Chapter 021 – Sickly Adorable’s Daily Life

I don’t know what kind of psychological construction Feng Shiyi did for Feng Yunjie. When he saw Wang San again, he was able to maintain his composure and not tremble. But when he walked with Wang San, the hand holding the sword still proved that he still lived in fear.

Poor child!

After being warned by Du Ge, Wang San restrained himself a lot and no longer openly expressed his love for Feng Yunjie.

He switched to another way.

He secretly collected Feng Yunjie’s personal belongings, such as dropped hair, and occasionally hid in a corner, obsessively looking at Feng Yunjie’s belongings, making strange giggles;

He would warn all the comrades, servants, and others who had contact with Feng Yunjie to stay away from his little brother; he would also spread out rice paper and draw a portrait of him and Feng Yunjie together.

However, Wang San’s painting skills were poor, and only the outlines could be vaguely seen. He had to label the names of the two people on the portrait and write some strange words on it, such as “I can give everything for Yun Gege”, “Anyone who harms Yun Gege must die”, “Look at me, look at me, you are not allowed to look at others”, and so on.

Feng Yunjie accidentally saw the content of Wang San’s portrait and almost collapsed. He immediately came to find Du Ge with bloodshot eyes: “Mr. Qi, I can’t take it anymore. Can’t you send him back to the Feng Family? If this continues, I’m afraid I won’t be able to resist killing him…”

“Third Young Master, endure for now. Wang San still has great use. Hasn’t your second uncle found a suitable woman for him?” Du Ge said, “Once we find a suitable woman, you will be relieved.”

Feng Shiyi sent Zhang Han back to the Feng Family to help Wang San find a woman.

Wang San’s destructive power was too great. Even Feng Yunjie was scared by him. Finding a random woman would probably make her collapse in one or two days. It would be a burden to keep her in the team. They needed to find someone who could control Wang San, be loyal to the Feng Family, and be helpful to the team. In this case, the female disciple of the Feng Family’s direct lineage became the best choice.

“Third Young Master, are you really not considering protecting Wang San?” Du Ge asked.

Feng Yunjie shook his head desperately: “Mr. Qi, I only need you.”

“Ah!” Du Ge sighed with regret and said, “Third Young Master, you have no idea what you have lost.”

“Just consider me unfortunate!” Feng Yunjie said, “Mr. Qi, can you tell Wang San not to do those things anymore? Even if he wants to grow, it doesn’t have to be in just one or two days!”

“For Heavenly Demon, growth must be seized day and night. We must be prepared for any crisis that may occur at any time. For the overall interests of our team, I cannot agree to your request.” Du Ge shook his head, “Third Young Master, he hasn’t really harmed you. You can pretend you didn’t see it.”

“He’s like a ghost, appearing out of nowhere. How can I pretend I didn’t see it?” Feng Yunjie roared hysterically, then his voice softened, “Mr. Qi, I beg you, let him calm down for a while. In one day, tomorrow, my father will send my junior sister to him…”

You are human.

Your junior sister is not?

Your Feng Family is really despicable!

Although Du Ge knew that the simulation field was virtual and the characters inside were fictional, their actions still made him furious. It was not unjust to betray them!

But they still had value to be used. Suddenly, Du Ge’s ears moved and he glanced at the door without making a sound. Then he shook his head again, “Third Young Master, Wang San must grow as soon as possible. Have you ever thought that one day, when his sickly adorable nature is directed towards enemies, they will also feel the same fear as you. You have practiced martial arts for many years, you should know what consequences arise when one side suddenly feels fear during a martial arts contest, right?”

Feng Yunjie imagined himself in the position of both contestants, and the scene of Wang San suddenly appearing from the side made him break out in a cold sweat.

“Do you now understand the importance of Wang San?” Du Ge smiled, “Third Young Master, whether our Peacekeeping Vanguard is eliminating the forces of evil or the martial arts contest at the Qiao Family half a year later, the presence of Wang San or not could make a huge difference. Now, do you still think Wang San doesn’t need to develop his abilities? Do you still want to send him back to the Feng Family?”

Feng Yunjie shook his head.

The desire for the Qiao Family’s Holy Land temporarily overwhelmed his fear of Wang San. After hesitating for a moment, he asked, “Mr. Qi, will my fear of Wang San always exist?”

“Of course not.” Du Ge nodded, without saying whether it would or would not.

“That’s good.” Feng Yunjie breathed a sigh of relief and sighed, “Indeed, no Heavenly Demon is useless. I’ll just avoid him for a few days.”

“Third Young Master, you don’t necessarily have to avoid him.” Du Ge said, “Maintaining a spirit of moving forward courageously is an essential quality for a warrior to reach the peak. Why don’t you try facing your fear and overcoming it? When you defeat the fear in your mind, your future achievements will be limitless.”

Feng Yunjie was stunned for a moment, as if enlightened. He stood up and bowed to Du Ge, “Thank you, Mr. Qi, for your guidance. Yunjie has learned.”

Outside the door.

Feng Shiyi, who had been eavesdropping for a long time, pondered for a moment. Then, without alerting Du Ge in the room, he quietly turned and left.

He came to find Du Ge for Wang San’s sake. Feng Shiyi felt that the neurotic Wang San had too much influence on Feng Yunjie. If it continued, it could leave a shadow in Feng Yunjie’s heart, which would be extremely detrimental to a warrior’s growth.

But now, after eavesdropping on Du Ge and Feng Yunjie’s conversation, he changed his mind. Feng Yunjie was too smooth. Perhaps keeping Wang San would be a tempering for him.


Feng Shiyi was also certain of one thing, Du Ge was really always protecting the interests of the Feng Family and had not changed because of Wang San’s addition. That was enough.

Feng Yunjie left.

Du Ge continued to practice, waiting to see if the people sent by the Feng Family could find other participants who entered the simulation field in Luyang City.Wang San’s appearance had shown him a new way of fighting. If he could find new contenders and convince them to join his team, his upcoming plans would go much smoother.

As for visiting the Iron Palm Gang and such, Du Ge was in no rush. Those were all just to deceive the Feng Family and lower their guard.

Of course, if he only had one keyword to maintain, then all his plans would be real. He would fully protect the Feng Family and grow step by step.

Because for peacekeeping, changing masters is equivalent to betrayal, which would cause his personal attributes to drastically decrease, just like Wang San who, despite being threatened, was unwilling to change his words and actions.

Du Ge couldn’t afford such consequences either, but he still had a backstab. Therefore, maintaining the interests of a third-rate family was not the optimal solution.

After all, betraying them would not only result in no loss, but also bring great benefits.

Peacekeeping – job hopping – peacekeeping again – job hopping again –

Continuing this cycle was his optimal solution for growth.

Even if he really wanted to establish the Peacekeeping Vanguard, it shouldn’t be the powerless Feng Family. It should be one of the Three Gates or Five Sects, where he could find bigger investors. Only a fool would take one step at a time and follow the rules!

The Iron Palm Gang, which was a notch above the Feng Family, was actually Du Ge’s second chosen master.


The Gang Leader of the Iron Palm Gang, Qiu Yuanlang, was a top-notch expert. With numerous gang members under him, Du Ge wouldn’t take the risk without being sure he could retreat unscathed.

At least he needed to build up his own team, let Qiu Yuanlang see the strength of the Heavenly Demon, and then when he switched sides, he would have persuasive power.

At present.

Du Ge’s biggest enemy was the other contenders in the Simulation Field.

When he left the Feng Family, he felt that the road was long and the mountain high, and there was buffer time for him to grow. But Wang San’s fear of the delicate situation made him feel a sense of crisis again…

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