Chapter 023 – Battle style changed by Heavenly Demon

Is this guy crazy?

It’s obvious, no need for you to say…

It was a normal situation, but after Du Ge said it, it sounded weird.

We are clearly enemies, why do you care?

If you’re really a good person, put down your sword and let us capture you, okay?

The black-clothed men who were attacking Du Ge were getting more and more annoyed. Unfortunately, they couldn’t kill him because there were so many of their comrades watching. If they accidentally killed him, they would be in big trouble when they returned.

During a life and death battle, once you have restrictions, it becomes frustrating no matter how you fight, especially when someone on the other side is mocking you. It’s really tempting to kill him!

Damn it!

“Bro, don’t move so much, be careful not to hurt your waist…”

“Brother, why are you so careless? You almost hit the other brother next to you. It’s a loss for the Iron Palm Gang!”

“Don’t glare at him, we’re all from the same gang. We should unite, help each other…”

Du Ge kept trash-talking, making the few people attacking him annoyed and confused. They gradually lost their rhythm, while Du Ge found his own rhythm in the real battle.

“A bunch of idiots, just keep surrounding him. Once I deal with Feng Shiyi, he won’t be able to escape.” The black-clothed men who were fighting Feng Shiyi had already heard the situation here and couldn’t help but shout.

One word woke up the dreamer.

The black-clothed men attacking Du Ge suddenly understood, and immediately slowed down their pace. They changed positions and trapped Du Ge, not letting him break through. They also realized that Du Ge’s martial arts were mediocre and he fought without any strategy, relying solely on his agility!

The previous ambush was probably just luck.

One of them even laughed and said sarcastically, “Heavenly Demon, do you have any more wise words? Keep talking, let us have some fun…”

Du Ge glanced at him and smiled, “What do you think the gang leader invited me for? Going through all this trouble, it can’t be just to make me a prisoner, right? Maybe by tomorrow, we will be on the same side. Who do you think will have a higher position then? Do you think I will feel uncomfortable remembering the words you mocked me with tonight? Bro, our relationship is getting complicated!”

“…” The face under the black cloth of the black-clothed man was as dark as ink. He hated Du Ge to death, but he clenched his teeth and remained silent.

“Do you think I don’t know who you are because you’re wearing a mask?” Du Ge observed his surroundings with his eyes behind his head, thinking of a strategy while continuing his trash-talking, “When important people can’t figure out their target for revenge, they usually resort to collective punishment. I may not know who you are, but I can definitely find out who was assigned the mission. I wonder if the brothers who fought side by side with you at that time will hate you?”

“Fuck!” The black-clothed man who had just spoken wanted to slap himself. He knew that Du Ge was eloquent, so he should have just surrounded him obediently. Why did he have to be so sarcastic?


A scream came, and another member of the Feng Family fell.

The enemy was numerous and had high martial arts skills. The people from the Feng Residence were already struggling to hold on. It was already difficult for them to last this long, but if they continued like this, they would eventually be defeated one by one.

“Mr. Qi, save Yunjie and break through.”

Feng Shiyi knew that Du Ge had only possessed his body for two days, and even though he had grown, there were limits. In this situation, even if he wanted to protect the Feng Family, he was powerless. Right now, he only hoped that Du Ge could save Feng Yunjie by risking his own injuries. After all, Heavenly Demon had a strong recovery ability, and as long as he survived, Feng Shiyi could break through.

“Second-in-Command, is there a way to dispel the smoke?” Du Ge saw the situation on the field and understood Feng Shiyi’s thoughts, but he didn’t plan to do as he wished. He couldn’t use lightness skill, and even if he risked saving Feng Yunjie, he wouldn’t be able to run far.

Moreover, there was no guarantee that he could save him.

For the current situation, the only way to break the deadlock was to rely on Wang San, who was in a coma.

He wanted to go to the Iron Palm Gang, but he shouldn’t be captured, because there would be no benefit in that. He would have to start from scratch again, and without backstabbing, the attribute points he obtained from protecting the Feng Family might be washed away. He couldn’t afford to make a loss.

“It’s already this late, why do you still care about Wang San? It’s more important to save your life!” Feng Shiyi angrily said.

“Second-in-Command, my attribute is protection. I can’t abandon my comrades and escape for my own life.” Du Ge didn’t directly mention Wang San’s role, but used a more tactful explanation, and also added a few attribute points for himself.

“Damn it!” Feng Shiyi cursed. He suddenly regretted tying Heavenly Demon and the Feng Family together. These stubborn guys only brought disaster. It seemed that anyone with the word “demon” in their name was not a good person. However, in this critical moment, he could only rely on Du Ge. He said without a good tone, “Splash him with cold water.”

