Chapter 002 – Self-sacrifice

"Martial Arts Tournament?


When Du Ge heard this term, his eyes lit up and even the disappointment from the tragic start was diluted.


No man would refuse a Wuxia world.


Of course, with only half a year until the Martial Arts Tournament, there wouldn't be any adventures and learning martial arts would be difficult. However, this was a game simulation field, and it shouldn't be so harsh on players.


Moreover, on Earth, one could not experience such an immersive game, and he even had cheats.


Since he had come, he had to see what the Wuxia world was like.


Du Ge had been observing Feng Jiu.


In just a moment, Feng Jiu had eaten half a grass mat, and the swelling around his eyes had visibly decreased. Since the Gluttonous keyword helped to heal injuries, his two keywords should also be effective.


Feng Jiu said that he would help Du Ge heal once he recovered, but Du Ge didn't plan to entrust his fate to others. Moreover, Feng Jiu's words and actions were threatening and manipulative, so he had to be on guard.


Since he couldn't launch a backstab attack for the time being, Du Ge focused on "maintenance."


Maintenance: to protect and preserve through speech and action, to shelter and protect…


After carefully considering the definition of maintenance, Du Ge struggled to move his body and revealed the grass mat below, asking with concern, "Brother Jiu, do you have enough to eat on your side? If not, I have some here, I'll give it all to you."




Feng Jiu was already choking on the grass mat, and when he heard this, he choked even more, unable to swallow or spit it out.


He desperately used his hand, which was tearing apart the grass mat, to beat his chest, finally managing to spit out the grass.


After recovering, Feng Jiu gasped for breath and angrily glared at Du Ge, shouting, "Are you doing this on purpose? You want me to eat your broken grass mat?"


It seemed like a warm current was rising from within, and Du Ge felt that his pain had lessened significantly. His eyes brightened slightly – this was the power of keywords!


Love it, love it!


What Gluttonous? Maintenance was more useful!


You eat grass mats,and I  just need to say a few words…


Looking at the angry experience bag across from him, Du Ge took advantage of the situation and comforted him, "Brother Jiu, don't be angry. You know our situation is too bad right now. You have a better chance of recovery with your Gluttonous keyword than I do. I can't move, and there's nothing else to eat in this room except for this grass mat. Even if I sleep on the cold bed, I still have to let Brother Jiu recover first."


Feng Jiu looked at Du Ge thoughtfully.


Another warm current rose, and Du Ge's injuries improved significantly again.


He was secretly delighted – giving up a grass mat was enough to maintain their common interests. This was the method of using keywords, and he was indeed a genius!


This game is interesting!


As his pain lessened, Du Ge struggled to sit up and looked at Feng Jiu, who was surprised. After thinking for a moment, he decided to give him a harsh wave, "Brother Jiu, just eating grass mats is too slow. Why don't you drink some of my blood? Blood is more nutritious than grass, and you'll recover even faster…"


"What…" Feng Jiu's eyes widened.


Before he could finish speaking, Du Ge's stamina recovered slightly again. He struggled to get off the bed, grabbed a porcelain bowl at the head of the bed, and smashed it on the table, shattering it into pieces.


Looking at Du Ge, who was holding a piece of porcelain, Feng Jiu's face changed drastically. He moved frantically towards the corner of the wall, anxiously asking, "What are you going to do? Brother, I call you brother, don't be impulsive, we can discuss anything…"


If you're not ruthless, you won't stand firm!Moreover, it wasn't his own body.


Du Ge looked at Feng Jiu and gritted his teeth. He cut a wound in his palm, and blood dripped down.


Enduring the pain, Du Ge slowly moved towards Feng Jiu. In his stunned expression, Du Ge held his palm to Feng Jiu's mouth and said, "Come on, Brother Jiu, open your mouth. I am the support, and you are the main force. As long as you can recover, my sacrifice is nothing…"


Feng Jiu didn't expect Du Ge to really cut his own palm. He stared in shock, "You…"


But Du Ge's maintenance was sincere and domineering. In addition, his physical recovery was faster than eating grass. He easily held down Feng Jiu's hand and put his bleeding hand to his mouth.


Blood entered his stomach.


Feng Jiu's pale face visibly reddened. Du Ge was right. Blood was much more nutritious than grass.


However, he only drank a sip of blood under Du Ge's coercion. Du Ge really cut his palm and didn't just say a few words of maintenance. He could be said to be protecting others with his life.


In comparison, Du Ge's use of keywords was more extreme, and he recovered faster than Feng Jiu.


