Chapter 028 – Who lost to whom?

In the quiet night, Du Ge’s keen senses were heightened, and the conversation between Feng Shiyi and the other two could be heard clearly in his ears.

Damn it!

He hadn’t betrayed them yet, but these guys actually betrayed him first!

Who was he sacrificing himself for?

They didn’t care about the rules of the martial world.

Of course, Du Ge understood them. It seemed like a fantasy for five people to attack a gang with numerous experts. It was normal for them to not want to make meaningless sacrifices.

But Du Ge also had his own difficulties. His keywords were maintenance and betrayal. Once he withdrew from the Feng Family, not only would he fail to maintain the interests of the Feng Family, but he would also lose the opportunity to betray them. He didn’t know how his attributes would change.

If they turned hostile again in the future, he would even have trouble protecting himself.

After all, regardless of whether Feng Zhong intervened or not, someone in the Feng Residence would definitely blame him for this matter. Feng Shiren, that old fox, could sell him to the Iron Palm Gang, jeopardizing the safety of the Feng Family.

Right or wrong, this was human nature.

Returning to the Feng Family would mean losing everything. Therefore, even if they had to forcefully charge at the Iron Palm Gang’s gate, he had to do it.

Only in this way could he have control over the situation. He could maintain or betray as he pleased, maximizing his interests.

After being bound by the keywords, the normal way of thinking no longer suited them. Just like Wang San, did he really want to keep a dead person’s hand as a collection?

He was forced to…

Feng Shiyi and the other two couldn’t leave either. Not to mention that Feng Shiyi was the main combat force, if they left, who would he maintain and betray?

“Feng Er, I didn’t expect you to be a coward who values his own life. You’ve already killed a Hall Master of the Iron Palm Gang. If you don’t kill Qiu Yuanlang, are you waiting for the Feng Family to be annihilated by him?” Du Ge stood in front of the body of the last guard, shouting with a face full of grief and indignation. “Escape, where can you escape to? You killed a Hall Master of the Iron Palm Gang!”

The surroundings fell silent. The screams of the guards at the door had already alarmed the gang members inside the courtyard. With Du Ge’s shout, the entire Iron Palm Gang was thrown into chaos.

Feng Shiyi’s mind buzzed, freezing in place. He felt dizzy and his eyes instantly turned red. He hysterically shouted, “Feng Qi, I f*cking…”

“Feng Er, you can’t make one mistake after another.” Du Ge interrupted Feng Shiyi’s words and continued to shout, “That’s right, the two of us outsiders can risk our lives and help you delay the Iron Palm Gang, but what about the Feng Family? If you flee at this critical moment, betraying your friends for your own survival, the reputation of the Feng Family will be ruined! The family can be rebuilt if lost, but once the reputation is lost, the backbone of a warrior is broken. The head can be cut off, blood can flow, but the reputation must not be lost, Feng Er, we must use our blood and lives to maintain the reputation of the Feng Family!”

Damn it!

Maintain the reputation of the Feng Family?

This was really pushing Feng Shiyi into a corner!

Too ruthless!

Looking at Du Ge, who was filled with righteous indignation, Wang San was completely stunned. He understood why Feng Qi did this, but to make such a correct decision in such a short time, his mind was too sharp. He couldn’t help but admire him.

Maintenance was forcefully turned into an attacking skill. In this instant, Wang San realized the true meaning of character development. A door slowly opened in his mind, and he seemed to see a brand new world.

Forceful maintenance, forceful betrayal!

Du Ge’s attributes rose steadily. Looking at Feng Shiyi, who had stopped in his tracks, his heart blossomed with joy. The people of the Iron Palm Gang had already been alerted, and Feng Shiyi couldn’t escape anymore. If he dared to bring the Iron Palm Gang back with him, it meant that he wanted the Feng Family to be wiped out even faster.

Inside the Iron Palm Gang, torches were lit.

In the blink of an eye, the courtyard was brightly lit. Over two hundred gang members holding knives and swords stared fiercely at Du Ge and the other two outside the door, their eyes shooting flames.

To barge in the middle of the night and be so arrogant, if they didn’t wipe them out, where would the face of the Iron Palm Gang go?

Even a clay figure had some fire in it, let alone the morning temper…

And judging from that guy’s words, he had killed a Hall Master of the Iron Palm Gang and came to assassinate the Gang Leader, eliminating future troubles. He really had the guts to treat the Iron Palm Gang as nothing?

“I didn’t expect the small Feng Family to have a few courageous men. Qiu admires you.” With a thunderous voice, an old man in his fifties with white hair stepped forward and arrived at the door. He stood there, looking at Du Ge and the other two, exuding an imposing aura. “Just the two of you want to kill me?”

“And Feng Shiyi, Feng Er.” Du Ge straightened his back and reported Feng Shiyi’s name.

