Chapter 024 – Reversed

Wang San woke up, and the situation suddenly reversed.

The Hall Master who was fighting with Feng Shiyi was confused, but Feng Shiyi was overjoyed. He finally understood Du Ge’s desperate efforts to protect Wang San. Indeed, the Heavenly Demon was even more terrifying than he had imagined. They had a firm grip on the situation.

“Gie gie gie gie gie, is this the taste of the blood of loved ones? It’s so sweet…” Wang San jumped out of the water tank, wiped a handful of fresh blood from a corpse, and brought it to his nose to savor. Then, he looked at the people besieging Feng Yunjie and slowly smeared the blood on his face. “My loved ones, am I scary? Why are you running away? I will break your legs so you can’t escape anymore. I will kill you so you will never betray me. Am I smart? Praise me quickly…”

This time, Wang San targeted the two people attacking Feng Yunjie. Under the influence of fear, Feng Yunjie’s techniques became chaotic, and he could no longer defend himself.


Including Feng Yunjie, the three of them screamed in pain and dropped their weapons simultaneously. Like headless flies, they frantically searched for a place to hide.

“Killing is protecting life. I will help you relieve the burden of a sinful life.” Du Ge’s figure flickered, and whenever they exposed their backs, he would swiftly approach like a ghost and pierce their hearts with a sword.

After backstabbing a few people, his personal attributes improved slightly, and he became more proficient in using the backstab technique.

One person intimidated their minds, while the other protected Wang San and launched surprise attacks from behind. Their cooperation was extremely tacit.

The other members of the Iron Palm Gang didn’t understand what was happening, but the mysterious deaths of their comrades had caused great trauma to their psyche. They looked at Wang and Du with fear, unable to muster any fighting spirit.

“Heavenly Demon, they are demons, not humans.” One of them shouted in horror, “Hall Master, let’s retreat. If we don’t retreat now, all our brothers will die here…”

The Hall Master of the Iron Palm Gang had never seen such a fighting style before, and it had already touched upon his blind spot of knowledge.

He intended to retreat, but leaving behind seven or eight brothers like this was somewhat unwilling. He also realized that the so-called Heavenly Demon’s martial arts were not really martial arts. It relied entirely on physical fitness and sorcery in battle.

Gritting his teeth, he forced Feng Shiyi back with a palm strike and pounced towards Wang San. In his eyes, once he killed the troublesome Wang San, the remaining Feng Qi would not be a concern. If he captured a Heavenly Demon, it would be enough to prove his loyalty.

He was fast. In the blink of an eye, he had already reached Wang San. As he looked at Du Ge blocking his way, his heart skipped a beat. He was so scared that he forgot to speak, and by the time he wanted to say something, it was already too late.

Fortunately, Du Ge always kept an eye on the overall situation. When the Hall Master made his move, Du Ge suddenly turned around and stood in front of Wang San, raising his long sword and waiting for the Hall Master to collide with him.

Wang San looked at Du Ge blocking his way and was slightly stunned.

The Hall Master seemed to not see the long sword held by Du Ge. With his palms crossed, Du Ge’s sword broke into three pieces.

Du Ge didn’t expect his sword to break, and he was momentarily stunned. In that instant, the Hall Master’s palm imprinted on his chest, but he only used seventy percent of his strength. He came for the Heavenly Demon, so he couldn’t kill them all.

Du Ge was lifted up by a tremendous force and crashed into Wang San. The two of them rolled together like a gourd.

The pain woke up Wang San, and he shouted as if flying, “I love you, how can you treat me like this…”

In an instant, an inexplicable fear struck the Hall Master’s heart. However, his willpower was stronger than that of ordinary gang members. Suppressing his shock, he lifted his foot and stomped hard on Wang San’s abdomen.

In a critical moment.

Du Ge once again pounced on Wang San, acting as a human shield.

Intense pain came.


A mouthful of blood sprayed out of Du Ge’s mouth, but because he sacrificed himself to protect Wang San, his injuries quickly healed. “If you want to kill him, you have to kill me first.”

Wang San’s pupils trembled. “…How can you treat me like this? How can you treat me like this? I want to cut open your body and see your heart, see if there’s me inside your heart…”

As Wang San spoke more and more, the fear in the Hall Master’s heart grew stronger. He gritted his teeth, trembling, and lifted his foot again, but before he could stomp down…


A muffled sound.

His body suddenly flew out, struck by a palm strike from Feng Shiyi who had arrived in time.

A battle with a huge disparity in strength had turned around in an instant because of Du Ge and Wang San. The Hall Master now understood the importance of the Heavenly Demon and naturally exerted all his efforts to help the two of them.

Especially Feng Qi, he proved with practical actions that he would truly sacrifice his life to protect others!

