Chapter 011 – The Feng Family will prosper

After sending disciples to search for other Heavenly Demons, in the meeting hall, Feng Shiren and several family elders discussed how to restrain Feng Qi and better utilize him for the Feng Family’s service without causing any backlash.

They didn’t believe that the situation was as urgent as Du Ge described.

Even though Feng Yunming said they were Heavenly Demons and couldn’t be measured by ordinary people’s thinking, even though Feng Qi and Feng Jiu had acquired various supernatural powers after being possessed.

But their strength was there, at a level that couldn’t even cause a ripple in the martial world, let alone seize the Qiao Family’s Holy Land within half a year.

That would be a huge joke, and if it spread, people would laugh their teeth out. The martial world was deep, and it was not something that two newly arrived Heavenly Demons could grasp.

Feng Shiren was more inclined to take it step by step, gather as many Heavenly Demons with different attributes as possible, and then understand their characteristics and make the most of them.

To discover the uses of Heavenly Demons within a year and help the Feng Family take a step forward, in his opinion, was already remarkable.

Before they could come up with a reasonable plan, Feng Yunming rushed in with news of Feng Qi’s sudden increase in strength.

After learning the reason for Feng Qi’s sudden increase in strength, Feng Shiren and the others were dumbfounded.

After a while, Feng Shiren finally came back to his senses and asked with a puzzled expression, “Yunming, are you telling the truth?”

“Father, why would I lie to you?” Feng Yunming was still immersed in excitement, his voice raised by eight degrees. “I saw it with my own eyes. In an instant, Feng Qi jumped in front of the third brother. His speed was so fast that the third brother couldn’t even react before he was subdued. His speed is not much inferior to yours, father. It’s completely different from before…”

“How is that possible?” Feng Shiren suddenly stood up, wanting to go find Du Ge for confirmation, but soon he sat back down. “Yunming, tell me in detail, what happened? Don’t leave out a single word…”

Feng Yunming recounted what had happened just now in great detail.

After listening, Feng Shiren frowned, unconsciously tapping the table with his fingers, and said, “How is this possible? I sent people out without his knowledge, how did his strength become linked to theirs? This increase in strength is too unreasonable. Yunjie can’t even last one round against him? Could it be that he really has become bound to the Feng Family? It doesn’t make sense!”

“Family Master,” one of the elders said, “Even the demon heads who practice evil techniques in the martial world can’t increase their strength so quickly. Heavenly Demons have many things we don’t understand, and we should be cautious and guard against them. We mustn’t end up making wedding clothes for others in the end…”

“Yes, yes, if one falls, all fall; if one prospers, all prosper. All of this was said by Feng Qi. What if it’s not true? The Feng Family has accumulated for decades to have its current industry. It can’t withstand such turmoil. Family Master, we must be cautious in dealing with Heavenly Demons…” another elder said.

Feng Shiren picked up his teacup and put it down again, his face changing constantly. He had already made up his mind, but because of Du Ge’s sudden increase in strength, he fell into hesitation again.

Feng Yunming frowned and said, “Elders, there’s no need to worry so much. Feng Qi said that if you don’t believe him, you can recall the people who went out to search for Heavenly Demons, block the news, or even kill Feng Jiu, and wait for other Heavenly Demons in the world to grow stronger to verify whether he will become weaker…”

“Smooth talker.” The first elder who spoke snorted and said loudly, “He’s just gambling that we won’t let other Heavenly Demons grow stronger…”

Feng Shiyi, who had been silent all along, coughed and looked at Feng Shiren, saying, “Big brother, I have thought of a possibility that might explain the current situation.”

“What?” Several voices sounded at the same time.

“Speak,” Feng Shiren said.

Since Feng Qi and Feng Jiu appeared, the Feng Family’s worldview had been constantly challenged.

They urgently needed a suitable reason to convince themselves and accept everything that was happening.

Or a loophole that would allow them to kill Feng Qi without guilt and return to a normal life, instead of being in this uncertain state…

“Destiny,” Feng Shiyi said. After saying these two words, he paused for a moment, looked around at everyone, and revealed the conclusion he had been thinking about for half a day. “I believe that Heavenly Demons are related to destiny. The fortune-tellers in the martial world often say that there is a fate in the dark, but they also say that fate will not remain unchanged, and that different decisions will lead to different consequences.

