Chapter 030 – Hold the Gang Leader to protect justice

No one paid attention to the fleeing Feng Shiyi. The gang leader was assassinated, and the Iron Palm Gang members were in chaos, rushing towards them.



“Save the gang leader.”

In a moment, Du Ge was surrounded by the Iron Palm Gang. He no longer stabbed Qiu Yuanlang’s lower back, but held a small flying knife against the back of his neck. The tip of the knife exerted a slight force, piercing the skin: “Gang Leader Qiu, make them stop.”

“Don’t move.”

Qiu Yuanlang gasped and shouted.

Except for the first two stabs, the rest were not deep, but Du Ge stabbed him multiple times! No matter how strong his internal energy was, getting stabbed still hurt, and bleeding too much made him dizzy. He felt like his lower back was being pierced like a sieve. Moreover, he could feel Du Ge’s arm around his neck getting stronger and stronger. If they continued like this, even if he wasn’t stabbed to death, he would suffocate to death.

Qiu Yuanlang didn’t really believe that Feng Qi was a Heavenly Demon who possessed someone’s body, but now he believed it.

He knew how strong his palm strength was, and he knew that Feng Qi’s arm had been broken into several pieces by him. It would take a hundred days to recover from such injuries. However, in just an instant, Feng Qi’s arm had already returned to its original state, and his strength had increased even more. Humans could never have such a recovery ability. He was indeed a Heavenly Demon.

The two continued to struggle, and the one who would die first would undoubtedly be him.

“Let go of the gang leader, or I’ll make sure you have no burial place.” One hall master held a long knife and stared at Du Ge, shouting sternly.

Another hall master captured Wang San and held a long sword against his neck, threatening, “Let go of the gang leader, or I’ll kill your companion first.”

Wang San still held the severed hand he had picked up earlier, obsessively caressing it, as if unaware of his current situation. Occasionally, he would look up at Feng Qi with a resentful gaze, but he remained silent.

With the knife already against his neck, he didn’t dare to speak. If the other party panicked and cut his throat, who would he reason with?

“Threatening me with him won’t work. For the sake of the righteousness of the martial world, anyone can be sacrificed. Feng Qi can be sacrificed, and of course, Wang San can be too.” Madness flickered in Du Ge’s eyes. “If I, Feng Qi, die, there will naturally be thousands of Feng Qis standing up and continuing to fight against you.”

“Do you think I won’t dare to kill him if you say that? Let go of the gang leader.” The hall master pressed the long sword down, leaving a blood mark on Wang San’s neck. But as Wang San caressed the severed hand, the blood mark slowly healed.

Even so, Wang San still trembled subconsciously.

“Let go of him, and I’ll let him go.” The hall master urged anxiously.

Do villains in movies and TV shows threaten the good guys with hostages? He wouldn’t fall for that!

“Kill him!” Du Ge chuckled lightly. “If you have accurate information, you should know that I didn’t know him a day ago. Moreover, the Heavenly Demons compete with each other and are naturally enemies. If you kill him, it won’t cause me any loss.”

“… ” That person.

“Did you hear that? I already said that capturing me wouldn’t work.” Wang San said softly.

“Han Zuo, let him go.” Qiu Yuanlang glanced at him and shouted loudly.

“Hall leader.” Han Zuo, the hall master, hesitated for a moment and didn’t move.

“Let him go. I’m not dead yet. Are my words useless now?” Qiu Yuanlang said sternly.

“Yes, hall leader.” Han Zuo’s expression darkened, reluctantly releasing Wang San.

Wang San glanced at him disdainfully, holding his collection of severed hands, and confidently stood beside Du Ge.

“Mr. Qi’s methods are indeed extraordinary.” Qiu Yuanlang stabilized his emotions. “Mr. Qi didn’t kill me immediately, probably considering his own future. How about this, if you let me go, I will let you all leave. The events of tonight will be forgotten, how about it? If we continue like this, if I die, you may never be able to leave the Iron Palm Gang.”

“Gang Leader Qiu, Feng Qi killed you to uphold righteousness in the martial world…” Du Ge insisted.

