Chapter 027 – Betrayal

Xingyu Tower is an inn, and Du Ge and the others live in the backyard, which is a distance away from the front inn. However, their commotion was too loud, and the guests in the inn were afraid of being implicated, so they escaped to the streets one by one.

In the world of martial arts, faction fights are common, but when too many people escape, it will inevitably attract the attention of those who are interested.

Speed is of the essence.

Therefore, Feng Shiyi and the others didn’t take much time to rest. They only treated their wounds, changed into night clothes, and then asked Du Ge and Wang San to hurry to the Iron Palm Gang’s base.

Feng Yunjie’s injuries were not serious, but his combat effectiveness was greatly reduced in the presence of Wang San. Carrying him would be a burden, so Feng Shiyi sent him back to the Feng Family to report the situation.

Du Ge and Wang San also changed into night clothes.

Although the Feng Family was not large in size, it was a true martial arts family. Xingyu Tower, as their stronghold, naturally had no shortage of weapons, but they didn’t have any divine weapons. Du Ge chose two relatively high-quality steel long swords and filled his knife pouch with throwing knives.

Wang San chose a willow leaf blade. For beginners who were not skilled in martial arts, a blade was obviously more useful than a sword. The reason Du Ge chose a sword was that stabbing was easier and faster than slashing.

Feng Shiyi and his two disciples didn’t talk much along the way. They had a serious expression on their faces, giving off a heroic feeling as if the wind was blowing and the water was cold.

Du Ge and Wang San, who had already planned their escape route, felt like they were going on vacation.

Especially Du Ge, who had seen many scenes of night battles in movies and TV shows. He had long been excited to have the opportunity to participate personally.

The Iron Palm Gang was a villa outside Luyang City, not far from the pier. It was surrounded by mountains and water. When encountering strong enemies, they could escape through the waterway in the front or directly go up the mountain to avoid them. It was an excellent feng shui location.

Under the signboard with the three powerful characters “Iron Palm Gang” written on it, the crimson gate was wide open. Five or six guards stood outside the gate, holding knives and chatting casually. Occasionally, someone would yawn, showing a rather indifferent attitude.

This was normal.

Luyang City was the base of the Iron Palm Gang. They were always the ones bullying others, and unless there were special circumstances, no one would come to attack them just because they were bored. Moreover, there hadn’t been any major incidents in the martial world for more than ten years.

If a master really came to seek revenge, they would be able to fly over the walls and roofs. No one would enter through the main gate. In the end, they were just decorations.

Usually, even the main gate was closed, but tonight, the Anlong Hall had gone out on a mission and deliberately left the gate open for them. However, the guards would never have expected that a few people who didn’t follow the usual path would come tonight.


“Mr. Qi, are we going to attack through the main gate?” The night was cold, and Feng Shiyi’s forehead was sweating. He looked at Du Ge with a hint of annoyance in his eyes, which shouldn’t have been shown by someone his age.

When Du Ge mentioned entering through the main gate, he suddenly felt like a fool. How could Feng Qi’s stupid plan succeed? Why did he follow him to sneak attack the Iron Palm Gang?

Five people?

Three of them were injured, and they were planning a frontal assault.

Even a five-year-old child wouldn’t come up with such an idea!

“Then what?” Du Ge looked at Feng Shiyi with a disdainful look in his eyes. “You didn’t tell me that the courtyard wall of the Iron Palm Gang is over four meters high!”

“I…” Feng Shiyi stuttered, unable to say a word. It was really no wonder Feng Qi. He was the Heavenly Demon and had just arrived in this world. He didn’t know what the Iron Palm Gang looked like.

But at that time, he was also dumbfounded. How could he consider everything so thoroughly in a moment?

Wang San’s mouth twitched, struggling to hold back his laughter.

“Your lightness skill is not good enough to carry a person and jump over a four-meter wall.” Du Ge looked at Feng Shiyi with contempt, secretly determined to cultivate his internal energy and find a good lightness skill for himself. Throughout history, heroes have always been high and mighty. Who would climb a ladder after climbing over a wall!

