Chapter 010 – Heavenly Demon is very miserable

Feng Yunjie's wrists were trembling uncontrollably. He looked at Du Ge in shock, with a look of disbelief that was stronger than when he saw Feng Qi's scars heal on their own. After a long while, he regained his senses and asked, "Mr. Qi, your…your strength has increased…is it too fast?"


At this moment, he finally understood Feng Shiren's concern. Heavenly Demon's growth rate was too fast. Could they really control Feng Qi in the future?


"Thanks to the Family Master's wisdom. If the Family Master had not made the decision to change, my strength would not have increased so quickly." Du Ge waved his fists a few times, experiencing the joy of becoming a superhuman. "Speaking of which, suddenly having so much strength is a bit uncomfortable! Are your hands okay? I didn't hold back my strength just now…"


Only then did Feng Yunjie feel the intense pain in his wrist, as if it had been broken. He rubbed his wrist with a grimace, still staring at Du Ge. In less than an hour, he went from being a severely injured patient to having immense strength, almost as if he had gained ten years of hard work. It was simply unfair.


"Mr. Qi, is it possible for humans to become Heavenly Demons?" Feng Yunlu asked eagerly, drooling with envy.


"It's probably not possible." Du Ge glanced at him and sighed, "Fourth Young Master, you only see my growth, but not the hardships I've endured. Heavenly Demons are born in the barren Demon Realm, waiting for the appearance of space-time cracks throughout their lives. Finally, when they have the chance to escape the Demon Realm through a space-time crack, they have to take the risk of body possession. If they choose the wrong target, they will die. If they are lucky enough to succeed in body possession, they still have to work hard to maintain their Keywords and not make any mistakes. If they encounter good opportunities, they may have the chance to grow. If not, they will perish. If I had not lived with Feng Jiu this time, without anyone to protect me, I would have died soon after being severely injured, and the world would never have known that a Heavenly Demon had once existed…"


As he spoke, Du Ge seemed to understand what the rapidly disappearing numbers meant. It was most likely that his body possession had failed. He was kicked out of the Simulation Field at the beginning because of body possession, and it seemed that the Simulation Field was not just a simple game…


Feng Yunlu pursed his lips and said sourly, "Although that's the case, your growth is too fast. If I could grow this fast, I wouldn't mind taking on any risks even if it meant working hard."


Du Ge knew that his lightning-fast growth had aroused suspicion from the Feng Family members. Suspicion was not conducive to team cooperation or his own growth. He had to quickly dispel their guard. He looked at several people and asked, "Fourth Young Master, have you ever thought about what would happen if I failed to protect the Feng Family in this chaotic world?"


"What would happen?" Feng Yunjie asked.


"If the Feng Family declines because of me, it's my fault. I will also weaken and be at the mercy of others. Humans have a big advantage in this regard. The skills and internal energy you possess are always your own and will not change due to external factors. So don't envy me. Heavenly Demons are very miserable. If possible, I would rather be a human who can succeed through their own efforts. Heavenly Demons are too restricted…"


Upon hearing this, the three brothers of the Feng Family breathed a sigh of relief. They had no choice but to believe him. After all…They watched as Feng Qi changed along with the decisions of the Feng Family, and witnessed Feng Jiu's recovery through eating.


It was impossible for the Heavenly Demon's attribute to only restrict Feng Jiu and not Feng Qi. Feng Qi and the Feng Family were bound together, so they didn't have to worry about backlash.


The stronger the Feng Family became, the stronger Feng Qi became, and the less others dared to provoke the Feng Family. It was like the Feng Family had gained a protector.


This was a great thing!


Feng Yunjie sighed with emotion, grateful that Feng Qi's keyword was "maintenance."


May the Feng Family be blessed!



"Are you all at ease now?" Du Ge looked at them with a bitter smile on his face. "If you still have doubts about me, you can let the Family Master recall those who went to find the Heavenly Demon, block the news of the Heavenly Demon's appearance, even kill Feng Jiu, and wait for other Heavenly Demons to grow in strength. Let's see if I weaken with them…"


"…" Feng Jiu looked at Du Ge with resentment, feeling helpless. Why did he always end up being the scapegoat? Although he knew Du Ge was using a provocative method, he couldn't always be the one to bear the brunt of it. What if they really believed it?


