Chapter 012 – Du Ge who practices martial arts

Looking at the Feng Family members on the sidelines, Du Ge sighed inwardly. It seemed that if he wanted to do well in this world, he had to prioritize martial arts.

Who knew how long they would stay in this simulation field?

Of course.

Maintenance and betrayal couldn’t be neglected either. Those were the foundations of his survival. The two keywords had not been fully developed yet…

After ranking first in the simulation field, Du Ge had been a bit arrogant and looked down on all the heroes in the world. But after this match, he adjusted his mindset, becoming humble and cautious.

He couldn’t even defeat the village chief in the beginner’s village. What was there to be proud of?

But when he thought about it, he had only transmigrated here a few hours ago. How could he be invincible already?

Little did he know.

Du Ge was dissatisfied with himself, and Feng Shiren and the others were so jealous that their eyes were almost bleeding after confirming that Du Ge had no internal energy. They envied him so much that they wanted to swallow him whole.

Heaven help them.

They had trained hard for twenty or thirty years, but they couldn’t compare to Du Ge, who had only spent a couple of hours with the Heavenly Demon. In just a couple of hours, he had transformed from a weakling to a martial arts prodigy with extraordinary talent…

What had Feng Qi done?

Besides painting them a rosy picture, he hadn’t done anything. The most crucial plan was still being executed by the Feng Family…

And the result?

The Feng Family hadn’t gained any benefits, while Feng Qi’s strength had skyrocketed. How could they reason with that?


Through this match, the Feng Family gained a comprehensive understanding of the Heavenly Demon. It was true, as Du Ge had said, that the Heavenly Demon was a rare treasure.

Their confidence soared, and the Feng Family let go of their guard against Du Ge.

This was the result they had verified.

During the match, Feng Yunming pretended to make a mistake according to the plan.

At that time, the weapon rack had fallen to the ground due to the previous match, and a long spear on the rack was pointing straight at Du Ge’s back. Feng Yunming raised his palm and attacked Du Ge.

Du Ge dodged, and if Feng Yunming, who had exhausted his strength, continued, he would have collided with the spear and died.

If Du Ge didn’t dodge, he would have been hit by Feng Yunming’s palm and likely pushed onto the spear.

The fact was.

Du Ge had truly taken maintenance to the extreme.

At that moment, he had already dodged, but when he noticed the situation behind him, he didn’t hesitate to turn back and stand between Feng Yunming and the spear. He took Feng Yunming’s palm and used his actions to dispel the Feng Family’s suspicion of him…

In such an urgent situation, there was no other reason to explain his actions except instinct.

After all.

Feng Qi had once said that after possessing the Heavenly Demon, they became mortal bodies and could die just like anyone else…

To risk his life to protect a stranger, even Feng Shiren couldn’t do that. A Heavenly Demon like that couldn’t be trusted, and who else could be trusted?

The most crucial thing was that Feng Shiyi’s prophecy had deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Even Feng Shiren believed in his heart that the Feng Family would prosper and regarded Du Ge as a sign of good fortune, naturally accepting him.

“Family Master, is my level enough to go out and explore?” Du Ge broke the silence and asked with a smile. “In less than two hours, my strength has grown to this level. As long as the Family Master insists on executing the previous plan, my strength will only increase and become stronger…”

“Mr. Qi, rest assured, the previous plan will not be changed. It is an honor for the Feng Family to have Mr. Qi,” Feng Shiren said, more satisfied the more he looked at Du Ge. His old face bloomed like a chrysanthemum as he took a step forward. “From now on, you are the Supreme Elder of the Feng Family. You can allocate all the resources of the Feng Family without my consent. The Feng Family fully supports all your decisions.”

“Thank you, Family Master.”

Du Ge breathed a sigh of relief, finally completing his role.

With his attributes improved, not only did his strength and speed increase, but his five senses also improved.

Feng Shiren and the others were discussing countermeasures in the meeting hall, and although it was blurry through two walls, Du Ge could still hear bits and pieces of it.

Feng Shiyi’s prophecy almost made him burst into laughter.

