Chapter 013 – Filthy glutton

The next day.

When Feng Jiu came out of the room, he smelled terrible.

Various smells, such as fragrance, stench, sourness, and spiciness, mixed together, just like a beggar who had slept in a garbage dump for ten days without taking a bath. He was completely soaked in the smell.

The two maids who served him looked at him with a strange fear in their eyes, wanting to cover their noses but not daring to do so.

They tried to keep themselves away from Feng Jiu as much as possible. They maintained a certain distance, holding their breath and pursing their lips. Their faces turned red, and when they couldn’t hold it any longer, they would take a deep breath. Then, their faces would show a look of pain. Breathing around Feng Jiu seemed like a sin.

Feng Jiu was in high spirits and didn’t care about the smell on his body. He picked up the stone lock used for training in the courtyard and tested his strength by throwing it up and down.

The forty-pound stone lock felt weightless in his hands.

When he saw Du Ge coming out of the room, Feng Jiu excitedly dropped the stone lock and ran towards Du Ge, like a child showing off his achievements to an adult. “Brother Seven, I did it, I did it…”

A foul smell hit Du Ge’s face, and his expression changed drastically. He quickly moved far away, pinching his nose with one hand and extending the other hand, making a stop gesture. He said in a muffled voice, “Stop, don’t come any closer.”

The sense of smell is one of the five senses. If the maids could barely tolerate Feng Jiu’s smell, Du Ge couldn’t stand it at all. The smell on Feng Jiu’s body was like a biochemical weapon to him.

For the first time, Du Ge experienced the downside of having sharp senses. If Feng Jiu continued to smell like this in the future, he would have to consider giving up on this underling…

Glutton was a dragon’s son, yet he was played around like this!

What a talent!

Feng Jiu raised his sleeve and sniffed, awkwardly smiling as he took two steps back. “Brother Seven, it does smell a bit! I’ll take a bath later. I just wanted to tell you that your method is right. Eating laxatives while eating like crazy really helped me grow. In just one night, my strength has increased by more than double, and my senses have become sharper…”

Your senses are considered sharp?

You’re far from it!

Du Ge was stunned for a moment, his eyes widened in surprise. “You really ate and excreted all night?”

The maids couldn’t help but retch when they heard this. Their faces twitched uncontrollably, and they unconsciously gagged a few times.

“Yes, madness is necessary for survival,” Feng Jiu said excitedly. “This saying is indeed true. Brother Seven, I’ve made up my mind. My current situation is not suitable for traveling the martial world. It’s better for me to stay and guard the Feng Family for you! If the Feng Family finds other Heavenly Demons from outside, I will deal with them…”

Hearing this, the maids outside Feng Jiu’s room felt their vision darken, and they were on the verge of fainting. Their pleading gazes towards Du Ge were filled with a message, begging him to take Feng Jiu away!

If you really eat and excrete all the way, I really won’t take you. Firstly, I can’t afford to lose a person like you, and secondly, I can’t stand the smell. Du Ge ignored the maids’ gaze and looked at Feng Jiu with a complicated expression. He had to admit that this guy was a tough nut to crack.

Unfortunately, he was fooled by him and completely went astray.

When he first crossed over, the intelligence that deceived him should have been a flash of inspiration!

If everyone in the simulation field was like this, then being the first to obtain it would be worthless…

If his keyword was Glutton, he would probably focus on greed and ferocity!

However, Glutton was not easy to grasp…

Du Ge didn’t tell Feng Jiu the cultivation method of Glutton. They were competitors, and this guy had wanted to trick him before. It was already good enough to spare his life. How could he really help him grow?

Don’t listen to him calling himself Brother Seven and then stab him in the back. If he was kicked out of the simulation field, he wouldn’t even know who to seek revenge on. What if he also had two keywords?

Du Ge brought Feng Jiu along to slowly explore what the real world was like through his mouth?

Now he completely dismissed this idea. He nodded at Feng Jiu and said, “Alright, you stay in the Feng Family. There are more resources here, and it’s not suitable for you to go out with me. Go wash up first, and then come find me. We’ll discuss the arrangements for the future.”

