Chapter 022 – Whip dipped in iodine

That night, the Feng Family members who were searching for other Heavenly Demons in Luyang City returned one after another, but they gained nothing.

This was within Du Ge’s expectations.

The world in the simulation field was called Da Qian, occupying the most fertile Central Plains. There were several small countries around it.

The population of these countries added up to over 80 million.

Now, there were only a little over 600 participants left in the simulation field.

With over 600 people scattered among a population of over 80 million, it was like raindrops falling into the ocean, unable to create any waves.

Even if the participants focused on selecting sects or big cities, there were only five or six people from the Feng Family searching in the vast Luyang City.

Finding five or six people hidden in Luyang City, who had possessed the bodies of the locals and possessed their memories, was like finding a needle in a haystack.

Running into Wang San was already a stroke of luck for them.

Not finding any other Heavenly Demons, Feng Shiyi comforted them for a few words and sent them to rest.

Du Ge and the others also rested.

Their rooms were next to each other, with Feng Yunjie beside them. Next to Feng Yunjie was Du Ge, and next to Du Ge was Wang San. Next to Wang San was Feng Shiyi.

Wang San was a new addition, and Feng Shiyi didn’t trust him. He was afraid that Wang San would betray them, so he didn’t dare to use the acupoint technique on him like before. He could only prevent him from escaping by keeping an eye on him.

The several disciples searching for Heavenly Demons slept in the opposite rooms, with two guards left.

With such tight surveillance, the possibility of Wang San, who had no martial arts skills, escaping was almost nonexistent.

Du Ge made his calculations, and the Feng Family made their calculations as well. However, things in the world were unpredictable, and hardly anything went smoothly according to plan.

An unexpected event occurred that night.

In the middle of the night, while rushing on the road and practicing martial arts, Du Ge, who was half-asleep, was suddenly awakened by two short groans. Then, he heard faint but noisy footsteps and breathing outside and on the roof.

His eyes widened, and he sat up, wondering what was going on.

A classic scene from a wuxia drama, a night attack?

Targeting them?

This came too fast, didn’t it?

Where did they make a mistake?

In an instant, a series of questions flashed through Du Ge’s mind. He quickly put on his clothes and grabbed the sword and knife pouch placed by the bedside. “Second-in-Command, enemy attack.”

He shouted a warning, and Du Ge held his breath.

The night was dark, but with his heightened senses, his ability to see in the dark far surpassed that of an ordinary person. He could vaguely see a blowpipe poking through the window paper and reaching in.

A night attack with smoke, it really was a standard package!

Du Ge suddenly shouted, startling the other party. The blowpipe quickly retracted, but it was too late. Du Ge threw a flying knife with a flick of his hand, and it was already flying towards the intruder.

He hadn’t specifically trained in hidden weapons, but Du Ge didn’t need to be like Li Xunhuan, hitting the throat with every knife. With a distance of three to five meters, as long as the flying knife hit, it would create a hole in the person’s body. Its killing power was not much worse than a pistol.


A scream, and blood stained the windows and doors.

At the same time.

Their whereabouts were exposed, and chaos broke out outside.

The sound of broken windows came from the next room. Du Ge rushed into the corridor without caring about Feng Yunjie. He kicked open Wang San’s room door and barged in.

Wang San, who hadn’t been alerted by Du Ge, was in a daze from the smoke and fell into a coma. At this moment, he was being carried on the shoulders of a black-clothed person, heading towards the window.

Du Ge raised his hand and threw another flying knife.

The black-clothed person was carrying Wang San and had his back facing Du Ge. Moreover, he never expected someone to throw a hidden weapon in the darkness. When he heard the sound of the wind, it was already too late to dodge. The flying knife hit him directly in the back, and with a scream, he fell to the ground.

Just as Du Ge was about to go over and check on Wang San’s condition.

The personal information suddenly flickered.

He raised his hand and opened the personal information.

There were no changes in the other sections, but there was an additional entry in the advanced skills:

Backstab: When attacking someone from behind, you have a speed bonus. The higher your attributes, the greater the bonus.


Advanced skills aren’t supposed to be one that can be continuously developed?

New skills will be born when the conditions are met?

Du Ge was stunned for a moment, then ecstatic. If he had known this earlier, he would have stabbed someone in the back with a flying knife.

Backstab, although it restricted the direction of attack, it was not like the previous two purely supportive skills. It at least added attack power.

This skill was great!

