Chapter 029 – Du Ge’s New World

Du Ge’s expression was somewhat complicated, seeming disappointed yet relieved. He chuckled self-mockingly, took the sword off his neck, and held the hilt as he bowed to Qiu Yuanlang, “Thank you, Gang Leader.”

“Good, good. Follow me inside and tell me about the Heavenly Demon.” Qiu Yuanlang said.

“I will follow your orders, Gang Leader.” Du Ge sighed and turned to Feng Shiyi, acting out the final scene, “Second-in-Command, from today onwards, Feng Qi and the Feng Family’s grievances are settled. Second-in-Command, you may leave!”

“I…” Feng Shiyi looked at Feng Qi, stood up in a daze, and bowed to Du Ge, “Mr. Qi, the Feng Family has wronged you.”

In that instant, his heart felt empty, as if he had lost something important.


Why did things turn out like this?

Was he wrong?

He wasn’t wrong. He had always wholeheartedly considered the future of the Feng Family.

Was Feng Qi wrong?

He wasn’t wrong either. Everything he did was to protect the interests of the Feng Family, even at the cost of his own life. He had fulfilled his promise to protect them…

But why did it turn out like this?

Feng Zhong!

It was Feng Zhong!

It was all his fault. If it weren’t for him meddling, Du Ge would still belong to the Feng Family, and their future would still be bright…

Having found the reason, Feng Shiyi’s eyes turned red in an instant. Unforgivable. When he returned, he would mobilize the entire Feng Family’s power and tear Feng Zhong into pieces. He wouldn’t be satisfied until he avenged his hatred.


Qiu Yuanlang watched Du Ge and Feng Shiyi bid farewell in silence. When Du Ge turned his back, a hint of indifference flashed in his eyes.

Du Ge accurately caught this look from the corner of his eye and sighed inwardly. The person who could control a gang and send someone to kill in Xingyu Tower based on a piece of information was not someone easy to get along with. He feared that he would have to undergo some questioning when he entered the Iron Palm Gang.

This annoying and endless questioning…

The growth method of the keywords was too passive. He had to find a way to break through.

When Du Ge turned back around, his face was relaxed. He sheathed his sword and said, “Gang Leader Qiu, I have no more ties with the Feng Family. From now on, I will do my best to support you, Gang Leader, and the Iron Palm Gang.”

“Very well.” Qiu Yuanlang nodded, stepped aside, and gestured with his hand, “Mr. Qi, please.”

“After you, Gang Leader.” Du Ge slightly turned to the side and said seriously, “My attribute is support, and I will do my best to support the authority of the Gang Leader. I dare not overstep.”

Qiu Yuanlang was momentarily stunned, then laughed heartily and turned around first, “Alright, follow me.”

At the moment he turned around, Du Ge immediately launched a surprise attack from behind, his dagger sticking close to Qiu Yuanlang’s back.


The throwing knives that had been held in his palm continuously stabbed Qiu Yuanlang’s lower back.


A miserable scream.

Qiu Yuanlang practiced Iron Palm, not Iron Cloth Shirt.

He never expected Du Ge to attack at this moment, and he never expected the attack to be so fast. By the time he reacted, he had already been stabbed several times in the back. His eyes were bloodshot as he lunged forward, trying to shake off Du Ge who was clinging to his back.

But Du Ge didn’t give him a chance. As Qiu Yuanlang lunged forward, Du Ge extended his arm from the front and grabbed Qiu Yuanlang’s neck from behind, hanging onto him like a koala.

The killing power of throwing knives was no less than that of a long sword. Apart from the first two deep stabs, the subsequent stabs only pierced Qiu Yuanlang’s muscles, as he had tightened his muscles with internal energy. Although they pierced his body, they weren’t deep.

But the previous two stabs had already dealt him a heavy blow. Even though he used his strength, he couldn’t shake off Du Ge who was clinging to his neck. Roaring, he reached out to grab Du Ge’s arm that was holding his neck. With a crisp sound, he forcefully broke Du Ge’s forearm, causing blood and flesh to splatter.

