Chapter 005 – Heavenly Demon Chaotic World

The conference hall.


Feng Shiren, the family master, and many important members of the Feng family gathered together, watching Feng Jiu eat like monkeys. People occasionally came over to check Feng Jiu's pulse and examine his injuries.


Du Ge pinched Feng Jiu's cheeks, responsible for stuffing food into his mouth, domineering and not allowing any refusal.


Feng Jiu's cheeks were bulging like a squirrel with its mouth full of food. His eyes were red, staring at Du Ge who was feeding him, biting his teeth, as if chewing Du Ge's flesh. Damn it, too bullying. When I grows up, I will bite you to death, one bite at a time…


"Brother Jiu, yes, like that, chew with big mouthfuls, swallow hard, only when you're full, can you recover quickly, and only when you recover can you have the strength to fight me!" Du Ge didn't care about Feng Jiu's cannibalistic eyes. He kept stuffing pastries into his mouth, stubbornly maintaining their friendship, and enjoying the pleasure of physical improvement.


At this moment, Du Ge couldn't distinguish whether what he was doing was for maintenance or betrayal, but the rapidly improving physical fitness could not deceive people.


Du Ge sighed. He was indeed a born actor. He should have gone to a film school on Earth with this talent.


Seeing that ordinary food could really have a miraculous effect on Feng Jiu, everyone was amazed. They no longer doubted the body possession.


Listening to the whispers around him, Du Ge stopped feeding and seriously suggested, "Family Master, if you're still not at ease, you can beat Feng Jiu severely and verify it again."


With one sentence, Feng Jiu, who had been trying to maintain his expression, completely broke down. He struggled and screamed hysterically, "Feng Qi, you dog, why don't you experiment on yourself?"


"Brother Jiu, don't be angry. It's just because your keywords are more effective than mine." Du Ge flicked off the food residue that had fallen on him and was not angry. "For the benefit of the team, what's wrong with making a small sacrifice? Just endure it for a while. You can recover by eating a little more anyway…"


"You damn jerk, I'll kill you…" Feng Jiu's forehead was bulging with blue veins, and his face was turning red. If he hadn't been acupunctured, he would have probably pounced on Du Ge and bitten his neck.


"Mr. Jiu, calm down. Mr. Qi is just joking with you." Family Master Feng Shiren coughed and naturally changed his address to the two of them. "Since you two have chosen to possess our Feng family, you are our Feng family's people, and you should help each other…"


Saying that, he came to Feng Jiu and personally untied his acupoint, and then asked the servant to bring him hot tea.


Feng Jiu picked up the teacup, swallowed it in one gulp, and looked coldly at Du Ge. He had regained his freedom and no longer had the impulse he had before.


Du Ge didn't look back, but his eyes behind him kept watching Feng Jiu.


At this moment, he felt that Feng Jiu's behavior was a bit like a dog that was tied up with a rein and suddenly released. He couldn't help but feel like laughing.


It must be said that this guy's performance was a bit exaggerated, relying entirely on staring and shouting. If there was a real acting school in the real world, he would probably be one of the worst students!


Of course, it's also possible that he deliberately made such an appearance to deceive himself.


Feng Jiu came from a professional background and must have a better understanding of the simulation field than him. His current impulse was completely different from when he first woke up.Under the current circumstances, Du Ge's impulsive and irritable personality clearly made it easier to win the favor of the Feng family.


Everyone knows that it's easier to control someone with a simple and impulsive mind.


No one should be underestimated.


But no matter what the situation, Du Ge wasn't too worried. Although Feng Jiu had his memories and martial arts, he didn't eat much and his injuries hadn't fully healed. Meanwhile, Du Ge had developed self-sacrifice and a third eye on the back of his head, and his physical fitness had skyrocketed. He didn't have to worry about Feng Jiu suddenly attacking him.


Du Ge also discovered that when he defended the interests of the Feng family, it not only helped him recover from his injuries but also strengthened his various attributes, such as strength and senses.


At this point, Du Ge's doubts were finally resolved.


If the keyword's only function was to help people recover and provide some unreliable skills, then it would be impossible to master the game world.


To give an example from the current world, there was only half a year left until the Martial Arts Tournament. Even if someone was a genius, it would be impossible to compete with martial arts experts who had been practicing for years in just half a year, unless they possessed the body of a martial arts master.


However, based on his and Feng Jiu's examples, Du Ge guessed that the probability of directly possessing a martial arts master was very low.


But the keyword could enhance physical fitness and senses, and coupled with skills, it could level the playing field…


Feng Shiren looked at Du Ge again and smiled, "Mr. Qi, please explain the details of body possession."


"Yesterday, there was a spatial crack in this world and the Demon Realm. The Demon Realm is barren, and three thousand Heavenly Demons invaded the human world to enjoy its prosperity." Du Ge smiled, looked around at everyone, and threw out the setting he had already prepared, "Heavenly Demons have no form, so if they want to establish themselves in this world, the first step is to possess a body and be reborn…"



"Spatial crack?"


"Demon Realm?"


"Heavenly Demons from outside the realm?"



The Feng family was shocked and horrified.


Some cowardly people looked at Du Ge and Feng Qi, subconsciously taking a step back. It had to be said that the changes in Feng Qi's and Du Ge's bodies were indeed demonic.