“Mr. Qi, if it’s not possible, let’s go back to the Feng Family and discuss it in the long term!” Feng Shiyi looked at the restless Du Ge and advised, “With just the five of us, a frontal assault is no different from seeking death.”

“What’s wrong with sacrificing our lives for the Feng Family? Since we’re here, we might as well give it a try. What if we succeed!” Du Ge took a deep breath, drew out his long sword with one hand, and took out three throwing knives with the other. “San, lure them…”

“Mr. Qi, please don’t.” Feng Shiyi hurriedly tried to dissuade him, but it was too late.

“My dearest brothers, are you waiting for someone? Are you feeling cold? While others are sleeping, you’re still on duty here. I feel so sorry for you…” With no future in the Feng Family, Wang San had long prepared to surrender. His gentle voice quickly resounded in the night.

The guards on duty immediately became flustered. They drew their knives, looked around, and searched for the source of the voice, their faces turning pale.


“Who is playing tricks there?”

“Come out.””It’s me!” Wang San let out a strange cackle, slowly emerging from the shadows of the trees. He was dressed in black, his hair disheveled, his face smeared with blood. In his hand, he held a long knife, also stained with blood. His expression was blank. “My little darlings, let’s play a game. I’ll chase, you’ll run. If I catch you, big brother will take good care of you…”

Wang San took one step forward.

The guards took one step back.

As Wang San spoke more and more, fear finally overcame their remaining courage.

“A ghost!”

“A ghost!”

With a few shrill screams, they dropped their knives in panic and turned to run.

The moment they turned, Du Ge, with his long sword, had already rushed out like a released rabbit.

He was like a black lightning in the night, in the blink of an eye, he had reached behind them, swiftly and decisively reaping their lives.

Watching Du Ge and Wang San really rush out to attack the front gate, Feng Shiyi’s mind went blank. After a moment, he closed his eyes in despair: “It’s over.”

“Second Master, what should we do?” One of the direct disciples was at a loss.

“Go, the Feng Family’s disaster can’t be blocked by two outsiders.” Feng Shiyi gave a bitter smile, gripping his knife tightly, ready to follow them out. But after taking two steps, he realized that the two disciples behind him hadn’t followed. He frowned, “What are you doing?”

“We don’t want to die.” One of them hesitated for a moment, then said awkwardly, “Second Master, Feng Qi is a madman. His injuries heal quickly, but we can’t. For the Feng Family, assassinating Qiu Yuanlang is one thing, but charging in like this is just suicide!”

“Let’s retreat, Second Master. If we die like this, it’s meaningless.” Another person said, “Haven’t you figured it out yet? All the troubles of the Feng Family are brought by the Heavenly Demon. If we continue to entangle with them, the disaster will only get worse. Let’s abandon them and rush back to the Feng Family now, we still have time…”

“…” Feng Shiyi looked at Du Ge, who was fighting in front, and then at the two people behind him, his eyes showing struggle. “If we withdraw now, everything we’ve done before will be in vain. Feng Qi is getting faster and faster, which proves that he has grown a lot. And, we have one more person, Wang San.”

“Second Master, don’t be confused. Think about the third young master. Even if they are powerful… Look at Wang San again, does the Feng Family really want to get involved with such people?” One of them pointed ahead, his eyes filled with horror. “They are the Demon Heads. Cut our losses, Second Master. We can’t go wrong anymore. If we continue like this, the Feng Family will be beyond redemption.”

Feng Shiyi turned around and saw a scene that made his hair stand on end.

Wang San had cut off the hand of a guard killed by Feng Qi, holding it in his hand. He was wiping the blood off it, saying, “Good boy, don’t be afraid. I’ve dirtied your hand. Let me wipe it for you. Once it’s clean, we can hold hands…”

Feng Shiyi’s pupils suddenly contracted.

At this moment, he finally woke up.

After one last look at Du Ge, Feng Shiyi called to his two disciples: “Let’s go.”

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