“In this martial world, who dares to claim to be clean among the Five Sects and Three Gates? How can there be such a high position without seizing power and wealth? If you kill me, will the martial world become clean?” Qiu Yuanlang sneered, “Killing me won’t make the martial world’s atmosphere clean, right?”

He gasped a few times. “Mr. Qi, you have supernatural powers, and I have martial strength. If we cooperate, we can control the Iron Palm Gang together and enjoy wealth and glory. Isn’t that beautiful? Mr. Qi is a wise person. If you really cared about martial righteousness, you would have killed me long ago. There’s no need to pretend and use me as a hostage…”

“Gang Leader Qiu, I can’t reverse the corrupt atmosphere in this martial world with my own strength. That’s why I didn’t kill the gang leader!” Du Ge suddenly laughed. He looked at the two hall masters in front of him and the gang members who were watching closely and said, “Gang leader, there are hundreds and thousands of Heavenly Demons infiltrating the mortal world. Heavenly Demons can cause chaos in the martial world for their own interests at any time. Whenever I think about this happening, I feel distressed.”

“So, not only do I want to uphold the righteousness of the martial world, but I also want to calm the upcoming turmoil and maintain peace in the martial world. Gang leader Qiu, my intention is to ask for your help, to use the power of the Iron Palm Gang to uphold martial justice together. Expel the Heavenly Demons and bring peace to the martial world…”

“… ” Wang San’s breathing paused, suddenly understanding Feng Qi’s intentions. This guy really knows how to stir up trouble. He is determined to run wild on the path of self-destruction!



Qiu Yuanlang spewed out a mouthful of blood. If you want to deal with someone, just deal with them. Why do you need such a grand reason?

If you want to win me over, you should have severely injured me first and then discussed it properly, right?

Does anyone do things like you do?

Uphold martial righteousness?Pah!

“Fine, I agree.” Qiu Yuanlang said urgently.

“Qiu Gang Leader, you agreed so readily. Is there a catch?” Du Ge paused, asking.

“Bullshit.” Qiu Yuanlang said angrily, “Don’t you know how many times you’ve stabbed me? If I keep negotiating with you, I’ll fucking die. Who can take charge if I die?”

“…” Du Ge paused, then chuckled, “Qiu Gang Leader makes a good point.”

“If you want to cooperate, find someone to treat my wounds quickly…” Qiu Yuanlang, who had been holding on, quickly said a sentence after knowing Du Ge’s real demand. His body softened, and he quickly fell into a coma.

Du Ge’s arm around his neck suddenly sank. He quickly exerted force to hold Qiu Yuanlang, reached out to check his breath, and shouted urgently: “Han Zuo, what are you waiting for? Find someone to treat the Gang Leader’s wounds. If the Gang Leader dies, you’ll be the sinner of the Iron Palm Gang.”

“…” Han Zuo choked, NMB, the Gang Leader was seriously injured by you, how come it’s my responsibility if he dies?

Despite his complaints, he didn’t dare to delay. He glared at Du Ge and jumped back into the gang to find a doctor.

The remaining gang members were still watching Du Ge closely, fearing that he would run away.

Du Ge smiled slightly, propped up Qiu Yuanlang with the arm around his neck, and put the flying knife in his other hand against his throat. He looked at the remaining Hall Master: “Hall Master, please restrain your gang members. The Gang Leader and I have just reached a cooperation agreement. I don’t want his death to disrupt the great peace that the Martial World is about to welcome. Otherwise, Feng Qi will become the sinner of the entire martial arts world.”

Wang San glanced at Du Ge, his heart pounding, damn, this one actually did it!

It’s only been two days!

Feng Qi actually held a top-notch master hostage, turning a second-tier gang into his own aid. Is there any justice left?

He calmly opened his personal information, glanced at his rank that had risen to 33, swallowed involuntarily, and moved up more than two hundred places just by following along. The rank of Feng Qi, who led this matter, must already be the first in the Simulation Field, right?

Among the disciples of the Iron Palm Gang, a small follower who had witnessed the whole process widened his eyes, looking at Du Ge and Wang San in disbelief, almost going crazy.

Who are these two?

They’re too fierce!

I finally got a foothold in the Iron Palm Gang and was preparing to find an opportunity to climb up. You guys took over the Iron Palm Gang, making me look incompetent!

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