they can be dealt with during the day. Oh, and don’t forget to pay the craftsmen three times the usual amount for disturbing them in the middle of the night…”

Han Zuo looked at Liu Cheng.

Liu Cheng nodded at him and said, “Go!”

Han Zuo glared fiercely at Du Ge, turned around, and was about to leave.

“Han Hall Master, don’t go against your will,” Du Ge’s voice sounded behind him, “When it’s bright, I will take the gang leader to inspect the completion of the task.”

Han Zuo realized what Du Ge was going to do, suddenly shook, turned around abruptly, and with red eyes, said, “Feng Qi, don’t go too far. There’s no way the gang leader can go for an inspection in his current condition.”

Du Ge smiled, “I believe in the doctor’s medical skills. Besides, I heard that for injured people, more activity and sunlight can help with recovery.”

A doctor with a kind heart.

The doctor realized that he couldn’t remain silent anymore. He looked up at Du Ge and said, “Mr. Qi, the gang leader is seriously injured and needs rest. Moving him at this time can easily worsen his condition.”

“Did you hear that?” Du Ge glared at Han Zuo, “If you heard it, then do your job properly and don’t let the gang leader worry. Otherwise, if the gang leader’s condition worsens, it will be all your fault.”

“…Han Zuo glared fiercely at Du Ge, took big strides, and left.


A brief silence.

Liu Cheng suddenly asked, “Feng Qi, why are you doing this? Is it worth it for the insignificant Feng Family?”

“The Feng Family is already a thing of the past,” Du Ge said, “I have said it countless times. Everything I do is for the world, for upholding the righteousness of the martial world and maintaining peace.”

Liu Cheng asked, “Are you really the Heavenly Demon?”

“Absolutely, if it were anyone else, they wouldn’t be able to do what I’ve done,” Du Ge said confidently.

Are you feeling proud now?

Liu Cheng’s heart skipped a beat, “Are there many Heavenly Demons like you?”

“How many? Probably a few hundred!” Du Ge sighed, “As a Heavenly Demon who takes up the responsibility of maintaining peace, the restless Iron Palm Gang cannot be peaceful. You can imagine what the world would be like if other Heavenly Demons were allowed to grow.”

As he said that, he glanced at Wang San beside him.

“…” Wang San.

“…” Liu Cheng.

“So, that’s why I can’t wait to eliminate them while they’re still in their infancy, to eliminate all hidden dangers. I can’t let them grow!” Du Ge said righteously.

“You will become the target of everyone’s attacks,” Liu Cheng took a deep breath and said.

“For justice, for peace, I can even risk my life. What do I have to fear about becoming a target?” Du Ge said with a smile.

“Madman.” Liu Cheng muttered, confirming Du Ge’s identity as a Heavenly Demon.

“You just don’t understand the Heavenly Demons. Once you do, you’ll want to get rid of them as desperately as you want to get rid of me.” Du Ge said with a sigh, “Master Liu, let’s not discuss these meaningless things. You humans have a saying, ‘judge by deeds, not by heart, for there are no good people when judged by heart.’ You can’t tell good from bad by appearance. The Heavenly Demons are rare people whose words and hearts are in sync. What their nature is, that’s what they are. After spending some time with me, you’ll find that I’m a good person. At critical moments, I will risk my life to protect you, just like I once protected the Feng Family.”

The Feng Family has already been ‘protected’ by you into the ditch!

The Iron Palm Gang is almost there too.

Liu Cheng muttered in his heart and stopped talking, but he agreed wholeheartedly with Feng Qi’s judgment of the Heavenly Demons. He even began to consider whether he could use a Heavenly Demon to deal with the Heavenly Demons?

“Master Liu, tell me about the structure of the Iron Palm Gang!” Du Ge said, “Once I understand our personnel configuration, I can proceed with the next steps. We don’t have much time left…”

Liu Cheng glanced at Du Ge and then at Qiu Yuanlang under his sword, and said, “Under the Gang Leader of the Iron Palm Gang, there are more than three thousand gang members. There are ten halls, namely the Orient Loong God Hall, Hall Master Qiu Feilong; White Tiger Hall, Hall Master Qiu Feihu; Rosefinch Hall, Hall Master Qiu Muqian; Basalt Hall, Hall Master Han Zuo; Azure Dragon Hall, Hall Master Qiu Feipeng; Green Wood Hall, Hall Master Yan Wu…”

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