The Hall Master of the Iron Palm Gang was in a difficult situation. Before he came, he didn’t really believe in the Heavenly Demon, but now he did. Normal people wouldn’t do this. Seeing that death was imminent, he was still thinking about saving someone!

Cold water!

It turned out that what was said in martial arts novels was true. When affected by a certain drug, you need a woman to detoxify, and when affected by smoke, splashing cold water would do. The experience of the martial world was indeed reliable.

The inn had plenty of cold water. In order to prevent fires, there were always two large barrels filled with water in the corridor.

Du Ge glanced at the location of the barrels and then looked at Wang San, who was lying unconscious on the ground. He shouted, “Wang San, I’m risking my life to protect you. Remember my kindness.”

Sacrificing oneself for righteousness, if there was one opportunity, there would be a second. He wouldn’t let go of any chance to increase his attribute points.

But in the eyes of the black-clothed men, Du Ge’s actions were childish and ridiculous. Just shouting wouldn’t help him break free from being surrounded, right?

But soon, they couldn’t laugh anymore. Du Ge actually gave up protecting himself, swept his long sword, and rushed towards the blades of the black-clothed men.

This reckless behavior startled the black-clothed men. Coupled with the trash-talking from earlier, the black-clothed men intercepting Du Ge were afraid of hurting him. They subconsciously pulled back their blades, and Du Ge managed to break free from the encirclement unscathed.Du Ge was not far from Wang San to begin with. After breaking out of the encirclement, he rushed to Wang San’s side in a few strides, picked him up, and shouted, “He is also a Heavenly Demon, we can’t harm him.”

Then, with a backward swing of his long sword, he forced back the black-clad men who were chasing after them. After rushing forward a few more steps, he threw Wang San into a water tank.


Water splashed everywhere.

Wang San jolted awake, looking around in confusion, unsure of what had just happened.

Du Ge stood guard in front of the water tank, “Wang San, there’s a traitor in Xingyu Tower. Whether you live or die depends on your performance! Take them down one by one, leave no survivors.”

Understanding dawned on Wang San. He aimed at one of the black-clad men attacking Du Ge, retracted his chin, rolled his eyes upward, and chuckled eerily, “Big brother, I like you so much. You can’t be infatuated with anyone but me!”

The black-clad man’s pupils suddenly contracted, an inexplicable fear seeping into his heart. He instinctively turned around, intending to flee.


Du Ge’s long sword thrust forward, freeing him from the Sickly Adorable’s love!

Meanwhile, Feng Yunjie heard Wang San’s voice, shuddered violently, and was slashed on the arm by a black-clad man.

“Yunjie.” Feng Shiyi roared in anger, “Feng Qi, what are you doing?”

From the corner of his eye, Du Ge clearly saw that after he killed the black-clad man, Wang San paused for a moment, quickly made a gesture as if opening a personal profile, and then a look of joy spread across his face.

A series of reactions proved that he must have also developed a new advanced Technique!

But now was not the time to worry about that. Du Ge ignored the roaring Feng Shiyi and urged Wang San, “Continue.”

Wang San suppressed his joy and turned his attention to another black-clad man, hysterically saying, “Big brother, I love you so much, how could you raise your sword against me? Why, why can others receive your love, but I have to endure your hostility…”

Before this black-clad man could understand why his companion had suddenly turned around, a great fear surged in his heart. He wanted to escape, to get as far away from this terrifying guy as possible…

But having seen the fate of his companion, he knew that turning around meant death. He forced himself to suppress his fear, dodging Wang San’s gaze while fighting Du Ge, as if Wang San would pounce on him the next second and rip out his heart. His Technique was completely thrown into chaos.

Du Ge seized the opportunity and stabbed his sword into the man’s throat, ending his life.

In the blink of an eye, only two of the men attacking Du Ge were left. Wang San’s words made their hair stand on end, but they didn’t feel as much fear. However, seeing their two companions acting strangely and then dying, they knew they couldn’t escape from the guy in the water tank. The two men exchanged a glance, bypassed Du Ge, and raised their swords to attack Wang San at the same time.

Du Ge swung his sword to block them, “Come at me together.”

At this critical moment of life and death, Wang San didn’t dare to be distracted. He gave a wicked smile, “My dear brothers, I love you so much. Let me dig out your hearts, swallow them bit by bit, and then we will never be apart, giegiegiegie…”

A chilling laughter suddenly echoed.

“Ghosts, they are ghosts!” Fear filled their hearts, they lost their will to fight, even forgetting about Du Ge’s backstab. They screamed, dropped their swords, and turned to run.



Two muffled sounds.

Du Ge was right behind them, his long sword piercing their hearts, ending their lives.

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