Outside the window, someone heard the commotion inside the room and peeked in. Du Ge raised his hand and threw a knife, but the person’s head shrank back and avoided it. Obviously, their kung fu was better than the person in the room.

At this moment.

Chaos broke out outside.

Feng Shiyi’s voice of panic came, “Iron Sand Palm? Are you people from the Iron Palm Gang? The Feng Family has no grudges with you. Why attack Xingyu Tower at night?”

“Finish the fight quickly. Besides the Heavenly Demon, leave no one alive.” Another unfamiliar voice came, followed by torches being lit outside, illuminating the night.

Iron Palm Gang?

Heavenly Demon?

It turned out they were here for them. The Feng Family was small and usually went unnoticed. It shouldn’t have been exposed so quickly.

There was a traitor!

Du Ge instantly understood the reason. He took two quick steps, picked up Wang San from the ground, and pulled out the flying knife from the back of the black-clothed person. He quickly left the room.

Even though it was more dangerous outside, there was smoke in the room, and he couldn’t stay for long. Even though his senses were heightened, he still needed to breathe. It was already impressive that he could hold his breath for so long.

In the inn corridor.

Feng Shiyi and his nephew, along with three Feng Family disciples and over a dozen black-clothed people, were struggling in a fight. Each of them was injured, and the two disciples responsible for night patrol had already fallen in a pool of blood.The opponents were numerous and their martial arts skills surpassed those of the Feng Family. Apart from Feng Shiyi, the rest of the Feng Family were essentially being suppressed.

As Du Ge stepped forward, another direct descendant of the Feng Family let out a scream and died in the corridor.

The corridor was narrow, and a group of people were squeezed together. Throwing a flying knife could easily hurt one’s own people. Du Ge decisively threw Wang San to the ground, drew his long sword, and aimed at the back of a black-clothed man who was attacking Feng Yunjie, stabbing him with his sword.

The black-clothed men were well-trained and coordinated with each other. Seeing Du Ge draw his sword, a nearby black-clothed man withdrew from the fight to intercept Du Ge.

But the speed of the sudden stab from behind was too fast. He had just retreated when Du Ge, like a ghost, was already behind his companion, piercing him through with his long sword.

His eyes bulged out in shock: “Hall Master, there’s an expert.”

Hearing this, several of the black-clothed men who were attacking others immediately split off and surrounded Du Ge, intending to take him out first.

Cursing his bad luck, Du Ge quickly pulled out his long sword and said to the approaching black-clothed men, “You can’t kill me, I’m the Heavenly Demon. You need to keep me alive.”

The black-clothed men seemed taken aback by his lack of courage and froze on the spot.

One of them looked at Du Ge and said, “If you are the Heavenly Demon, drop your sword and we’ll spare your life.”

Du Ge suddenly looked behind him with a look of surprise on his face.

The black-clothed man quickly turned around, but there was no one behind him. Realizing he had been tricked, it was too late to turn back. He lunged forward, but it was already too late.

A sharp pain in his chest, the gleaming tip of a sword pierced through his chest. He managed to utter the word “despicable” before he collapsed to the ground, dead with his eyes wide open.

After the successful backstab, a warm current spread throughout Du Ge’s body, his attributes gradually increasing.

Seeing their companion killed by a sneak attack right under their noses, the remaining men were filled with grief and anger, raising their swords and slashing at Du Ge.

As Du Ge parried with his sword, he said, “I’m the Heavenly Demon, you can’t kill me.”

“I’ll kill the Heavenly Demon,” one of them said, his eyes red with rage.

“Don’t be impulsive. If you kill me, your people will have died in vain,” Du Ge said. “When you go back, do you think the Gang Leader will spare you?”

Their attacks faltered, and the weapons that were originally aimed at Du Ge’s vital points were redirected to his arms and legs, places where he wouldn’t die. The force was noticeably lighter.

They couldn’t kill him, but injuring him was just as good. These men weren’t so gullible as to stop attacking because of Du Ge’s words.

But fighting like this was inevitably restrictive, and they were all extremely frustrated.

Du Ge seemed to have eyes in the back of his head. He was already at ease when he was surrounded, and now his pressure was greatly reduced. He easily blocked the swords aimed at him and said to the crowd, “This is the right way. Killing and capturing are two different things. Don’t ruin the Iron Palm Gang’s plan because of a moment of impulsiveness. If the mission fails and you get yourself involved, it’s not worth it. The dead are gone, the living need to continue living. You have to look on the bright side of things. The one on the left, swing your sword a little less wide. It’s okay if you hurt me, just don’t hurt your companion…”

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