Chapter 014 – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds


This one is actually not from the Elite Academy. It seems that none of his words can be trusted.

Fortunately, I didn’t trust him…

Du Ge cursed inwardly and asked, “Brother Nine, aren’t you from the Elite School? You even said you wanted to find a way to transfer me from the common school to the Elite School…”

“Brother Seven,” Feng Jiu looked at Du Ge helplessly and said, “I admit that I lied to you before, but this time I’m being honest with you. You’re a good person, and I was even planning to rely on you to enter the top ten in the Simulation Field!”

“But I really am from a common school,” Du Ge said.

“Brother Seven, it’s already this time, stop pretending!” Feng Jiu shook his head and laughed. He raised the roast chicken in his hand and asked, “What is this?”

“It’s roast chicken!” Du Ge said.

“Do you want to eat it?” Feng Jiu asked.

Du Ge shook his head.

“You’re giving yourself away!” Feng Jiu took a big bite of the roast chicken and said while eating, “Students from common schools eat synthetic meals that lack oil and salt every day. How can you not show any reaction when you see such delicious roast chicken? Only elite students like you, who eat extravagant meals every day, would not be interested in the food in the Simulation Field.

Your eyes can’t deceive me. Even if students from common schools pretend to be like us, they would still indulge in food when they first enter the Simulation Field. Yesterday, when you fed me pastries, I noticed that you don’t treat food as just food!”

Damn it!

Even roast chicken has become a delicacy, and everyone eats synthetic meals…

What kind of world is it outside?

Du Ge used to have some longing for the real world. After all, he had always fantasized about creating a world with advanced technology like the Simulation Field.

But in this instant, he suddenly didn’t long for the outside world as much. The real world didn’t seem as beautiful as he had imagined; it seemed rather harsh…

He didn’t know if the person he transmigrated into was a commoner or an elite.

“You elite kids already have a good life, yet you still compete with us. It’s not like it’s some important exam. What’s wrong with giving the top ten spots to us? In the end, it’s still you who will enjoy the benefits…”

Perhaps touching on a sore subject, Feng Jiu suddenly changed his tone and complained softly. But after seeing Du Ge remain silent for a while, he suddenly realized that he had complained to the wrong person. He awkwardly explained, “Brother Seven, I wasn’t talking about you. You’re a good person who sincerely teaches me things. I was referring to those elite kids who don’t treat us common students as human beings. You’re different from them…”

Is the opposition between commoners and elites really this serious?!

Du Ge furrowed his brows slightly and thought to himself. It seemed that being in the top ten of the Simulation Field not only meant glory but also determined one’s fate.

“Brother Seven, don’t be angry. This is what I wanted to tell you. When you go out there, you have to disguise your identity well and not be as high-profile as the Feng Family.” Feng Jiu said, “In the Simulation Field, many common students resent the elite students. Even if they have to sacrifice themselves, they want to bring you down. Your behavior clearly shows that you’re an elite, and once you step out, you’ll be a shining target, easily targeted for assassination.”

“Okay, I understand. Thanks.” Du Ge nodded. If he had a gaming mentality before, now that he understood the truth about the Simulation Field, he decided to take it seriously.

He wasn’t sure if his identity outside was that of an elite or a commoner.

If he was an elite, it wouldn’t matter, but if he was a commoner, his ranking in the top ten of the Simulation Field could change his destiny.

He didn’t want to go out and eat synthetic meals…

“Why are you thanking me? Without your guidance, I wouldn’t have understood the meaning of Glutton. Consider it my gratitude to you.” Feng Jiu shrugged and smiled. “I’m not an ungrateful person. If possible, I still want to compete for a spot in the top ten. I hope Brother Seven won’t be too harsh on me then.”

“I won’t. Isn’t my keyword ‘maintenance’?” Du Ge smiled. “Ultimate maintenance means sticking together till the end.”

“What if the Feng Family really brings in Simulation Field players? How do you plan to deal with them? Will you also protect them?” Feng Jiu looked at Du Ge and asked, “Will you protect them together with us?”

“If we can protect them together, then of course we should.” Du Ge smiled. “Strength in numbers. Since students from common schools can’t enjoy good food outside, it’s better to stay in the Simulation Field for a longer time and enjoy it more. Why resort to fighting and killing? We can unite a group of people, eliminate some of them first, and then solve the top ten spots from within…”

Feng Jiu swallowed the food in his mouth and looked at Du Ge, asking, “Brother Seven, is this your true thought?”

“Yes!” Du Ge said. “You just said it yourself. Elite school students have everything, so why compete with you for the top ten spots? I’m different from them. I’m very generous. It would be best if we can play together.”

Feng Jiu shook his head, laughed, and said, “Alright, I’ll stay in the Feng Family to handle things for you. I’ll convey your goodwill to others. If they accept it, we can all play together. If they don’t accept it or if they harm me, don’t blame me then…””Um, I don’t blame you.” Du Ge said nonchalantly, but his mind was already in turmoil. The conversation with Feng Jiu had revealed too much information, completely changing his understanding of the Simulation Field.

So, this so-called Simulation Field was actually a brutal selection machine.

It wasn’t a competition between elite students and ordinary students, but a competition among everyone, all for the top ten spots in the Simulation Field…

Three thousand people, fighting for ten spots, no wonder once eliminated, they couldn’t return.


This was insane!

It was like crossing a single-log bridge among thousands of troops.

This was exactly like the Earth’s examination system!

No wonder the teacher said, “Don’t reveal your keywords.” No wonder Feng Jiu initially planned to harm him. No wonder Feng Jiu was so desperate?

Everything made sense now.

Du Ge felt a sense of relief. Fortunately, he had shown goodwill to Feng Jiu, which had resulted in truly useful information.


With his attitude of treating the Simulation Field as a game, he would have suffered a great loss…

“Brother Seven, do you have any other instructions?” Feng Jiu asked.

“No, you can handle the matters of the Feng Residence yourself.” Before coming here, Du Ge did have plans for the future of the Heavenly Demon, but after understanding the truth about the Simulation Field, he knew that all plans would fail. The top ten spots were a glaring bait, enticing everyone to fight each other.

Instead of wasting effort on those illusory arrangements, it would be better to focus on managing his own keywords, to come out on top in this brutal survival game…


He was already on top.

Now he just needed to protect his lead.

Feng Jiu turned and left. Watching his retreating figure, Du Ge stood still for a long time, digesting the new information he had received.

The real purpose of the Simulation Field had shocked him.

And Feng Jiu was still the same Feng Jiu, not any less intelligent.

Observing carefully, enduring, using a chicken leg to test his identity at the end, hiding his advanced skills…

It was even possible that making himself stink in the morning was deliberate, just to make him disgusted, so he could reasonably stay at the Feng Residence instead of going out with him. He couldn’t possibly not know that attributes would grow and senses would improve.

Even the later goodwill might be further camouflage, to make him lower his guard.

After all, he didn’t know his identity as a transmigrator. The information and goodwill he provided should be known to everyone, but he used it to show goodwill!

Every move, every step, was calculated!

If one Feng Jiu was already so cunning, there were hundreds of people like Feng Jiu outside. That was a pack of wolves, and he could be devoured by them if he wasn’t careful.

Du Ge sighed silently, reminding himself of his new identity in his heart. He had transmigrated and was no longer the carefree Earthling he used to be.

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