Chapter 020 – The fear of charm

After an hour, Wang San returned with Feng Zhong.

Wang San changed into a black outfit and even put on some makeup. He looked completely different, with slightly messy hair and a strand of hair falling in front of his eyes.

He used some unknown cosmetic to deepen the hollows under his eyes, making his face pale. He appeared gloomy and unhealthy.

“Young brother, I’m back. I really wish it was you who helped me choose clothes just now. Let’s never be apart again. It makes me uncomfortable to think of you having meals with others. You belong to me, and I only want to have meals with you…” Wang San’s eyes lit up when he saw Feng Yunjie. He stared at him affectionately, as if he was the only person left in the world.

Feng Yunjie’s hair stood on end, and he instinctively took a step back, wanting to escape. But he remembered Du Ge’s persuasion and his promise to Feng Shiyi, so he suppressed his fear and trembled as he said, “Wang San, please don’t talk to me like this anymore. I know you need to grow up, and I can find a woman for you, a beautiful woman. How about the neighbor girl who flirted with you last night?”

“Young brother, do you hate me? I don’t want any other woman, I only want you. Don’t give up on me, I know you’re not that kind of person.” Tears streamed down Wang San’s face as he looked at Feng Yunjie. In an instant, he seemed to lose his vitality. He took a step forward, wanting to grab Feng Yunjie’s arm, and anxiously said, “Young brother, this can’t be your intention. They forced you, right? Who is it? Is it him? Or him?…”

He looked at Feng Shiyi first, then at Zhang Han.

Feng Shiyi frowned.

Feng Yunjie suddenly took a step back and hid behind Du Ge. “Mr. Qi, didn’t you say he’s usually normal? Why is he still like this?”

Looking at Feng Yunjie hiding behind Du Ge, Wang San’s expression instantly became emotionless, and his gaze turned ice-cold as he stared straight at Du Ge, as if he wanted to kill him.

Du Ge felt a chill in his heart from Wang San’s gaze, but fortunately, he wasn’t too affected. He shook his head and said, “Let me talk to him first.”

“I also wanted to talk to you. You better stay away from my young brother, or else I will kill you…” A wicked smile appeared on Wang San’s lips as he looked at Feng Yunjie, switching to a natural smile. “Young brother, wait for me. I’ll be back to accompany you soon.”

“Let’s go! To Room 7 with the yellow sign.” Du Ge glanced at Wang San, shook his head, and walked ahead.

Wang San followed closely behind, looking at Du Ge’s back, still cold and with a gaze that could kill him.

Du Ge could clearly see the killing intent in Wang San’s eyes.

Feng Shiyi looked at the pale-faced Feng Yunjie and finally realized that something was wrong. He lifted his foot to catch up.

Du Ge turned around. “Second-in-Command, you guys don’t come over for now. He might not say anything if you’re here.”

“Okay.” Feng Shiyi hesitated for a moment, nodded, and turned to Feng Yunjie. He wanted to figure out what was going on.

Feng Zhong looked at Du Ge, then at Feng Shiyi, and said, “Second Master, should I go and handle some things in the shop first?”

“Go ahead!” Feng Shiyi said, “Don’t tell anyone about what happened here.”

“Second Master, I’ve been with the Feng Family for a long time. Can’t you trust me?” Feng Zhong smiled foolishly, bowed slightly to Feng Shiyi, and said, “Then I’ll go first.”

Room 7 with the yellow sign.

Du Ge and Wang San entered the room, and Wang San casually closed the door. “Stay away from Feng Yunjie while I can still control myself. Don’t let me see him begging you again…”

“Speak nicely, or I’ll kill you first.” Du Ge pulled out a flying knife from his knife sheath, spinning it on his fingertips. His super agility ensured accuracy and prevented him from hurting himself.

Seeing the flying knife, Wang San helplessly said, “The fear of charm. The person I like will feel intense fear towards me. Brother Qi, it awakened when you tested me.”

Du Ge’s flying knife suddenly stopped, and he asked, “Is there a limit to the number of people?”

Wang San remained silent for a moment and shook his head. “No.” He looked at Du Ge and quickly assured, “But don’t worry, Brother Qi, I will never like you.”


This skill is too powerful!

Indeed, there are no simple keywords!

This skill can be used in battle. Just saying ‘I like you’ can instantly dampen the morale of the opponent. It’s a huge advantage in a fight against someone who is filled with fear…

Compared to his fear charm, Du Ge’s self-sacrifice seemed too ordinary.

Du Ge hesitated for a moment and said, “Then control yourself and continue to scare Feng Yunjie. I’m afraid they won’t be able to resist killing you.””Brother Seven, I’ve already been holding back,” Wang San said with a bitter smile, “I haven’t taken action against more people. I need to grow, don’t I? Otherwise, if I rely solely on my skills, I’d be done for if someone attacks me. Skills only instill fear, they don’t make people run away! Besides, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t dare to treat Feng Yunjie like that!”

He looked at Du Ge and said, “Brother Seven, you wouldn’t want a useless teammate, would you? I was forced by you. ‘Sickly Adorable’ is a keyword for development, it requires gradual growth and acceptance. But you flipped the table too quickly. Soon, everyone will know what happened to the Feng Family. If I don’t grow with it, it would be hard for me to protect myself when I encounter others.”

“Find another way,” Du Ge said, “We can’t provoke Feng Yunjie any further for now. Otherwise, the team I’ve worked so hard to build will be ruined by you.”

“Alright then!” Wang San reluctantly nodded, “My life is a borrowed one anyway, I’ll listen to whatever you say. It would be best if Feng Yunjie could find me another ‘Sickly Adorable’ target, preferably a woman. To be honest, if it weren’t for growth, I wouldn’t want to mess with a man! But, Brother Seven, what’s your keyword, daring to cause such a big commotion?”

“Preservation,” Du Ge said.

“…” Wang San’s eyes bulged out in disbelief, “Preservation? Not chaos, destruction?”

“Preservation,” Du Ge repeated.

“I give up, you’re amazing,” Wang San gave a thumbs up, clicking his tongue in admiration, “Wow, a support keyword daring to do this, I’m impressed. I give up, boss, you’re not aiming to win, you’re just here for the thrill, aren’t you?”

“If there’s no chaos, what am I preserving?” Du Ge glanced at him, “In any case, you need to hold back for now. When I’m capable of controlling the entire team, you can let loose. Don’t worry about your safety, I’ll protect you.”

“Okay, I understand,” Wang San nodded, his mood dropping significantly. Clearly, Du Ge’s ‘preservation’ had made him lose faith in the future.

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