Du Ge hadn’t expected that the story he had made up on the spot, full of loopholes, would actually fool these people and not only convince himself but also fall into it.

As for Feng Yunming’s probing?

Knowing their arrangements, it was easy for him to respond. With his hindsight, everything from the long spear to the fake mistake was transparent to him…

That night.

Du Ge and Feng Jiu, who had gained the trust of the Feng Family, moved into the guest rooms of the Feng Family.

Du Ge held the Feng Family’s secret manuals, “Broken Gold and Shattered Jade Hand” and “Capturing the Wind and Seizing the Shadow,” and sought guidance from Feng Yunjie on martial arts.

With a master guiding him, Du Ge quickly grasped the basics of martial arts. After all, his agility and speed had improved, and with a spiritual power of 80, he could easily remember the not-so-complicated martial arts techniques with a little effort.

The Feng Family’s “Broken Gold and Shattered Jade Hand” was an external skill. By memorizing the techniques and combining them with breathing techniques, one could cultivate internal energy from the outside in.

It wasn’t as good as internal cultivation methods, but it was simple to operate.

“Capturing the Wind and Seizing the Shadow” was purely a body technique, a complementary technique to “Broken Gold and Shattered Jade Hand” that didn’t generate internal energy.

After practicing for a while, Du Ge found that “Capturing the Wind and Seizing the Shadow” couldn’t even compare to his own agility, so he decisively gave up studying it and focused on practicing “Broken Gold and Shattered Jade Hand.”

Not for the techniques themselves, but for the internal energy.

That night.

Du Ge, who had tasted the sweetness of martial arts for the first time, practiced enthusiastically throughout the night.

Finally, in the early morning, he felt a faint warm current flowing along his meridians in his dantian, astonishing Feng Yunjie.

Feng Yunjie sourly said that it took him two months to sense the energy when he first started practicing.

But Du Ge was far from satisfied. After practicing for just one night and only sensing a weak energy flow, it was too slow and far behind the rapid improvement of the keywords.

However, this didn’t hinder Du Ge’s growing interest in martial arts. After all, internal energy only existed in novels and movies on Earth. How could he truly experience it?As for the weak sense of energy?

Du Ge attributed it to the rubbish martial arts of the Feng Family.

For his dream of becoming a great hero, he decided to put the plan of snatching higher-level martial arts secrets on his agenda…

Feng Jiu did not practice martial arts. He had the memory of the host, and his dantian was not shattered.

The martial arts and internal energy he had trained before were still there, but he didn’t think they played a significant role in the Simulation Field.

No matter how powerful the martial arts are, are they as useful as the Keywords?

With a simple utterance, the upper lip touching the lower lip, in just two or three hours, the effect could match that of a master who had trained hard for more than twenty years…

Comparatively, only a fool would practice martial arts!

In his view, Feng Qi’s effort to learn martial arts was simply putting the cart before the horse.

Feng Qi’s strength made Feng Jiu jealous.

And Feng Qi, who blocked the knife for Feng Yunming in the Martial Arts Contest, showed Feng Jiu what extreme protection meant.

Feng Jiu saw it very clearly. At that time, the tip of the spear had pierced Feng Qi’s clothes. If Feng Yunming couldn’t control his strength, what awaited Du Ge was a fatal blow through the heart.

If it were him, he would never give up the precious Simulation Field spot for a native. He would protect himself, even if it meant temporary weakness, there would still be a chance to rise again.

But Feng Qi did just that, as if it were instinct…

At that moment, Feng Jiu truly realized that if he didn’t push himself, he might accomplish nothing in his life!

He couldn’t turn the Keywords into instinct, but he could achieve extreme madness.


Feng Jiu asked Doctor Hu to prepare a bunch of digestion aids and laxatives for him, brought two chamber pots into his room, and asked the kitchen steward to prepare food for twenty people.

He closed the door and began his journey of madness…

In the Simulation Field, he might not be able to catch up with Feng Qi’s ranking, but after truly understanding the essence of Keyword training, Feng Jiu felt that he still had a chance to compete for the top ten…

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