The so-called Heavenly Demons should be closely related to destiny and fate. Their strength does not lie in themselves, but in the feedback from destiny. Previously, Feng Qi only made suggestions, so his strength did not increase much. But later, the Family Master really sent people out to search for Heavenly Demons and put the plan into action.

As a result, destiny detected a change in the Feng Family’s future and fed the result back to Feng Qi. This can explain why his strength has skyrocketed along with our decisions.

This is not a coincidence, nor is it something Feng Qi deliberately arranged. After all, we have checked Feng Qi’s physical condition. Moreover, the martial world is so big, the Feng Family is not worth someone setting up such a big trap to frame them…”

“What Uncle said fits perfectly with Feng Qi’s words, ‘if one falls, all fall; if one prospers, all prosper.’” Feng Yunming praised.

“Which means we can infer the future prosperity of the family based on Feng Qi’s changes in strength?” Feng Shiren said in astonishment.

“If my speculation about Heavenly Demons is correct, we can indeed deduce the future based on this.” Feng Shiyi nodded. The more he pondered, the more he felt that he was right, because he couldn’t find any loopholes in his theory, and the logic was all correct.

“In that case, Feng Qi’s sudden increase in strength indicates that the Feng Family will prosper?” Feng Shiren hesitated in his tone.

“The Feng Family will prosper.” Feng Shiyi and Feng Yunming looked at each other and said in unison. Throughout history, who didn’t want their own family to flourish? Moreover, the various anomalies that had occurred in the Feng Family were already considered auspicious signs in their eyes. In their opinion, Feng Shiren’s hesitation was abnormal.”Let’s think long-term.” Feng Shiren was always cautious. He picked up his teacup and took a sip to steady his emotions. “Heavenly Demon, Heavenly Demon, the word ‘demon’ is ultimately in the name. Whether it’s a blessing or a curse, it’s still unknown. Come, Yunming, take me to see Feng Qi. Let’s see how much his strength has improved and verify whether he would really take a bullet for the Feng Family…”

“Father, how do we verify if he would take a bullet?” Feng Yunming asked in surprise.

“Create an opportunity.” Feng Shiren turned to look at him, “After all, this is the Feng Family. It’s simple to set up a trap in the martial arts demonstration arena. Yunming, when the time comes, you should do this…”

I once thought that being ranked first would allow me to dominate this world, but I didn’t expect that I couldn’t even beat the village chief of a beginner’s village…

In the martial arts demonstration arena.

Du Ge appeared calm and composed on the surface, but his mind was filled with countless MMPs!

Upon learning of his significant increase in strength, Feng Shiren brought a group of Feng Family members to verify the quality of the Heavenly Demon.

Coincidentally, Du Ge also wanted to know his ranking in this world.

So, both parties agreed, cleared the unrelated personnel from the martial arts demonstration arena, and held a grand martial arts contest.

The result of the contest shocked the Feng Family, but left Du Ge somewhat disappointed.

Relying on speed and strength, Du Ge could overpower Feng Yunming, the eldest son of the Feng Family who had practiced martial arts for over twenty years. Feng Yunjie, the third son, couldn’t last more than three moves against him.

However, when facing Feng Shiyi and others with deeper internal energy, Du Ge would be at a disadvantage.

Because internal energy also enhances speed and strength, not to mention that Feng Shiyi and others have decades of combat experience and skills, these two things cannot be compensated by physical fitness…

Of course, all of this is based on the premise that the opponent does not use the lightness skill.

Once they start flying around, Du Ge can’t do anything about them. No matter how strong his physical fitness is, it can’t change the laws of physics, but internal energy can.

Damn internal energy!

However, when Feng Yunming used the lightness skill to fight against Du Ge, he mostly used it to dodge.

Du Ge’s senses were sharp and his speed was fast, even if they flew up, it wouldn’t be easy to hit him.

Perhaps there are martial arts in this world that can release true energy, but a small family like the Feng Family obviously doesn’t possess them.

In a situation where neither can hit the other, it’s a test of endurance, and Du Ge still has the advantage. In a low-level martial world, no one can fly in the sky indefinitely, not to mention, the lightness skill consumes a lot of internal energy.

Theoretically, when facing an opponent like a monkey, as long as Du Ge is willing to spend time, he will still win…

But this is obviously not the result Du Ge wants.

During a fight, others are flying in the sky, but he can only chase on the ground, which is not elegant.

He doesn’t want to be just a land tank, he wants to be an all-terrain vehicle…

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