Currently, he was still weak, but once he grew up and protected the Feng Family in the future, the Feng Family would undoubtedly prosper. Therefore, Feng Qi absolutely could not die. Only he could subdue the other Heavenly Demons.

At this moment, Du Ge’s importance had surpassed Feng Yunjie.

Feng Yunjie could be reborn after death, but if Feng Qi died, there would be no hope.

Without the continuous attacks from the Iron Palm Gang’s Hall Master, Du Ge finally managed to stand up. Because his actions aligned with the keyword “protection,” his injuries healed instantly when he stood up.

It had to be said.

He had truly gained a great advantage in protecting.

If it were another keyword, with such severe injuries and the inability to move, he would probably be facing death.

The Hall Master was sent flying and rushed towards the staircase. With his increased fear and worsened injuries, he had no intention of fighting anymore. He just wanted to escape from this haunted place as soon as possible.The Hall Master had fled, and the remaining members of the Iron Palm Gang dared not linger in battle. They dropped their opponents and fled en masse.

Du Ge’s long sword had broken, and without a handy weapon, he simply pulled out all the throwing knives from his sheath. With both hands, he flung all the knives out.

A sudden stab from behind, any attack from the rear would have an agility bonus, regardless of the weapon.

In a short instant, more than a dozen throwing knives were flung out by Du Ge, his arms leaving afterimages.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

The narrow corridor left little room to dodge the flying knives.

A series of screams echoed as the members of the Iron Palm Gang fell one after another.

The Hall Master was also hit by a knife. The throwing knife plunged into his right lung from his back, burying itself to the hilt. He fell to the ground, convulsing, blood foaming from his mouth. It was clear he wouldn’t survive.

Those who were lucky enough not to be hit by the knives were chased down by Feng Shiyi, who sent them to their deaths with a few palm strikes. Those who were hit by the knives but hadn’t died yet had their necks snapped by him.

The once noisy corridor was now filled with the thick smell of blood and had returned to silence. Feng Yunjie was curled up in a corner, his teeth chattering. He was also one of Wang San’s favorites, and the fear of being targeted was extended to all those Wang San liked. He had been scared out of his wits.

Of the five direct disciples, three were dead and the remaining two were injured. Looking at the brutal scene, Feng Shiyi spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, “Mr. Qi, we can’t leave any survivors. This is the Iron Palm Gang’s territory. If they go back and report, none of us will be able to escape.”

“Leave? Where to?” Du Ge asked.

“Mr. Qi, the Iron Palm Gang’s sudden attack on Xingyu Tower, and their precise target, clearly indicates a traitor within the Feng Family. We can’t stay at Xingyu Tower any longer. We need to return to the Feng Residence to hide and think of a plan,” Feng Shiyi said.

“Second-in-Command, who do you think the traitor could be?” Du Ge asked.

“…” Feng Shiyi was silent for a moment before saying a name, “Feng Zhong. But I can’t understand why he would do this? He’s an old member of the Feng Family, his wife and children are all in the Feng Residence…”

“Unless he’s no longer himself.” Du Ge chuckled, “Just ask a servant if anything happened to Feng Zhong in the past few days and we’ll know.” He looked at the two uneasy disciples and reassured, “Don’t be afraid. If he’s possessed by the Heavenly Demon, he won’t expose himself when you ask him for information!”

He looked back at Feng Shiyi and laughed, “Second-in-Command, your Feng Family might really be destined. Despite being a small family, you’ve attracted four Heavenly Demons.”

“You’re joking, Mr. Qi.” Feng Shiyi gave a bitter smile, “It’s meaningless to pursue Feng Zhong now. The urgent matter is to leave here as soon as possible. Otherwise, once the Iron Palm Gang reacts, it will be difficult to leave.”

“Second-in-Command, do you think Feng Zhong’s betrayal would only sell us out?” Du Ge smiled, “Don’t forget, there’s also a Heavenly Demon in the Feng Residence!”

Feng Shiyi looked at the two disciples.

One of them nervously said, “Second Master, Feng Zhong did indeed ask us about the situation at home.”

Feng Shiyi asked bitterly, “Did you tell him?”

“Please punish me, Second Master.” The man knelt down and defended himself awkwardly, “At that time, I didn’t know that Feng Zhong was possessed by the Heavenly Demon. I thought we needed his cooperation in Luyang City, so I told him everything about the Feng Residence.”

In an instant, Feng Shiyi’s face turned pale.

Wang San glanced at Du Ge, feeling a chill. Feng Zhong knew his situation well. If Du Ge hadn’t intervened, he would have been schemed against by Feng Zhong sooner or later. That guy was so decisive in using others to kill, he would most likely show no mercy to him.

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