In the small forest, Feng Shiyi’s eyes were about to spew blood. This bastard, this bastard, he was indeed a demon head. He didn’t come to maintain the Feng Family, but to destroy the foundation of the Feng Family!Du Ge looked at Feng Shiyi who hadn’t come out, then at Qiu Yuanlang and the people behind him, and chuckled lightly, saying, “Hall Master Qiu, your Iron Palm Gang attacked Xingyu Tower unprovokedly at night. You allow yourselves to kill, but don’t allow us to fight back? The chivalry of the martial world, the spirit of the martial arts, is being destroyed by you guys who do whatever you want because of your strong fists. Today, the Feng Family will take the lead to correct this unhealthy trend in the martial world, using iron and blood to protect the chivalry of the martial world.”

“Protect the chivalry of the martial world?” Qiu Yuanlang waited for Du Ge to finish speaking, then laughed, looking at him as if he were looking at an idiot. His face suddenly turned cold, “Did you guys kill Peng Chong?”

The number of people behind Qiu Yuanlang was increasing, but Du Ge was not afraid at all, and retorted, “Those who kill will be killed…”

“Hall Master Qiu, don’t listen to the nonsense of the demon.” Feng Shiyi shouted, walking out from the shadows. He glared at Du Ge, then knelt down from a distance, “Hall Master Qiu, the Feng Family was bewitched by the demon, which led us to do such stupid things. Otherwise, even if the Feng Family had ten times the courage, we wouldn’t dare to be enemies with the Iron Palm Gang. I’m no match for Hall Master Peng, it was these two who used evil means to harm Hall Master Peng…”

“Second Master Feng?” Du Ge looked at Feng Shiyi in surprise.

“Shut up.” Feng Shiyi roared, “You thief, if it weren’t for your bewitching words, how could the Feng Family have fallen to this point? If I had known this, I should have killed you, the demon head, when you possessed the body.”

“Demon head?” Qiu Yuanlang looked at Du Ge with interest.

“Yes, Gang Leader, these two are the Heavenly Demons you’re looking for.” Feng Shiyi said, “The Heavenly Demon is different from ordinary people. They need to act according to their attributes to grow. Feng Qi’s attribute is protection. He eloquently defends the interests of the Feng Family, using the Feng Family to grow, but brings disaster to the Feng Family.

Gang Leader, from now on, the Feng Family will sever all ties with him. Without the protection of the Feng Family, his strength will definitely decrease greatly. Gang Leader, you can capture him. Whether to kill or to keep, it has nothing to do with the Feng Family. It was Feng Shiyi who was bewitched. I am willing to use my life to compensate for Hall Master Peng’s life, but I beg the Gang Leader to spare the old and young of the Feng Family. They are innocent, they don’t know anything!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Feng Shiyi’s head hit the ground heavily, and his forehead was stained red in a moment.

The members of the Iron Palm Gang were in an uproar, all their eyes focused on Du Ge and his companion, and discussions arose.

Heavenly Demon?

Qiu Yuanlang didn’t pay attention to Feng Shiyi, but looked at Du Ge with interest, then glanced at Wang San who was holding his broken hand in fascination, and muttered, “So there really are Heavenly Demons in this world! He said you grow by attributes, and your attribute is protection, so you want to protect the chivalry of the martial world?”


Du Ge nodded.

When Feng Shiyi said he would sever ties with him, he finally understood what Wang San meant by attribute reduction. His attributes had dropped by about a third. It seemed that this should be considered a failure to protect. However, his attributes didn’t drop to the bottom, probably because he successfully betrayed the Feng Family and was still protecting the peace of the martial world.

He looked at Qiu Yuanlang. If his action to protect the peace of the martial world failed again this time, his attributes might drop further.


Although the Feng Family had given up on him, Du Ge still decided to squeeze the last bit of benefit from them. He looked at Feng Shiyi sadly, “Second Master Feng, even though you have given up on me, my principles will not change. I will protect for a day, and for a lifetime. This is what I said, and I will carry it out to the end.”

With that, he turned to Qiu Yuanlang, placing his sword against his own neck, “Hall Master Qiu, I am willing to join the Iron Palm Gang and let the Gang Leader dispose of me as he wishes. I only ask that you spare the old and young of the Feng Family, to fulfill my protective feelings. Otherwise, I will die here, and all you will get is a worthless Heavenly Demon corpse.”

Feng Shiyi was shocked and looked up at Du Ge. The hatred in his heart disappeared in an instant. At this moment, he felt that he might have really made a mistake.

Qiu Yuanlang looked at Du Ge in surprise, “He betrayed you, and you still want to protect him?”

Du Ge said, “Protect for a day, protect for a lifetime, this is my mission.”

“Good, I accept.” Qiu Yuanlang looked at Du Ge with admiration, clapping his hands, “Those fools don’t recognize a gem. From now on, you will protect my Iron Palm Gang, and my Iron Palm Gang can also protect you…”

Before Qiu Yuanlang finished speaking, Du Ge’s dropping attributes suddenly rose back up, even more than before.

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