If it was just a wandering ghost possessing a body, that would be one thing…


But Heavenly Demons!


In the martial world, who hasn't had their hands stained with blood?


Listening to Du Ge's fabricated reasons, Feng Jiu drank his tea silently without saying a word. He didn't attack Du Ge, not because he had a conscience, but because he had discovered a terrible fact.


This fact even made him temporarily forget his hatred for Feng Qi.


His stomach was hurting.


His stomach ache wasn't a big deal, it was probably a side effect of eating grass mats.


The most important thing was that he was full!


Before, when Feng Jiu was eating grass mats, he didn't feel like there was a big problem.


But the Feng family had been pressuring him to eat, in order to verify his abilities. As a result, he had eaten so much that he couldn't even drink his tea now.


The keyword gave him a convenient way to improve, but it didn't give him the corresponding stomach capacity…


This was ridiculous!


How could this happen?


He couldn't keep eating, so how could he surpass Du Ge?


Looking at Du Ge, who was confidently speaking to everyone, Feng Jiu felt bitter. How could such an excellent keyword be given to a scumbag with a bad personality?



"Are all three thousand Heavenly Demons from outside the realm like the two of you?" Feng Shiren raised his eyelids slightly, not showing too much interest in Du Ge's words."He is the family master, and he wouldn't believe everything others say. Even if what Du Ge said was true, he still needed to verify it before taking action.


"Almost." Du Ge said.


"Will Heavenly Demon harm the world?" Feng Yunjie was young and curious about things related to supernatural powers, unable to resist asking.


"Some will, some won't. How should I put it? Heavenly Demon values enjoyment and improvement more." Du Ge laughed, "Heavenly Demon sounds scary, but it's not as complicated as humans. Each Heavenly Demon has its own attributes, which are the keywords that Feng Jiu mentioned earlier. We must match our own attributes to grow.


For example, my attribute is maintenance. I must consider others in my words and deeds, maintain and protect their interests. Once my words and deeds go against maintenance, my abilities will be greatly weakened. Therefore, my attribute is auxiliary, harmless; Feng Jiu's attribute is much simpler, he can grow quickly by eating, which is neither good nor bad.


If it's an evil attribute star, such as ferocity, treachery, it is indeed possible to harm the world…"




After hearing Du Ge expose his secrets, Feng Jiu glared at him and secretly gritted his teeth. Gluttonous was such a good keyword. If it weren't for this bastard, how could he have fallen to this point?




It's not that his keyword is not good.


Gluttonous is a key word for later development. As long as he hides and eats a lot, he will eventually become outstanding. Now that his secrets have been revealed by Feng Qi, he is everywhere at a disadvantage, all because of him.


He must find a way to break the deadlock…


After pondering for a moment, Feng Jiu did not expose Du Ge's lies, but interrupted him and said, "Family Master, I have figured it out. I will sincerely cooperate with the Feng Family. As you can see, Feng Qi is two-faced. He defends the Feng Family today, but may defend others for greater benefits in the future. With me there to restrain him, it will be more beneficial to the Feng Family…"


Feng Shiren looked surprised at Feng Jiu and secretly shook his head. Heavenly Demon and the like were things he didn't understand, and there were too many uncontrollable factors.


The simplest way to deal with it was actually to kill them, but if they were tearing each other apart, it would be easier to use them to balance each other and fish for benefits.


Du Ge smiled and shook his head, "Family Master, don't listen to his instigation. Maintenance is my instinct. If I betray the maintenance object, my supernatural power will be greatly weakened. I won't do those stupid things. Besides, I am a member of the Feng Family. If I rashly defend others, others must trust me. Maintaining the Feng Family will achieve twice the result with half the effort, while maintaining others will achieve half the result with twice the effort."


"Feng Qi, ask yourself, haven't you betrayed me? You sold me out for the support of the Feng Family, and in the future, you may sell the Feng Family for greater benefits. As long as the person or force you maintain is stronger than before, your weakness will not be revealed." Feng Jiu retorted sharply.


Gluttonous had too many constraints in the early stages, and Du Ge was too cunning. He had to ensure his survival and then seek other benefits. Moreover, since he didn't have the ability to eat all the time, the quality of food became a prerequisite for his growth. Drinking Feng Qi's blood was much better than chewing on grass, so staying in the Feng Family was a good choice.After all, the Feng Family was large and had a vast business. It was safer than him going out alone to make a living. What a pity it would be if he accidentally ate something and died of gastroenteritis.


"Brother Jiu, are you being unfair? I chose a broader path, which is much higher than the starting point you set for me to escape from the Feng Family. This is to maintain our common interests, so how can it be called betrayal?" Du Ge said, "No matter who judges, they would think that the path I chose is better than yours. Escaping from the Feng Family would be a betrayal for me, and it would attract the Feng Family's pursuit. It's possible that I wouldn't even survive a day. If I maintain it for a day, I'll maintain it for a lifetime. If I get used to betrayal, how can I grow?"


"…" Feng Jiu sneered, "You have a glib tongue."


Du Ge smiled, "Brother Jiu, your understanding of maintenance is narrow, while my understanding is broad…"



Feng Shiren watched the two argue with a smile in his eyes, stroking his beard.


Let them quarrel!


The fiercer the quarrel, the better.


The fiercer they quarrel, the more information they expose.

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