Chapter 004 – Eyes at the back of the head

"Feng Qi?"


"He was heavily injured by the Third Young Master this morning, how can he still move?"


"Not only that, he speaks with full energy, not at all like someone who has been injured."


"Could he have been pretending this morning?"


"That's impossible. I personally checked his injuries, he was almost dead at that time, Doctor Hu didn't even leave any medicine for him. I can't be wrong, and Doctor Hu is always accurate…"



Listening to the discussions around him, Du Ge couldn't help but click his tongue. What kind of humanity is this?


No wonder he was so heavily injured, not even given a bowl of medicine. It seems he really was waiting there to die…


The Feng family is really despicable, are training partners not human beings?


If they keep doing this, who would be willing to risk their lives for them?


The evil feudal society…


Unfortunately, the restrictions on body possession by players are too high. Otherwise, it would be much easier to start on the martial arts contest stage than those rich young masters.


It's not surprising to deduce this conclusion. Feng Jiu said that the more than 1,800 people who disappeared at the beginning were eliminated because they failed to possess a body at the beginning.


He and Feng Jiu coincidentally chose to possess the heavily injured numbers, which should not be a coincidence. Most likely, the old, weak, sick, and disabled are more likely to be possessed…



"Feng Qi?" The Third Young Master Feng Yunjie looked at Du Ge in surprise.


Feng Shiyi was straightforward, and flew to Du Ge's side, pressing his pulse directly.


Du Ge instinctively dodged, but Feng Shiyi's hand seemed to anticipate his movement, and with a slight turn of his wrist, easily grabbed his wrist.


Du Ge's heart trembled. So fast, indeed worthy of the wuxia world…


With his wrist held, Du Ge did not resist, smilingly allowing Feng Shiyi to examine his pulse.


Something was abnormal.


He didn't believe that the Feng family would kill him without investigating thoroughly.


After a moment, Feng Shiyi released Du Ge's wrist, looked at his face, slightly frowned, and asked, "Feng Qi, what's the matter with your injury?"


"Replying to Second Young Master, it has already healed." Du Ge smiled.


Feng Shiyi looked at Du Ge's face again and said, "The important matter you just mentioned is related to your sudden recovery from injury?"


"Yes." Du Ge nodded. "I trouble the Second Young Master to control everyone in the courtyard, don't let them walk around randomly to avoid leaking the news."


Feng Shiyi was decisive, turned his head and ordered, "Zhang Han, Liu Jing, you two guard the martial arts arena. Without my orders, no one is allowed to move around."


"Yes." The two direct disciples of the Feng family replied.


The rest of the people whispered, and their gaze towards Du Ge became even more strange."Come, let's talk inside. Yunjie, you come too." Feng Shiyi looked at Du Ge's face again, gestured with his hand, and did not treat him as a mere training partner.


Feng Yunjie nodded and led the way.


Du Ge was sandwiched between the two men and entered the reception room next to the martial arts arena.


As soon as they entered the reception room, Feng Shiyi suddenly reached out and quickly pressed a few acupoints on Du Ge's back.


Du Ge stiffened, his whole body feeling numb and sore, and he was immobilized on the spot.


He tried to move his legs, but they seemed to be not his own. His brain could feel the existence of his legs, but the command to move them did not work.


The same was true for his arms.


Is this acupoint pressing?




Du Ge exclaimed.


Feng Shiyi easily controlled Du Ge, and he was a little surprised. He walked around to Du Ge's front and asked coldly, "Who are you? What is your intention in coming to my Feng Family?"


Feng Yunjie sneered and said, "Your disguise technique is really excellent, but you're a bit stupid. You could have disguised yourself as someone else, but instead you pretended to be a severely injured servant…"


As he spoke, he reached out and grabbed Du Ge's face.


With one grab, several blood marks appeared. Du Ge's face did not change, and there was no skin mask or disguise medicine.


Feng Yunjie was stunned and looked closely at Du Ge's face, saying in disbelief, "It's actually real."


"I checked earlier, and there were no traces of disguise." Feng Shiyi shook his head, looked straight at Du Ge, and asked, "But you are definitely not Feng Qi. Who are you?"


"I am Feng Qi, but I am not Feng Qi." Du Ge smiled, not caring about the pain on his face, and said leisurely, "I don't know if you have heard of body possession?"


"Body possession?" The two members of the Feng Family said in unison.


"The talk of ghosts and gods is just a trick by swindlers in the martial arts world. How could there be ghost possession in the world?" Feng Yunjie snorted.


"Third Young Master, just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Otherwise, how do you explain my presence on Feng Qi's body?" Even though his acupoints were pressed, blood flowing from his face, Du Ge still smiled and maintained a strong psychological advantage.


"Yunjie, listen to him." Feng Shiyi said.


"Words are not enough. Why don't I take you to see for yourself?" Du Ge laughed, "You don't have to worry about me running away. Although I have taken over Feng Qi's body, I do not have his martial arts memory. You can control me at any time."


Feng Shiyi glanced at Du Ge, pressed a few acupoints on him, and released him.


"If I find out that you are playing tricks, you will suffer." Feng Yunjie threatened.


"Where are we going?" Feng Shiyi asked."Find some food, I'll take you to see a miracle." Du Ge stretched his sore limbs and stabbed Feng Jiu without hesitation.


Having tested the effectiveness of maintenance, it was natural to try backstabbing, and the ideal candidate for backstabbing was, of course, a partner.


Backstabbing was also a keyword, and when used correctly, it also had the ability to recover.


As soon as he finished speaking, the wound on Du Ge's face that was grabbed by Feng Yunjie quickly scabbed over and healed, and with a wipe of his hand, the scab on his face fell off, restoring it to its original state.


