Chapter 031 – Give the gang leader a surprise

Soon, the doctor hurriedly arrived and applied the golden wound medicine to Qiu Yuanlang. After briefly stopping the bleeding, he had him carried back to his residence for further treatment.

From beginning to end, Du Ge never left Qiu Yuanlang’s side. He held a long sword and took care of him attentively, constantly inquiring about the patient’s condition from the doctor. If he didn’t have the long sword against the gang leader’s neck, he would be the person closest to the gang leader.

Seeing Feng Qi venturing into dangerous territory, Wang San wanted to say something, but after considering for a moment, he swallowed his words and silently followed Du Ge.

With Qiu Yuanlang severely injured, if they were to leave with him, the Iron Palm Gang’s people would continue to follow. If Qiu Yuanlang were to die during the journey, they would have no way out and would instead enter the Iron Palm Gang’s internal affairs, ensuring Qiu Yuanlang’s recovery.

Feng Qi always made the most correct choices in a short amount of time. Compared to him, Wang San realized that he still lacked consideration in his own thinking.

The Iron Palm Gang was a sect in the martial world, and it was common for disciples to get injured. The doctor was familiar with treating injuries, but it was the first time he saw someone being treated with a sword pointed at them. It was always with a sword that the doctor was forced to treat the injured…

You’re worried that he’ll die, so why did you stab him with so many knives?

The doctor cursed in his heart, but he didn’t dare to act recklessly because there was still someone standing beside Du Ge, occasionally laughing at a severed hand like a sickly adorable person. Two individuals with such unconventional behavior coming to assassinate, they were definitely not normal people.

The doctor treated the wounds with trembling hands, afraid of making a mistake. Not only would his own hall master not spare him, but if these two lunatics holding the gang leader hostage were to turn back, he would also be stabbed with a sword…

“Doctor, be more steady. This is your gang leader. You must save him, otherwise, the Iron Palm Gang will be finished.” Du Ge reminded the doctor, then looked at Han Zuo and the others who were close by, scolding, “You two, move aside. You’re blocking the doctor’s light.”

“Feng Qi, don’t you have any conscience? The gang leader has already agreed to your conditions. Can’t you let him go first and let the doctor treat him properly?” Han Zuo glared at Du Ge, his anger reaching its peak.

“Han Hall Master, our alliance is still fragile. I’m worried that someone might harm me or the gang leader, ruining the good situation we’ve fought so hard for. Morality needs to be protected with a long sword. This is a last resort, please understand.” Du Ge fell silent for a moment, then said seriously.

Wang San looked at Du Ge and silently learned from his way of speaking, also reflecting on himself. Compared to Du Ge, his understanding of the sickly adorable person was too rigid, far from being as natural and speaking and acting as if Feng Qi’s personality was always like that. He had to admit his inferiority.

“What the f*ck…!” Han Zuo was infuriated by Du Ge, his anger reaching its peak. He tightly gripped the sword in his hand, wanting to rush forward and chop Feng Qi into pieces, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He couldn’t bear the responsibility of killing the gang leader. If the gang leader died, the Iron Palm Gang would truly be finished.

“Han Senior Brother, calm down and save the gang leader first.” The hall master, who didn’t speak much, glanced at Du Ge and calmly said, “When the gang leader wakes up, he will handle everything in the gang.”

“What is the hall master’s name?” Du Ge looked at him and asked.

“Liu Cheng.” the person replied.

“So you’re Master Liu.” Du Ge smiled, “I see that Master Liu is calm and steady, a person who can handle big matters. I wonder if tonight’s events have been notified to the other hall masters and Qiu Yuanlang’s relatives?”

Liu Cheng was momentarily stunned. “They have been notified.”

“When will they arrive?” Du Ge asked.

“The ones nearby can arrive tomorrow, while those far away can arrive in three to five days.” Liu Cheng cooperated very well, answering whatever Du Ge asked.

“Master Liu’s plan should be to temporarily appease me and then wait for the others to arrive, and then discuss how to deal with me, right?” Du Ge smiled and asked.

“I dare not.” Liu Cheng pointed at the unconscious Qiu Yuanlang and succinctly said, “The gang leader is in your hands.”

“A person can’t go without eating or drinking. As long as there is food and drink, there is an opportunity for poisoning. But there are few poisons that can cause immediate loss of mobility and render a person unable to act. So, you probably won’t do that.”

