Chapter 025 – The advantage is on our side

Feng Qi stood firmly in front of him, blocking the knife for him, and then unhesitatingly lay on top of him as a human shield…

The scenes of the battle involuntarily rolled in Wang San’s mind as he looked at Feng Qi, feeling a bit complicated. He knew that Feng Qi’s keyword was “protection”, but in that situation, with just one accident, Feng Qi would be gone!

If he really used the secret signal to find his partner, his keyword would also be “protection”. Could he do it?

Wang San looked at Du Ge’s back and sighed silently. Although Feng Qi was a bit domineering, he really wanted to cooperate with him. It was impressive how quickly he trusted a stranger in the simulation field. Wang San couldn’t tell if he was smart or foolish.

Perhaps, he could let go of his prejudices and cooperate with him to get through this simulation field. Their keywords could complement each other perfectly, and they might have a chance to break into the top ten.

Unfortunately, Feng Qi flipped the table too early. If he hadn’t made himself a target, Feng Zhong wouldn’t have sent the Iron Palm Gang after them…

Well, it wasn’t because of him flipping the table. He had already been eliminated without any defense.

After thinking it over, Wang San sighed again. He would go as far as he could. Meeting such a sincere partner was his luck. Even if they didn’t make it to the top ten in the simulation field, it wouldn’t be a wasted trip.

Feng Shiyi remained silent and ignored the kneeling direct disciple on the ground. He knew it wasn’t his fault. He hadn’t been on guard against Feng Zhong either. Feng Zhong’s disguise was too good, and there were no flaws to be seen.

Another direct disciple went to investigate Feng Zhong’s room.

In the midst of the corpses, Feng Yunjie continued to tremble in the corner, even forgetting to bandage his own injuries. He looked helpless, like a child.

For a moment, the corridor fell silent.

After a while, the direct disciple who was investigating Feng Zhong’s situation returned. He looked at Feng Shiyi and shook his head. “Second-in-Command, Feng Zhong has escaped.”

Even though he already knew the result, Feng Shiyi’s straight posture collapsed in an instant. He looked at Du Ge in a daze. “Mr. Qi, the Feng Family is finished.”

“Not necessarily.” Du Ge shook his head. “Second-in-Command, we still have a chance.”

“What chance?” Feng Shiyi’s voice was hoarse, but his eyes lit up. It was as if he had grasped a lifeline, and he looked at Du Ge expectantly, his face filled with hope.

“The Iron Palm Gang may not necessarily launch a night attack on the Feng Family.” Du Ge said, “First, the Feng Family is relatively far away. Second, they need to verify whether the Heavenly Demon really exists before sending people to the Feng Family. If they receive a strange piece of information and are unsure of its authenticity, they won’t go and wipe out an entire family. If Qiu Yuanlang is that foolish, the Iron Palm Gang wouldn’t have become so powerful.”

“So, if we hurry back now, can we still make the Feng Family escape?” Feng Shiyi’s excited voice trembled.

“Why do we need to go back?” Du Ge smiled. “It’s only polite to return a favor. It’s a beautiful night. If the Iron Palm Gang can launch a night attack on us, why can’t we launch a night attack on them?”

“…Mr. Qi, it’s already this late. Please stop joking.” Feng Shiyi was stunned, looking at Du Ge foolishly, not knowing what to say.

Damn it!

Wang San’s breath hitched. What kind of courage did this guy have? He shouldn’t be seeking death like this. At this time, shouldn’t he hide and bide his time, seeking another opportunity to make a comeback?

The little trust and goodwill that had just been established vanished in an instant. The idea of cooperation was once again thrown out of the window by Wang San. He had to run.

Even though Feng Qi was a divine assistant, cooperating with such a reckless person would only mean a quick death for himself.

“Mr. Qi, you may not understand the Iron Palm Gang. Qiu Yuanlang is a top-notch expert second only to the Sect Leaders of the Five Sects and Three Gates. He has at least three thousand gang members, and a Hall Master like me is equivalent to his strength. The Iron Palm Gang has ten such Hall Masters, each with a Deputy Hall Master, and four Incense Masters.”

