Chapter 034 – Feng Qi does extreme good things

Father was held tightly in Du Ge’s hand, and Qiu Feilong, unwilling as he was, could only reluctantly agree to Du Ge’s request.

Two more hours passed.

Qiu Feipeng, Yan Wu, and Qiu Muqian returned one after another. When they saw that the Iron Palm Gang’s sign had been replaced by the Peacekeeping Gang’s sign, they were equally furious. However, this time Qiu Feilong stopped them and explained. Even if they were angry, they could only reluctantly change into the Peacekeeping Gang’s clothing.

“Little sister, what should we do? We have to find a way to save father! If Feng Qi continues to torment him, the Iron Palm Gang will become a laughingstock.” Qiu Feilong had already understood the cause and effect of the situation. “I think that guy is serious…”

“Is he really the Heavenly Demon?” Qiu Muqian, who was about twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old, with her hair tied up in a bun and dressed as a woman, frowned and asked as she looked at her father’s door from a distance.

“I asked all the witnesses from yesterday. Feng Qi’s behavior is indeed different from ordinary people. Just now, I sent Feipeng and Yan Wu to investigate the Feng Family.” Qiu Feilong said, “But it will take at least three hours for them to come back.”

“Can we kill him?” Qiu Muqian asked.

“I’ve considered it.” Han Zuo said, “But Feng Qi is very cunning. Last night, he subtly indicated to us that as long as he is not killed with one blow, he will kill the Hall Master first. We can’t take the risk.”

“Hasn’t he relaxed at all?” Qiu Muqian asked.

“He has been energetic the whole time, showing no signs of fatigue.” Han Zuo’s eyes were bloodshot, and he shook his head. “He hasn’t even changed the hand that holds the sword…”

His voice suddenly stopped, and he turned to look at Qiu Yuanlang’s door.

Qiu Yuanlang, pale-faced, walked out of the door unsteadily. He was covered in bandages and wearing a Peacekeeping Gang’s clothing. Du Ge stood behind him, the long sword still held against his neck.

Liu Cheng expressionlessly carried a chair and stood to the side, while Wang San still held his severed hand, muttering to himself.

“Gang Leader!”



The three of them were shocked and hurriedly ran over.

“Feng Qi, how dare you let him out when my father is in such a state?!” Qiu Muqian’s face turned pale as she angrily questioned.

Qiu Feilong kept pulling at her clothes from behind, hinting for her not to act impulsively.

Du Ge glanced at Qiu Muqian, ignoring her, and turned to signal Liu Cheng, “Master Liu, the chair.”

Liu Cheng quickly placed the chair next to Qiu Yuanlang.

“Hall Master Qiu, please sit down. The doctor said that your body still needs rest and cannot be overworked.” Du Ge supported Qiu Yuanlang with concern and helped him sit on the chair.

The Iron Palm Gang’s flag had been replaced with a flag that read “Peacekeeping,” and the gang members in the courtyard were all dressed in Peacekeeping Gang attire, even their Hall Masters had changed their clothes…

Looking at the completely changed Iron Palm Gang overnight, Qiu Yuanlang’s eyes twitched involuntarily and he sighed, “Mr. Qi, you have great methods.”

“My methods are average. It’s all thanks to the Gang Leader’s guidance.” Du Ge smiled and said, “All the subordinates of the Gang Leader are loyal to him. I am just benefiting from the Gang Leader’s reputation. If there were one or two who disregarded the Gang Leader’s safety and wanted to seize power, I wouldn’t be able to achieve this. They could just gather dozens of strong archers, surround the room, and shoot randomly. I would have become a sieve long ago.”

“…” Qiu Yuanlang fell into silence and for a moment, he didn’t know whether to be grateful or sad.

“Father, don’t worry, I will find a way to save you.” Qiu Muqian said.

“Miss Qiu, I will only say this once. I haven’t done anything to your father. We are in a cooperative relationship. If you continue to treat me as an enemy, you will only bring unbearable consequences upon yourself.” Du Ge looked at Qiu Muqian, frowned, and said, “The Peacekeeping Gang is here to do something big. We are no longer the undisciplined Iron Palm Gang. As a Hall Master, you should take the lead in maintaining discipline within the gang and not say things that are detrimental to unity in the future.”

“You…” Qiu Muqian looked at the sword on her father’s finger that Du Ge had moved, her eyes filled with tears of grievance, and said, “Yes.”

“Mr. Qi, whether it’s upholding justice or seeking peace, relying on threats is not a long-term solution.” Qiu Yuanlang sighed weakly and said, “Why don’t we sit down and have a good talk, and come up with a solution that we can all accept?!”