Enduring the pain, Du Ge still held onto his neck. The throwing knife in his left hand danced in a blur on Qiu Yuanlang’s left lower back, and in the blink of an eye, it stabbed a row of holes, with blood gushing out.

As he stabbed, Du Ge said, “The Iron Palm Gang controls the transportation, robs homes, kills people for profit, and extorts protection money. I, Feng Qi, a good man, how can I support such a despicable gang? Today, I am willing to sacrifice my life to eliminate evil, uphold the righteousness of the martial world, and protect the common people…”

After Feng Shiyi created the Heavenly Demon theory, he did indeed experience significant growth. However, his attribute was also restricted by the Feng Family. Even Feng Shiyi, after publicly declaring his separation from him, weakened his attribute. This should be related to Feng Shiyi’s identity and the current situation of the Feng Family…

Du Ge didn’t know the judgment mechanism of the simulation field, but if his own fate could be easily influenced by someone else’s decision, then the path he was taking was wrong.

The Feng Family was wrong, and so was the Iron Palm Gang.

Even if he could bind himself to Qiu Yuanlang with his eloquence and interests, so what?

In the future, if a situation similar to Feng Zhong’s occurred, he believed that Qiu Yuanlang would also abandon him without hesitation, just like Feng Shiyi…

He didn’t intend to make the same mistake again.

Since maintaining a group would lead to uncontrollable fate, he would take control of his own destiny. He would no longer support a specific family or gang, but a broader idea or belief.

This path might be more difficult, but as long as he succeeded, no one would be able to control his fate anymore.

After Du Ge passionately shouted these words, his broken arm that was grabbed by Qiu Yuanlang quickly healed, and his personal attribute experienced a leap in growth. After all, he had taken practical action to uphold the righteousness of the martial world and successfully betrayed Qiu Yuanlang who had just taken him in.

Double growth, double happiness.

What the fuck!

What’s going on?Wang San was once again stunned. Wasn’t the plan to seize the opportunity to join the Iron Palm Gang?

What on earth was happening now?

Are you not satisfied until you’ve driven yourself into a corner?

Feng Shiyi had already left, but upon witnessing this scene, he froze on the spot, watching the blood-soaked Qiu Yuanlang and Feng Qi, who was firmly clung to his back, ceaselessly pounding him. He couldn’t stop trembling.

He was serious.

Feng Qi was serious.

His plan was not a joke. He could really assassinate Qiu Yuanlang…

He had clearly joined the more powerful Iron Palm Gang, but when Qiu Yuanlang let his guard down, he still chose to assassinate him. It was clear that he knew, even if he joined the Iron Palm Gang, Qiu Yuanlang would definitely retaliate against the Feng Family afterwards. Only by killing him could the Feng Family truly be safe.

Feng Qi did not betray the Feng Family. Even before the assassination of Qiu Yuanlang, he had tried his best to distance himself and the Feng Family, framing the assassination as an act of upholding the righteousness of the martial arts world.

He took all the blame upon himself!

Oh, heavens!

What had he done?

He had actually betrayed him before Du Ge decided to sacrifice himself to assassinate Qiu Yuanlang. At that time, Feng Qi’s heart must have been completely shattered!

Since becoming an adult, Feng Shiyi had not shed a tear, but at this moment, his tears involuntarily flowed down. He wished he could slap himself hard to atone for his sins…

He was so foolish, he was the sinner of the family!

To protect for a day is to protect for a lifetime!

After Feng Qi was betrayed by him, the words he said about sacrificing himself for righteousness once again rushed into Feng Shiyi’s mind. He clenched his fists and subconsciously stepped forward to assist Du Ge, but he stopped in his tracks the moment he took a step.

Before the assassination of Qiu Yuanlang, he had said that he had settled his grudges with the Feng Family and told him to return to the Feng Family.


This was a hint for him!

Knowing that he was bound to die, he didn’t want him to make a pointless sacrifice, but to do his best to preserve the living forces of the Feng Family!

Such righteousness!

After piecing together all the causes and effects, Feng Shiyi didn’t bother with the two morally corrupt direct disciples in the woods. He resolutely dashed into the night, running and shedding tears, “Feng Qi, wait, if you don’t die today, the entire Feng Family will surely honor you as our respected one.”

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