Chapter 019 – Feng Shiyi’s concerns

Wang San was taken by Feng Zhong to change clothes, and Zhang Han accompanied them to monitor.

Du Ge and the Feng Clan’s uncle and nephew went to a private room to have a meal.

During the meal.

Feng Yunjie, whose ideology had suffered a great impact, hesitated for a moment before finally couldn’t help but say, “Mr. Qi, do you really want to keep Wang San?”

“What’s wrong?” Du Ge was still reminiscing about Wang San’s sickly adorable behavior. Although his words and actions were a bit overwhelming when performed in the identity of an innkeeper, it had to be said that he quickly entered the realm of being abnormal.

If all the participants in the simulation field were like this, he began to doubt whether the Peacekeeping Vanguard could be formed.

However, after a moment of thought.

People are complex beings. If a person’s character is only defined by one keyword, and that keyword is also linked to their growth, then it’s hard for that person not to be abnormal.

Even someone as upright as him, equipped with the keyword of upholding righteousness, was thinking about causing a big commotion. His thoughts gradually twisted. Moreover, everyone else had received professional training.

Therefore, they should still accept him. The more people he interacts with, the more information he can gather about reality.

After all, he still had to pass the test of reality. Even if he couldn’t pass the simulation field, at most he would be eliminated. But if someone discovered his body possession in reality, who knows what would happen?

If they couldn’t control them, it would be better to eliminate them in advance. The person ranked first in the simulation field should have this confidence…

“I… I always feel that his keyword is somewhat sinister.” Feng Yunjie hesitated for a long time before finally saying, “When he talks to me, I can’t help but feel a chill in my heart, an impulse to escape…”


This must be an awakened advanced skill!

Turn around and ask him what his advanced skill is?

Du Ge smiled and said, “Third Young Master, you’re wrong. In the future, we will encounter all kinds of Heavenly Demons. Each type of Heavenly Demon is different. If everyone is as picky as you, the Feng Clan won’t be able to rise. Just like a family, we need to absorb all kinds of talents. We need disciples like Zhang Han, training partners like me, servants, and someone like Feng Zhong who knows how to run a business. Only then can the family truly operate…”

“That’s true, but I think if we let him join, his way of speaking might cause some trouble. Aren’t we supposed to uphold martial world peace? His keyword doesn’t seem like that of a righteous person, and it might affect how others view us…” Perhaps Feng Yunjie was really influenced by the skill. He found another excuse to try to push Wang San out.

“Third Young Master, you don’t understand sickly adorables.” Du Ge said, “Most of the time, sickly adorables appear to be normal people. They only act like that when they have an outbreak. In theory, the sickly adorable attribute should be developed gradually. His behavior just now was to show me his value and fight for a chance to survive…”

“But…” Feng Yunjie wanted to say something, but before he could speak, Du Ge interrupted him.

“Third Young Master, sickly adorables are not as terrifying as you imagine. When Wang San has an outbreak, he is indeed abnormal, but he also possesses the attribute of protection. As long as he recognizes you, he will do everything to protect you.” Du Ge said, “Third Young Master, you need to learn to adapt and be strong. Besides, don’t forget that I’m here too. My keyword is protection. Can I just watch you get into danger?”

“Protection?” Feng Yunjie was stunned.

“But the way sickly adorables protect is different from me. They only protect the people they recognize.” Du Ge said.

“Alright!” Feng Yunjie picked up his wine glass and took a sip, stabilizing his restless emotions. He had already tasted the benefits of protection. Since sickly adorables also had the attribute of protection, he temporarily gave up the idea of driving Wang San away.

With Du Ge and Wang San, if Wang San posed a threat to him, Du Ge would protect him. If Du Ge posed a threat to him, Wang San would protect him. Double protection, safer!

Feng Yunjie was introduced to a sickly adorable.

Wang San was protected, and Feng Yunjie was betrayed. Du Ge enjoyed the pleasure of double attribute enhancement and regained his confidence. In this moment, he believed that the combination of protection and betrayal was invincible. After all, no matter what he did, he couldn’t go wrong.

“Mr. Qi, with so many Heavenly Demons in the team, can you suppress them all by yourself?” Wang San was targeting Feng Yunjie, while Feng Shiyi, apart from being overwhelming, had no other special feelings. He had other concerns.