Du Ge smiled as he looked at him, “So, the only option left is to take advantage of my relaxation and arrange for someone to assassinate me, seizing the opportunity to save the gang leader. After all, a person’s energy is limited, and one can’t even go without sleep. Perhaps you have already arranged archers outside the door, waiting for me to doze off so they can shoot me with an arrow.”

Wang San looked at Liu Cheng, pondering whether he should make his own appearance.

But Du Ge didn’t say anything, so he couldn’t act rashly.

Since Du Ge’s sudden attack until now, there had always been someone monitoring them. They didn’t even have a chance to discuss among themselves.

The current situation was not part of the plan, and he didn’t know where to start cooperating.

The side effects of the sickly adorable person’s fear were too great. If he used it and ruined Feng Qi’s good situation, it wouldn’t be beautiful. Therefore, he could only wait quietly, maintaining his image with a severed hand, silently improving his own attributes.Liu Cheng’s expression remained unchanged: “I won’t risk the Gang Leader’s life. I can’t bear the consequences of failure.”

“When he’s unconscious, you naturally wouldn’t dare to risk him. That’s why you said that once the Gang Leader wakes up, he will naturally handle the gang’s affairs.” Du Ge, like a detective who sees through everything, spoke confidently, “When Qiu Yuanlang is unconscious, he’s naturally at my mercy. But as soon as he wakes up, with his skills, it should not be difficult to temporarily break free from my control. Perhaps you will not only summon the Hall Masters from all over, but also invite experts, striving for absolute security. After all, who doesn’t have a few capable friends after being in the martial arts world for so long?”

“Mr. Qi does have a clever mind.” Liu Cheng sneered, interrupting Du Ge, “I’m not as roundabout as you. Just keep your mind at ease. Since the Gang Leader has agreed to cooperate with you, no one will touch you before he wakes up.”

“No one will touch me before Old Qiu wakes up?” Du Ge laughed.

Old Qiu?

A vein on Liu Cheng’s forehead twitched, suppressing his anger: “Naturally.”

“What if he never wakes up?” Du Ge turned to look at the unconscious Qiu Yuanlang, eager to try, “Like now, neither waking nor dying, wouldn’t I be safe and sound forever?”

The doctor’s hand trembled imperceptibly.

“Damn it!” Liu Cheng clenched his fist and was about to pounce on Du Ge, but at the next moment, Du Ge slightly moved his sword, stopping him in his tracks. He took a deep breath, glared at Du Ge with a livid face, finally understanding why Han Zuo was always so furious. This one was too damn annoying.

“That’s more like it. You clearly care deeply about Old Qiu, why pretend to be so calm?” Easily breaking through Liu Cheng’s psychological defense, Du Ge looked at him with encouraging eyes, “Master Liu, one’s mental health is very important and needs constant maintenance. Learn from us, the Heavenly Demon, express your true feelings directly, life won’t be so tiring.”

“…” Liu Cheng took a deep breath, not wanting to say a word to Du Ge.

Wang San silently curled his lips. If it weren’t for the fact that he couldn’t beat you, he would have wanted to slap you. ‘Maintenance’ is a supportive keyword, how could you use it so offensively?

“Rest assured, Old Qiu is now my partner. I still have to join hands with him to create great things. If you want him dead, I have to protect him.” Du Ge shook his head and sighed lightly.

“No one wants the Gang Leader dead.” Liu Cheng gritted his teeth.

“Right.” Du Ge nodded, changing the subject, “Hall Masters, why don’t we give Old Qiu a surprise?”

Liu Cheng and Han Zuo exchanged glances, both having a bad feeling. Liu Cheng asked with a trembling voice, “What surprise?”

“The Iron Palm Gang, from top to bottom, is rotten to the core.” Du Ge said, “We need to uphold the righteousness, peace, integrity, and stability of the martial arts world. With the current reputation of the Iron Palm Gang, it’s obviously not enough. So, we must start by rectifying ourselves and turn the Iron Palm Gang into a positive gang. I think we should establish new gang rules.

Investigate all gang members, publicly execute those who oppress the people; abolish all usury, unpaid labor; no more kidnapping of women, those who have been kidnapped should all be returned, along with compensation…

Even our core business of grain transportation, I think the price can be lowered, as much as possible to be affordable to the common people…”

“…” Liu Cheng.

“…” Han Zuo.

“The name ‘Iron Palm Gang’ is not very good either, it’s too murderous, not in line with our new image of upholding justice in the martial arts world.” Du Ge thought for a moment, “Why not change the name too, let’s call it the Peacekeeping Gang, simple and direct…”

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