Chapter 026 – Outbreaks

In a big battle, Feng Shiyi and the others went to rest and bandage their wounds. They also took the opportunity to find weapons for Du Ge, leaving Du Ge and Wang San alone. At this point, there was no longer any meaning in monitoring them.

Wang San changed into dry clothes and picked up a pastry from the table. He swallowed a few bites and licked his lips in delight. He asked, “Are we really going to assassinate Qiu Yuanlang?”

“Of course,” Du Ge nodded. “You grow, I grow. Why not? It’s better to eliminate the hidden dangers than to be chased around by others.”

“Do you know that if the assassination fails, we are very likely to be eliminated? This is exactly the result Feng Zhong wants to see,” Wang San continued to stuff food into his mouth, devouring it like a wolf. All his actions matched the characteristics of a common academy student as described by Feng Jiu. Having eaten a lot of synthetic food, they instinctively craved the food in the simulation field. Perhaps realizing that tonight was his last time in the simulation field, he no longer pretended and tried to let his taste buds enjoy the delicious food.

“Eliminated? What are you thinking?” Du Ge glanced at him and chuckled. “Won’t we join if we can’t beat them? We are both Heavenly Demons, and we don’t have any faction labels. Qiu Yuanlang won’t give up on us, who are obviously more useful than one or two hall masters who died. Don’t worry, we won’t die.”

“…” Wang San’s hand holding the pastry froze in mid-air. After a while, he said, “Is your keyword really ‘maintenance’?”

“Absolutely,” Du Ge smiled.

“You betrayed the Feng Family. Aren’t you afraid of losing attributes?” Wang San couldn’t help but ask. “I’ve seen your speed when killing people. Your attributes should have already increased significantly!”

“Why do you always think we will lose?” Du Ge said. “Don’t you have confidence in yourself?”

What do you mean I don’t have confidence in myself? It’s simply impossible to win, okay?

Wang San silently complained in his heart, suppressing the anger stirred up by Du Ge. He asked, “What if?”

“It won’t drop much,” Du Ge said. “If we really reach that point, I will use myself as a bargaining chip to request Qiu Yuanlang to spare the Feng Family. This way, I can openly join the Iron Palm Gang and protect the safety of the Feng Family. Sacrificing oneself for justice is the ultimate form of maintenance. Maybe the Feng Family will thank me then!”

“Damn!” Wang San opened his mouth and took a long time to spit out this word. There were no other words to describe his current mood.

“So, cooperate with me wholeheartedly. Regardless of winning or losing, we won’t lose out,” Du Ge pretended not to hear Wang San’s praise and smiled.

At this moment.

Wang San finally understood how Feng Shiyi felt when he was persuaded back then.

He could feel the loopholes everywhere in Feng Qi’s plan, but he couldn’t find any flaws in his plan. Moreover, whether it succeeded or not, it would benefit everyone, and even his attributes didn’t drop…

This is simply ridiculous!

Taking a deep breath and calming his turbulent emotions, Wang San gave a thumbs up to Du Ge. “Brother, you are a true brother. To use ‘maintenance’ to this extent, you are the first.”

Du Ge smiled and didn’t say anything. He had two keywords, but most of the time, he couldn’t distinguish whether his actions were for maintenance or betrayal. He only knew that his attributes were constantly growing, and that was enough.

Wang San asked, “Brother Qi, what about Feng Zhong? What do you plan to do with him?”

“I don’t know where he is. Let’s deal with it when we encounter him! He’s just a small character who hides his head and shows his tail. He won’t make much of an impact,” Du Ge said. “San’er, when doing things, you need to focus and not think about irrelevant things. Your energy is being wasted.”

“But have you ever thought that if he fails to eliminate us this time and even offends us, he will definitely sabotage us from behind to prevent us from retaliating? The Iron Palm Gang that came today may be the Beggar’s Sect tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow it may be Taishan Sect,” Wang San couldn’t stand Du Ge’s indifferent attitude. After all, he was going to lose attributes anyway, so he had to say everything.