In less than two days, the Feng Clan had encountered three Heavenly Demons. The increase in their numbers seemed too fast, and these Heavenly Demons seemed a bit too unconventional.

He couldn’t imagine what the Feng Clan would become after recruiting such a group of Heavenly Demons.

“Second-in-Command, you’ve seen it too. How difficult it is for other Heavenly Demons to match their attributes. I’m the fastest to grow, so suppressing them is definitely not a problem.” Du Ge said.

“The Peacekeeping Vanguard won’t be composed entirely of Heavenly Demons, right?” Feng Shiyi asked again.

“How is that possible? There are only a few Heavenly Demons. We also need to recruit normal heroes from the martial world to balance the Heavenly Demons.” Du Ge saw through Feng Shiyi’s thoughts and smiled, “Second-in-Command is worried that the Feng Clan won’t be able to control us in the future and lose the initiative, right?”

“That’s right, I do have this thought.” Since he was seen through, Feng Shiyi no longer beat around the bush, “Mr. Qi, I’m not only worried about the Heavenly Demons, but also the other heroes you recruit. Your martial skills are even better than mine. Can you really maintain control over the Peacekeeping Vanguard?”

Because of Wang San’s matter, Feng Yunjie had been absent-minded, eating his food in silence. Only when he heard Feng Shiyi’s words did he raise his head and look at Du Ge.

“Second-in-Command, you’re overthinking it. The quality of our team can only handle small matters. Heroes who look down on us won’t join us, just like how you wouldn’t join street thugs to collect protection fees. Experts won’t lower themselves.” Du Ge shook his head with a smile, “When we make a big move, that’s when we’ll attract experts. By then, my strength will naturally rise, and I won’t be afraid of them.”

“Mr. Qi doesn’t need to be afraid, but what about the Feng Clan? The Feng Clan doesn’t have any experts…” Feng Shiyi said.

Du Ge was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said, “So Second-in-Command never considered me as one of your own from the beginning!”Feng Shiyi said, “Mr. Qi, that’s not what I meant.”

“Second-in-Command, there’s no need to explain. I haven’t made any substantial contributions, so it’s normal not to trust me. However, as the saying goes, ‘the road tests a horse’s strength, time reveals a person’s heart.’ I will prove myself with actions and make the Feng Family truly recognize me,” Du Ge said seriously. “As for the issue that Second-in-Command is worried about, I have mentioned the solution before. Perhaps Second-in-Command has forgotten.”

“Did you?” Feng Shiyi asked.

“Stealing secret manuals, stealing miraculous pills,” Du Ge laughed. “Second-in-Command, you’re not going to tell me that there are no miraculous pills in the martial world that can enhance one’s power, right? As I’ve said before, ‘maintain for a day, maintain for a lifetime.’ Only when the Feng Family is strong can I be strong. I will not give up on the interests of the Feng Family.”

He still hasn’t given up on the idea of stealing other people’s secret manuals?

Feng Yunjie couldn’t help but say, “Mr. Qi, doesn’t stealing secret manuals conflict with maintaining peace and justice? If others find out that the Peacekeeping Vanguard is doing these things behind the scenes…”

“Third Young Master, maintaining martial world peace does not conflict with protecting the interests of the Feng Family,” Du Ge glanced at him and laughed. “Who said that there are no treasures in the evil forces? Don’t worry, Rome wasn’t built in a day. We’ll take it step by step, and in the end, we’ll have everything.”

“Are we still going to the Iron Palm Gang?” Feng Shiyi asked.

“Of course, but let’s wait and see if there are any other gains in Luyang City,” Du Ge said. “We also need time to coordinate with Wang San.”

At the mention of Wang San, Feng Yunjie reflexively shivered, his wine glass shook, and wine spilled all over the table.

Feng Shiyi looked at his own son and frowned, dissatisfied, “Yunjie, it’s just Wang San who said a few strange things. He can’t even beat Feng Zhong, what are you afraid of? If you’re like this, how will you lead the Peacekeeping Vanguard in the future?”

Feng Yunjie knew that his reaction was inappropriate. He looked at Feng Shiyi, wanting to explain but not knowing where to start. In the end, he could only pretend to be strong, “Uncle, I won’t do it again.”

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