Chapter 003 – Linglong heart

After leaving, Du Ge didn't rush to find food for Feng Jiu.


Whether it was the world outside the simulation field or the wuxia world inside the simulation field, they were both unfamiliar to him, and he needed to gather more information.


Just now, when he forcibly maintained the other party by feeding him blood, he clearly noticed Feng Jiu's nervousness.


Thinking back to what Feng Jiu had said before about being eliminated in minutes, Du Ge guessed that the participants in the simulation field were in a competitive relationship, and the so-called civilian school and elite school should also be in opposition.


Feng Jiu had expressed disdain for the teachers in the civilian school who taught "not to expose their keywords", but Du Ge believed that the teachers wouldn't be without purpose.


In a competitive situation, not exposing one's keywords was absolutely correct.


Just like Feng Jiu's "gluttonous" keyword, it was indeed a good keyword, but once someone deliberately targeted him and cut off his food, it would mean cutting off his growth.


Putting himself in Feng Jiu's position, he would never easily reveal his keyword information.


The best way to hide keywords was to kill.


Body possession was a hidden thing, and in such a short time, the numbers on the interface were disappearing quickly, so it was most likely that it was done by their own people…


Therefore, Feng Jiu was not sincerely cooperating with him.


The reason why he didn't stop eating those hard-to-swallow grass mats was probably to recover his strength earlier than himself and then eliminate him!


Of course, Feng Jiu could have disguised himself as a native and deceived him since he woke up earlier than himself.


But his injuries at the time should not have been much lighter than his own, and he had to rely on eating grass mats to heal, so he was probably incapable of eliminating him.


Moreover, for a severely injured person, eating grass mats was too abnormal.


As he said, even the grass mats were eaten, and such keywords were too easy to be judged.


Without knowing his own keywords, Feng Jiu should have thought that he had exposed himself, so he thought of using cooperation to numb himself and delay time…


The only thing he didn't expect was that he recovered faster than him.


"…Let's cooperate, I'll take you flying…"


"…After we go out, I'll find a way to get you into the elite school…"


"Deception, temptation… Huh, childish language!" Du Ge laughed, not hesitating to guess the other party with the greatest malice. He knew that his speculation had a lot of loopholes due to the lack of key information, but most of the information conformed to logic, and there were not so many things that were 100% certain in the world.



The sun was shining outside, and the air was particularly fresh. Du Ge greedily took a breath of the rare fresh air on Earth and felt more and more amazed at the realism of the simulation field.


If he had only crossed over and had not met Feng Jiu, he would probably have taken this place as a real world and then taken many detours.


This world was too real, just like The Matrix.


Judging from Feng Jiu's attitude, he didn't treat this as a game either, but as a real world, which should be related to what he said about the Alien Star Battlefield."I wonder what the so-called Alien Star Battlefield is all about?"




Crossing over is much more exciting than living on Earth, and he was pleasantly surprised when he first crossed over. It was worth playing around.




The Martial Arts Academy is a long courtyard, with rooms of the same construction style connected in two rows, resembling employee dormitories.


In this world, there is a qualification for martial arts. The qualifications of the sparring partners are slightly inferior to those of the disciples. Feng Qi, who was possessed by Du Ge, and Feng Jiu, who were both taken in by the Feng family from poor families when they were young, have their identity documents with the Feng family. If they have no future in martial arts, they are destined to have no future, and their treatment is only slightly better than that of servants.


At this time, there were several people in the courtyard wearing the same clothes as him, most of them were injured, some had bandages on their arms, and some were leaning on crutches…


No one was smiling.


When they saw Du Ge walking by, they lazily glanced at him and didn't say much. This also saved Du Ge the trouble. After all, although Feng Jiu explained it, he couldn't match any of these people, and the more he spoke, the more mistakes he would make.


Ignoring those injured people, Du Ge pondered the use of keywords and slowly moved towards the Martial Arts Academy.




"Old Qi, you can walk so fast?" A strong man in his thirties came towards Du Ge, looking surprised.


"It looks serious, but my body is okay. I just need to rest," Du Ge said with difficulty, covering his chest. "Old Jiu is more seriously injured than me. I'm going out to find him something to eat…"


"Don't go, I'll go!" The strong man looked at Du Ge with pity. "Yesterday, it was me and Old Si who carried you back. Do you think I don't know how serious your injuries are? You need at least two months of rest to recover. This time, Third Young Master was really ruthless."


"You can't blame Third Young Master. He is also preparing for the Martial Arts Tournament. If he has the opportunity to enter the Qiao Family's Holy Land, it will only be good for the Feng Family…" Du Ge said casually.


"The hell with the Martial Arts Tournament. It's been several years. When will the Feng Family…" The strong man's voice suddenly stopped, and he turned his head to look behind him.


There was no one behind him.


Turning back, the strong man looked at Du Ge in surprise, his eyes full of suspicion.


At this point, unintentionally defending the interests of the Feng family, Du Ge's body became lighter and he naturally knew that the person in front of him was suspicious.


This is a real world!


The NPC's intelligence is too high!


Without the memories of the original owner, no matter how much he disguises himself, he will be exposed in front of these people who live with him day and night…


Since he will be exposed sooner or later, Du Ge sighed and decided to change his strategy. In the moment when his body became lighter and faster, he understood the ultimate strategy of defending a group instead of an individual.


Feng Jiu mentioned the top ten in the simulation field several times, perhaps there is a special reward for the top ten.


Du Ge actually wanted to enter the real world after crossing over, but it seems that once he exits the simulation field, he cannot enter again.


It's a pity to quit such a fun world directly.Every world has its own experiences, making life more exciting. It's like a second chance at crossing over, anyway the Simulation Field only eliminates, it doesn't kill.