"Feng Yunming is joking," Feng Yunming walked in and saluted Du Ge. "Sir, you have given your all for the Feng Family. How could we not believe in you? Yunjie and the others are young and ignorant, please don't mind them." He turned and glared at Feng Yunjie and the others, scolding, "Third and fourth young masters, apologize to Sir."


"Sir, we're sorry," Feng Yunjie and the others quickly bowed to Du Ge, apologizing. "We shouldn't have doubted you."


"It's okay, we're all doing this for the Feng Family. Even if I were in your shoes, I wouldn't have blindly believed a Heavenly Demon from the Demon Realm," Du Ge smiled and helped them up. "It's good that we've cleared things up. From now on, we're all one family. You don't have to worry about me holding a grudge. The keyword limits my actions. Even if I suffer great grievances in the Feng Family, when it comes to danger, I will still protect the Feng Family."


"Sir's involvement affects the future of the Feng Family. We should be the ones protecting Sir," Feng Yunming said with a smile. "If anything happens to Sir, we can't afford it."


"Master, you're the one who's harming me by protecting me," Du Ge looked at Feng Yunming seriously. "Don't forget my keyword. Blocking attacks is also protection, and protection leads to growth. No one is more suitable than me to be a bodyguard."


Even arguing over such small matters, everything was fine now. The three brothers of the Feng Family looked at each other and finally put their hearts at ease.


"Sir, do you mind if I tell my father about your strength?" Du Ge's strength had greatly increased, and he was loyal to the Feng Family. Feng Yunming's attitude towards him had become much more respectful.


"Of course not," Du Ge said. "Letting the Family Master see my strength increase will boost his confidence and morale among the Feng Family. However, young master, there is one thing I need to ask of you."


"Please speak, Sir," Feng Yunming said.


"Ask the Family Master if I can practice the Feng Family's martial arts," Du Ge said. "The rise of the Feng Family takes time, and my strength cannot continue to increase as rapidly as it did today. Additionally, the keyword only brings me speed and strength, which is far from enough. If I can learn a few of the Feng Family's techniques, our chances of success will increase."


"That's not a problem. You don't need my father's permission, I can make the decision," Feng Yunming smiled. "Wait a moment, I'll have Yunjie teach you. He has learned all of the Feng Family's martial arts."


Feng Yunjie nodded.


"Is there anything else, Sir?" Feng Yunming asked."Temporarily, there's nothing else." Du Ge said, "If Yun Jie teaches me martial arts, there's no need to stay in the Feng Family. We can travel and learn along the way. Compared to the Feng Family, I understand Heavenly Demons better and can identify them more easily. It's better to act sooner rather than later…"


Coming to the Wuxia world, of course, he wanted to go out and explore.


Who would be willing to stay in one place to practice? There are more opportunities outside, and the Feng Family is too weak, obviously with no prospects for development.


They can't even deal with the Iron Palm Gang. They lack manpower and influence. How can they really expect to go out and find a bunch of Heavenly Demons?


By the time they find people, it will be too late…


"I will ask the Family Master." Feng Yunming looked at Du Ge, nodded, and turned to leave.


Feng Jiu hurriedly took two steps and called out to him, "Eldest Young Master, wait a moment, I have something else."


Feng Yunming turned around.


Before he could speak, Feng Jiu eagerly said, "Please urge Doctor Hu to prepare the medicine for digestion and laxatives quickly. Eldest Young Master, although my keyword is not 'guardian', I am also a Heavenly Demon. My growth will be beneficial to the Feng Family."


In contrast to Du Ge, he was almost becoming invisible. Speaking of which, he was the most jealous of Feng Qi. He also wanted to be able to defeat ten opponents at once!


Feng Yunming looked at Du Ge.


Du Ge nodded confidently, "Go ahead and prepare. Within the Feng Family's territory, I can suppress all Heavenly Demons weaker than me."

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