“Okay, I also have something to tell you,” Feng Jiu smiled and said. After speaking, he bid farewell to Du Ge and turned to find the maids to arrange hot water for him to wash up.

Du Ge went to find Feng Yunjie. He couldn’t make much progress in martial arts for a while, so he felt it was necessary to prepare some throwing knives to make up for his weakness in dealing with experts in lightness skill. He also told the Feng Family members to keep an eye on Feng Jiu and not let him act recklessly. If he betrayed him again, he would gain some experience by stabbing him in the back.

Maintenance must be done, and backstabbing must not be neglected.

Even a mosquito’s leg is still meat.

Half an hour later.

Du Ge and Feng Jiu met in the backyard of the Feng Residence.

Both of them had changed their clothes.

A person relies on clothes to look good, and a horse relies on a saddle.

Du Ge wore a dark blue robe, with a long sword slung diagonally and a leather bag hanging from his waist, filled with throwing knives. Feng Qi had an ordinary appearance, but Du Ge’s modern temperament was evident. He was confident and assertive, giving off the vibe of a young hero. He looked completely different from the training partner who was in tattered clothes yesterday.

Feng Jiu wore a pure white robe, which made him look somewhat stylish. He was young and handsome, resembling a young master from a wealthy family.

But in his big cloth pocket, there was a bag full of food, bulging and dragging down his temperament. He went from being a young master to a foolish boy from a landlord’s family.

Du Ge was now a guest of the Feng Family, with a superior status. Without his orders, no one would dare to follow him blindly like yesterday, monitoring his every move.

“Brother Seven, want some?” Feng Jiu took out a roasted chicken from his big cloth pocket and tore off a chicken leg, grinning as he handed it over.”No need, I’ve already eaten.” Du Ge shook his head, decisively refusing. Every time he saw Feng Jiu, an image of him eating and defecating simultaneously would involuntarily flash through his mind, completely ruining his appetite.

“Brother Seven, you’re right.” Feng Jiu glanced at Du Ge, chuckled, and stuffed a chicken leg into his mouth. He tore off a piece of meat, puffed up his cheeks and began to chew, speaking as he did so, “Yesterday, I really did burst my stomach. At that time, I was rolling around in pain, thinking I was going to die. But then, I forced myself to continue stuffing food into my mouth despite the pain. My ruptured stomach healed, and my physical condition greatly improved. At that moment, I understood the true meaning of Glutton. Greed, it’s really about being greedy, greedy to the point of bursting oneself to death.”

“Congratulations.” Du Ge made a fist salute, casually asking, “With such harsh treatment to yourself, you must have awakened an advanced skill, right?”

“How could it be that easy? It’s good if one in ten people can awaken an advanced skill.” Feng Jiu didn’t stop talking, throwing the chicken bone into his mouth, crunching it a few times before swallowing, “But Brother Seven, your strength has improved by leaps and bounds, you must have awakened a skill, right?”

His chewing slowed for a moment, his eyebrows twitched unconsciously, and his pupils dilated slightly…

Feng Jiu had done a good job of hiding it, but he couldn’t escape Du Ge’s sharp observation. This one had definitely awakened an advanced skill!

He looked at Feng Jiu with a meaningful gaze, saying, “I haven’t either. Maybe it’s because I only pay lip service to maintenance and don’t put it into action. I really don’t know what kind of advanced skill a maintenance skill would awaken. It’s not fun if it’s just a support skill.”

Feng Jiu laughed, “Brother Seven, even without an advanced skill, with your physical condition and intelligence, breaking into the top ten shouldn’t be a problem. Brother Seven, I haven’t had a chance to ask, what’s your current ranking?”

Du Ge opened his personal profile, looking at the shining number one, he casually said, “Forty-nine.”

Feng Jiu paused, looking at Du Ge with envy, he bitterly smiled, “As expected, you’ve made it into the top fifty. Sigh, it’s really depressing to compare oneself to others. I ate like crazy all night, torturing myself to the point of death, and my ranking is only over two hundred. You casually fooled around a bit and broke into the top fifty. We students from ordinary academies can’t compare to you guys from elite academies. Our starting point is too far behind, it’s not something we can catch up with just by working hard…”

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