Seeing this scene, both Feng Shiyi and his nephew were stunned, and their eyes looked at Du Ge as if they were looking at a ghost. Their suspicions were immediately reduced.


Especially Feng Yunjie, he knew the strength he had just used, and even the best medicine in the world couldn't have such a miraculous effect. This kind of recovery ability had no explanation other than that of a ghost or a god.


Feng Yunjie stared at Du Ge's face and asked in horror, "Are you really a ghost possessing a body?"


"Otherwise?" Du Ge smiled slightly, "Don't worry, my mission is to protect, I won't harm you."


"What is protection?" Feng Shiyi asked.


"Bring some food, witness the miracle that is about to happen, and I will explain it to you later, which will make it easier for you to understand." Du Ge said, "In short, all that I do concerns the future fate of the Feng Family…"


The uncle and nephew of the Feng Clan looked at each other.


Feng Yunjie picked up a plate of tea snacks from the table and asked, "Is it enough?"


"It's enough." Du Ge nodded and turned and walked out.


The uncle and nephew of the Feng Clan followed closely, keeping their guard up and looking serious.


The three of them came to the Shangwu Academy.


Du Ge said, "What is about to happen may overturn your understanding of the world, so try to say less and watch more. I will explain it to you later."


The uncle and nephew of the Feng Clan nodded.


"Wait a moment before you go in." Du Ge instructed, took the tea snacks from Feng Yunjie's hand, and quickly walked into his own room. "Brother Jiu, I brought some food for you."


"Why did you take so long?" Feng Jiu pressed the broken grass mat under him and stared at the tea snacks in Du Ge's hand, swallowing saliva. "Quickly, give me a few bites. I can't hold on much longer. When I'm better, let's escape from this damn Feng Family together."


Du Ge smiled and handed over the tea snacks. Feng Jiu took them and wolfed them down, but just as he took a few bites, he suddenly stopped and stared straight at the door.


Two figures blocked the light at the door.The Feng Clan uncle and nephew stared at Feng Jiu who was wolfing down food on the bed, watching him rapidly recover from his injuries. They understood what miracle Du Ge had shown them.


"Feng Qi, did you betray me?" Feng Jiu trembled all over, looking at Du Ge with a fierce expression. "Your keyword is maintenance. Aren't you afraid of weakening your attributes by betraying the object you maintain?"


So, if your actions don't match your keyword, your attributes will weaken!


Du Ge gained some key information, but he didn't care. The moment the Feng Clan uncle and nephew appeared, he had already gained an advanced skill:


Eyes at the back of the head: The person being backstabbed is not allowed to be backstabbed by others. You have a view behind you.


The moment he gained the skill, even without turning around, Du Ge saw the solemn faces of the Feng Clan uncle and nephew behind him clearly. This was a natural vision, as if he could see 360 degrees naturally, without any discomfort.


With this skill, no one in the world could sneak up on him from behind!


Feeling the pleasure of being backstabbed, Du Ge didn't care that Feng Jiu had exposed his keyword in anger. He smiled and said, "Brother Jiu, I didn't go against my words and actions. My current identity is as a training partner for the Feng Family, and everything I do is to maintain the interests of the Feng Family. Also, I haven't betrayed you. I just used facts to make you see the light. The world is so big, it's too dangerous for one person to go out and explore. We need to rely on the Feng Family, this big tree, to provide us with shelter!"


"Feng Qi, you will pay for your actions." Feng Jiu looked at the silent uncle and nephew at the door. "Didn't your teacher tell you the consequences of exposing yourself in the indigenous world?"


"My teacher didn't actually tell me the consequences?" Du Ge muttered to himself and sighed. "Brother Jiu, my teacher only told me to adapt to the situation."


"Fool." Feng Jiu snorted.


"Brother Jiu, eat up! Eat more and recover quickly, so we can assist the Feng Family together and make it prosper. Only then can we get the maximum benefit," Du Ge said seriously while facing away from the Feng Clan uncle and nephew. "If I assist you alone and wander around without any money, what good food can you eat? But if we rely on a family, it's different. If we gain the trust of the Feng Family, we can eat whatever we want, and we can grow faster, right?"


Feng Jiu was stunned and looked at the Feng Clan uncle and nephew.


Feng Shiyi hadn't figured out what had happened yet, but he was a smart person and immediately stated, "Feng Jiu, I can guarantee that we won't harm you. We can cooperate.""Alright, I hope you keep your word." Feng Jiu hesitated for a moment, seemingly resigned to his fate, and continued to stuff tea snacks into his mouth, mumbling.


Seeing Feng Jiu's injuries heal faster and faster, the Feng Clan uncle and nephew understood that what Du Ge said was true. The two exchanged glances, their eyes gradually filling with excitement.


Feng Yunjie asked, "Feng Qi, can you explain it to us now?"


"Of course, but before I explain, you need to restrain Feng Jiu first. I don't know how fast he can recover, but since he tried to escape from the Feng Family earlier, we must be prepared for any eventuality." Du Ge nodded, stabbing Feng Jiu in the back right in front of him, as if he wasn't the one who had just persuaded Feng Jiu.


Feng Jiu spat out the cake in his mouth, glaring at Du Ge, and roared, "Feng Qi, you son of a…"


Compared to Feng Jiu, Feng Shiyi trusted Du Ge more. After all, he had the skill to sacrifice himself for others, which naturally reduced the guardedness of the protected party by 30%.


So, without hesitation, he flashed over and pressed two acupoints on Feng Jiu's chest, immobilizing him.

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