Afraid that Du Ge wouldn’t understand, Feng Shiyi added, “The martial skills of the Incense Masters are on par with Yunjie…”

“Are these people usually at the Iron Palm Gang headquarters?” Du Ge interrupted him and asked.

Feng Shiyi paused for a moment and said, “The Iron Palm Gang controls the transportation of goods. They have many daily affairs to attend to, and the Hall Masters and Incense Masters have their own territories to manage. There should be two or three Hall Masters who are usually stationed in Luyang City!”

“One of them is already dead.” Du Ge pointed to the fallen Hall Master.

“…Feng Shiyi.””Given the sudden turn of events, Qiu Yuanlang definitely won’t, and it’s not worth it for him to recall most of his men. Even if there were originally three Hall Masters in Luyang City, one is now dead, leaving at most two.” Du Ge analyzed, “Capturing the Heavenly Demon is not something he would publicize. Moreover, judging from the fact that he only sent one Hall Master to raid us at night, he doesn’t take the Feng Family seriously at all. The other two Hall Masters probably don’t even know what’s happening here, they might be dreaming in some woman’s bed right now. With our preparedness against their ignorance, our chances of killing Qiu Yuanlang are high…”

Feng Shiyi initially thought that the night raid on the Iron Palm Gang was Feng Qi’s hysteria, but after Du Ge’s analysis, he suddenly felt that there was a possibility.

Wang San looked at Du Ge in surprise. In just a short moment, he had analyzed so much. This guy wasn’t stupid at all, so why did he only do stupid things?

Du Ge looked at the excited Feng Shiyi and confidently said, “Second-in-Command, the advantage is on our side.”

“Mr. Qi, even if we can infiltrate the Iron Palm Gang, Qiu Yuanlang’s martial arts are extremely high. Even I, I’m afraid, wouldn’t last three moves against him.” Feng Shiyi thought for a moment, then shook his head, “Moreover, we are all injured, and Yunjie is…”

“Second-in-Command, we have Wang San.” Du Ge put his hand on Wang San’s shoulder, “Just a quarter of an hour ago, you wouldn’t have thought that we would annihilate the enemy, right? Second-in-Command, times have changed. The Heavenly Demon has descended, and our previous combat concepts need to be revised.”

Feng Shiyi looked at Du Ge, then at Wang San, hesitating, “Mr. Qi, if we fail, the Feng Family will be in danger. Why don’t we be more cautious and return now? We still have time to escape…”

“You can run for a while, but you can’t run forever.” Du Ge frowned, “Are you willing to give up the Feng Family’s vast business? No matter what the reason, we have already killed one of the Iron Palm Gang’s Hall Masters. With such a huge loss, do you think Qiu Yuanlang will let us go? When the time comes, he will gather the other nine Hall Masters. What will the Feng Family use to resist? Moreover, the Feng Family has weakened because of me. It’s my failure to protect. My strength will definitely decrease greatly. Who will protect you then? Rely on Wang San and Feng Jiu?”

Feng Shiyi fell silent. Wang San was a new addition, and without Feng Qi’s protection, he had already been killed by the Hall Master of the Iron Palm Gang. Feng Jiu might be suffering in the Feng Family, it was already good enough that he didn’t oppose the Feng Family. To ask him to help the Feng Family was simply wishful thinking.

After thinking it over, Feng Shiyi surprisingly found that Du Ge’s proposal was the best way to survive in desperation!

Du Ge asked, “Have you figured it out?”

Feng Shiyi took a deep breath, “Alright, let’s do it.”

“Good, let’s rest for a while, then we’ll set off.” Du Ge was full of spirit, “We’ll catch them off guard. However, Second-in-Command, you need to find me a sturdy long sword, so it won’t be easily broken by the enemy again.”

Wang San followed, “Find me a handy weapon too.”

“Okay.” Feng Shiyi looked at the two of them, took a deep breath, and suddenly said, “If things don’t go well, Mr. Qi, you can take Wang San and escape first. I will do my best to cover your retreat.”

Du Ge looked at Feng Shiyi in surprise, “Second-in-Command, that’s like slapping me in the face. My nature is to protect, I protect others, not the other way around.”

“Mr. Qi, this is not about who protects whom.” Feng Shiyi sighed bitterly, “It doesn’t matter if I die, but if you two live, the Feng Family will have hope to continue!”

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