As for the top ten, Du Ge feels that he can strive for it.


He is a serious person and will always do his best no matter what he does.


Du Ge looked at the muscular man and whispered, "I'll go get some food for Lao Jiu. Don't talk bad about San Gongzi behind his back anymore. It's not good if someone hears it."


The muscular man's face changed slightly and he hurriedly defended himself, "Old Qi, did I say anything? You must have misheard me."


Du Ge looked at him with a smile that wasn't a smile.


The muscular man became nervous and swallowed his saliva, smiling and saying, "Old Qi, Si Ge has always been the best to you."


"Si Ge, don't be nervous. We're brothers!" Du Ge naturally knew his nickname and said with a serious tone, "But, words can bring disease and disaster. Si Ge, it's better to keep some things in your heart. Saying them out loud will only cause trouble for you…"


After understanding the true meaning of upholding the principles, Du Ge began to cultivate the habit of always considering others. Whether it was natural or forced, every time he upheld someone, his body would receive immediate feedback. The simulator couldn't tell if he was sincere or not.


He liked the feeling of receiving immediate rewards, much better than working for a month on Earth and waiting for his paycheck.


"I understand." Feng Si's expression was a little unnatural. He looked around and said, "Old Qi, you can go to the kitchen yourself! I have something else to do…"


"Si Ge, you're busy." Du Ge smiled and nodded.


Feng Si looked at Du Ge one last time, wanting to say something but didn't, and hurriedly walked away.


Du Ge continued walking outside. He didn't go to the kitchen at the Chongwu Academy, but turned towards the Demonstration of Martial Arts Field. Feng Jiu's mat could still be used for a while, so he wasn't in a hurry to bring him food.







Before he even reached the Demonstration of Martial Arts Field, Du Ge heard a lot of noisy voices, so he slightly increased his pace.


Feng Jiu was vague about it and only told Du Ge that this was a Wuxia world, but didn't tell him the level and standards of martial arts in this world, whether it was high or low.


At least for now, Du Ge couldn't feel any flow of internal energy.


Or maybe there was internal energy, but he didn't know how to use it.


In any case, his body after possessing it felt no different from Earth.


So he urgently wanted to see what the martial arts in this world were like. Were they the same as described in Wuxia novels on Earth?


Du Ge wore the clothes of a trainer and no one stopped him along the way. However, there were occasional curious glances cast his way, seemingly surprised that he was still going to the Demonstration of Martial Arts Field despite his serious injuries. Those disciples were almost crazy for the Martial Arts Tournament. Even if they weren't seriously injured, they should find an excuse to hide for a few months instead of coming out to look for trouble!



Entering the gate of the Demonstration of Martial Arts Field, Du Ge was immediately attracted to the two people practicing martial arts.One of them was wearing the same clothes as him, a sparring partner, and the other was a young man in a white training suit. The two were fighting back and forth.


Rabbits running and crows flying, the two moved swiftly, circling around each other, their fists and feet flying up and down, accompanied by the whooshing sound of breaking wind, making people's eyes dazzle. It was much more enjoyable to watch than MMA on Earth.


However, there were no special effects, indicating a low martial arts background.


Du Ge made his judgment and then sadly discovered that the sparring partner indeed had martial arts skills, but he had no memory of them, let alone any muscle memory…




The young man in his early twenties, wearing a white training suit, feinted with a move and then struck the sparring partner's chest with a piercing palm.




The sparring partner screamed, flew through the air, and crashed into the weapon rack with a clatter before falling to the ground. A mouthful of blood spurted out, and after a few struggles, he lay motionless, not knowing whether he was dead or alive.


Du Ge looked at the collapsed chest of the motionless sparring partner, his expression serious.


At this moment, he suddenly understood Feng Jiu's urgency to escape from the Feng Family. These guys indeed didn't treat sparring partners as human beings. With a collapsed chest, there was a high probability that he wouldn't survive…


The applause awakened Du Ge.


Du Ge looked back at the martial arts demonstration field. Apart from the sad sparring partners, the surrounding Feng Family direct disciples and servants were all cheering loudly.


Did they not care about human lives?


Du Ge snorted disdainfully, what a garbage family!


The young man in white pulled out a folding fan from his waist, flicked it open, and elegantly fanned himself, happily enjoying the compliments of the crowd.


A middle-aged man with a long beard flew to the side of the sparring partner, glanced at his injuries, and then called for two people to carry him away. He looked at the young man and praised, "Yunjie, your Heart Shattering Jade Cutting move is becoming more and more refined, making it impossible for anyone to guard against."


"Uncle, you flatter me. In another three months, when I have mastered the Gold Breaking Jade Shattering Hand, I will definitely win a spot for the Feng Family in the Martial Arts Tournament," the third young master seemed very satisfied with his earlier strike. He glanced at his own palm, smiled and nodded at the middle-aged man. From beginning to end, he never spared another glance at the sparring partner he had severely injured.


Gold Breaking Jade Shattering Hand?


What a low-level martial arts name, it didn't seem like a martial art from a prestigious family. Du Ge muttered in his heart.



Feng Yunjie, the third young master of the Feng Family, Feng Shiyi, the brother of the Family Master Feng Shiren, Du Ge matched their names in his heart.


Feng Shiyi stroked his long beard, looked at Feng Yunjie, and laughed heartily, "As expected of the Feng Family's young tiger, you have ambition. Yunjie, for the next few months, you only need to focus on your training. If you have any needs, just mention them to your second uncle. Whether the Feng Family can regain its glory depends on you."


Fortune favors the bold.


Du Ge pondered for a moment, then suddenly straightened his back and said loudly, "Second Master Feng, Third Young Master, I have important news to report, it's about this Martial Arts Tournament…"

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