“I hope he has that ability!” Du Ge laughed. “If he can single-handedly cause chaos in the martial world and I can then quell the war and maintain peace in the martial world, I can’t even imagine how much I will grow.”

Who gave you such confidence?

Are all the students from the Elite Academy this arrogant?

Wang San kept his words in his heart, struggling for a while before saying, “You released the news about the Heavenly Demons through the Feng Family to create chaos in the martial world, and then maintain it from within?”

If I had known the rules of the simulation field, I would never have done it!

Du Ge remembered the flawed Heavenly Demon plan that forced him to be opposed to all players, and his face slightly flushed. But he would never admit to such childish behavior. So, he nodded, “That’s about right! Feng Zhong was an accident, but it was also within my expectations.”

Wang San fell into silence. He looked at Du Ge and said seriously, “Okay, I surrender. I’ll follow you for real this time.”

Du Ge smiled and asked, “Since it’s for real, tell me what skill you awakened again? Partners need to be honest with each other in order to maximize each other’s abilities.”

Wang San was shocked. “How did you know?”

Du Ge pointed to his eyes and then his head, smiling. “I saw your little movements and microexpressions at that time.”

“…” Wang San was completely convinced. After pausing for a moment, he said, “Sickly Adorable Outburst: When someone I like is hurt, I can unleash ten times the attack power.”

“Great skill!” Du Ge’s eyes lit up.

“It’s not very useful for now. My personal attributes are too low. After talking to you for so long, they have decreased a lot. Even if I unleash ten times the attack power, it’s not that powerful,” Wang San shook his head and habitually stuffed a piece of pastry into his mouth. “Just like how you want to maintain peace in the entire martial world, I’m afraid my sickly adorable nature will affect more people before my attributes can grow exponentially!”

“After tonight, your reputation should spread throughout the Iron Palm Gang,” Du Ge said.

“Perhaps!” Wang San replied with a frown, “But my ‘Sickly Adorable’ persona isn’t as protective as yours, which makes people lower their guard and want to recruit you. When my reputation spreads, they’ll realize how terrifying I am, and more people will want to eliminate me to prevent future trouble.

Just like earlier, there were two Heavenly Demons on the scene, and the Hall Master of the Iron Palm Gang prioritized getting rid of me, not you. Feng Shiyi was even willing to sacrifice himself for you. My ‘Keywords’ will never receive such treatment…”

Du Ge glanced at Wang San, patted him on the shoulder with a smile, and comforted, “Don’t worry, with my strong support protecting you, no one can take you down.”

“I hope so!” Wang San sighed, thinking to himself, if it weren’t for my exposure, if I had any other options, only a fool would want to mess around with you…

He paused, then asked, “Brother Seven, you said earlier that cooperation requires honesty, but I still don’t know what your skill is! If I get eliminated today, I can’t die in confusion, can I?”

“I already told you, it’s ‘Sacrifice for Justice’,” Du Ge observed Wang San’s expression, subtly altering the description of his advanced skill, “The damage I suffer while protecting others will be doubled in recovery.”

Wang San’s expression didn’t change, but he seemed relieved, “No wonder you recover so quickly after getting injured. This advanced skill perfectly matches your ‘Keywords’. If used well, it’s like having an immortal body. No wonder you dare to be so reckless…”


Advanced skills are not fixed, but randomly generated based on a person’s actions. It’s a very humanized game, Du Ge thought, feeling reassured. He sighed, “That being said, it still hurts!”

“If I could recover that quickly, I’d be willing to endure the pain too!” Wang San chuckled, then continued to ask, “Bro, you’re so powerful, you must have awakened a second skill, right?”

Du Ge shook his head, “No. I’ve killed so many people, but I haven’t awakened a second skill. I can’t find the trigger.”

“Protecting others and killing are conflicting actions. It would be problematic if you could awaken a new skill from both,” Wang San didn’t doubt him, instead offering Du Ge advice, “If you want to awaken a second skill, you should focus on protection itself…”

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