“We will talk, but before that, we need to take action. After all, our time is running out.” Du Ge smiled and shook his head. “Old Qiu, I established the Peacekeeping Gang not for fun, but to really do something. Hall Master Han, gather the gang members. I have a few things to announce.”

Han Zuo looked at Qiu Yuanlang.

Qiu Yuanlang nodded at him, “Go, from this moment on, Mr. Qi’s orders are my orders. Since we have agreed to cooperate, we must show sincerity.”

Han Zuo turned and left.

Qiu Yuanlang stopped talking and silently healed his injuries. He was completely under someone else’s control and couldn’t do anything.

He wanted to see what Feng Qi, who had been holding him hostage, could do.

Feng Qi wanted to use him to threaten the gang members. As long as he didn’t push Feng Qi too far, his life would not be in danger. People always have moments of negligence. When he relaxed, he would break free from Feng Qi’s control. The Iron Palm Gang would still be his.

His decades of hard work couldn’t be shaken by changing clothes and names.

A moment later.

The Iron Palm Gang’s gang members gathered in the courtyard, all wearing uniform clothing, looking spirited. But their eyes towards Du Ge were filled with anger.

After all, this guy had been tormenting them all night.

“Everyone.” Du Ge inspected the crowd. “Since last night, the Iron Palm Gang is a thing of the past. We have a new name now—the Peacekeeping Gang. Today, in front of the former Gang Leader, I reiterate the rules of the Peacekeeping Gang: maintain peace, uphold justice, maintain stability, maintain order, maintain morality, maintain fairness, and even maintain the environment…””In short, we must maintain what we can, and for what we can’t, we must find a way to maintain.”

“…” Wang San swallowed, thinking, can keywords be used like this?

“Han Zuo, find a few literate gang members and have them note down our principles. Post them on the streets of Luyang City, striving to let every citizen know about our changes.” Du Ge turned to Han Zuo and ordered, “We want everyone to know that when they are oppressed by bullies, they can come to us. When they encounter unfair treatment, they can come to us. We can solve their problems; first, we want to create a peaceful and stable environment in Luyang City, then gradually spread out, and eventually influence the entire Martial World, the entire country…”

Han Zuo looked at Qiu Yuanlang again. This matter was too big, and he felt somewhat unable to make a decision.

“Why do you keep looking at me? Didn’t I just say it? Mr. Qi’s orders are my orders.” Qiu Yuanlang said.

Han Zuo sighed quietly, selected literate people from the gang members, and found someone to bring ink and paper.

His face was somewhat gray, feeling that even if the Gang Leader regained the Iron Palm Gang, there would be no place for him in the gang.

Why did this Feng Qi only pit him!

In a short while, more than a dozen tables were set up, and those who were literate gathered together to discuss how to write the notice.

Du Ge glanced at them, then looked at Han Zuo and asked, “Master Han, did you pay the craftsmen three times the wages as I said when you ordered the uniforms and changed the signs last night?”

“…” Han Zuo was stunned, “It was too rushed last night, I didn’t have time.”

“I think you’re just too used to being domineering!” Du Ge snorted coldly, “We want to uphold justice, we must first stand firm ourselves. If we can’t even do fairness and justice, how can the people possibly believe us? Later, you personally lead people to make up the wages for the craftsmen who were disturbed last night, apologize to them, get their forgiveness, and explain our new doctrine to them.”

Han Zuo was stunned, then saluted Du Ge, “Yes.”

“Don’t be insincere.” Du Ge said, “Whether your actions are sincere or not will reflect on my growth. If my strength does not increase, it means you are not doing enough. I will cut off one of Gang Leader Qiu’s fingers. If you fail once, I will cut off one, if you fail twice, I will cut off two…”

“You…” Qiu Muqian was furious.

“Hmm?” Du Ge turned to Qiu Muqian, “Hall Master Qiu, is there a problem?”

Looking at the long sword on her father’s finger, Qiu Muqian took a deep breath, “I’m fine.”

“If there’s nothing wrong, then go supervise Master Han, in case he can’t bear the humiliation and runs away.” Du Ge nodded, “After all, Old Qiu is your father, you care about him more. If he really runs away, I will also cut your father’s fingers…”

“…” Han Zuo.

“…” Qiu Muqian.

Qiu Yuanlang sighed quietly, suddenly understanding why Du Ge didn’t negotiate with him. Using him to threaten others to execute orders was obviously more effective than so-called negotiations.

Du Ge looked around at everyone and continued, “Also, Master Han, all those dirty things I told you about the gang yesterday, clear them all today. Apologize where you should, get the forgiveness of the victims. We need to show the greatest sincerity to prove our changes to the people of Luyang City…”

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