At the moment the blood fell into Feng Jiu's mouth, Du Ge's internal injuries instantly improved by half, and even the just-cut wound healed on its own.


Not only that.


The personal interface that had been hovering in front of Du Ge's eyes flickered, and a new advanced skill appeared:


Self-sacrifice: The target you maintain will lower their guard against you by 30%.



He guessed right.


Looking at the new derivative skill on his personal list, Du Ge pursed his lips. It turned out that as long as his words and actions complied with the definition of the keyword, his injuries would recover. The more compatible he was with the keyword, the faster his injuries would recover.


Keywords were character settings. The so-called simulation field was actually a training base for actors!


According to this inference, the opponent's keywords could be deduced from their words and actions, and targeted plans could be made accordingly.


Of course, he had to be careful of advanced skills…


Du Ge summarized the rules of the simulation field and glanced at the other values.


Nothing else had changed, but the ranking had dropped by more than 300 people in just a moment, and the number had become 187/936.


Du Ge thought for a moment. The 187 in front should be his ranking, and the 936 behind should be the total number of people left in the simulation field.


In ten minutes, the simulation field with 3,000 people had only over 900 left.


It had to be said that this so-called simulation field trial was really cruel.


However, after understanding the growth rules, Du Ge was very confident in surviving in this simulation field.



Perhaps it was the effect of self-sacrifice lowering the guard, but seeing Du Ge not making any further moves, Feng Jiu secretly breathed a sigh of relief. He quietly stuck out his tongue and licked the blood on the corner of his mouth. He sincerely said, "I was wrong. Feng Qi, you are more outstanding than I imagined. You adapted to the keyword so quickly. If I were in your position, I definitely wouldn't be able to use my own blood to help others."


"Brother Jiu this has nothing to do with whether I am outstanding or not. It is all for the benefit of our team." Du Ge looked humble, as if he had only done a trivial thing. "You know, my keyword is maintenance, a support-type keyword. Without finding someone to cooperate with, I won't get far in the simulation field. For the sake of both reason and emotion, I should save you. I hope that when we fight together in the future, you can trust me with your back. After all, when I maintain you, I can also grow."Feng Jiu was stunned for a moment, then laughed: "Well said, this is the correct way to cooperate. What I'm afraid of are those who hide and plot behind our backs. Brother Qi, I'll consider you a friend. My family has some influence, and if we have a chance to enter the top ten, I'll definitely try to get you into an elite school."


Civilian school, elite school…


Du Ge collected some more information about the other world and smiled, nodding his head: "Thanks, Brother Jiu."



Du Ge looked at his personal interface, reached out and pressed the close button. The interface was transparent, but it was always swaying in front of his eyes, somewhat affecting his vision.


"Is there any more blood? Give me some more." Feng Jiu looked up at Du Ge, hoping, "It worked, drinking your blood is more useful than eating half a straw mat."


How greedy!


Du Ge looked down at Feng Jiu and laughed, "There's no more blood, but how about that other thing? One drop of sperm for ten drops of blood, I think that thing is more useful than blood…"


Feng Jiu's smile froze on his face, recalling Du Ge's craziness when he cut his palm just now. Seeing Du Ge eager to try, he was afraid that he would do something impulsive, and said dryly, "Old Qi, I was just joking…ugh…"


"Relax, I was just joking too!" Seeing Feng Jiu retching, Du Ge's mouth curved into a smile, "If you were a woman, I might consider it, but you're a rough man. If you don't find it disgusting, I do! Brother Jiu, what's so good about drinking blood? It was just a temporary solution. Now that I can move, I have to go outside and find you some fresh grass, no, real food. Relying on drinking blood, even if you suck me dry, I'm afraid I won't be able to recover…"


Feng Jiu's eyes twitched a few times, and he spat out a few mouthfuls of grass, urging, "I was being stubborn. Brother Qi, please hurry up and come back. To be honest, I'm about to vomit from eating these straw mats. They're really not meant for humans."


"Alright." Du Ge nodded, "But before I go out, you have to tell me about the Feng Family's layout and personnel composition. Otherwise, I'll be completely in the dark, and it'll be a problem whether I can find food or even come back alive."


"It was my oversight." Feng Jiu struggled to sit up, picked up a tile and drew the Feng Residence's layout on the wall, explaining as he drew, "Our current location is called the Martial Arts Institute, where people like us, the sparring partners, live. The courtyard opposite is called the Chongwu Institute, where the Feng Family's disciples and guards live. Further in is the Demonstration of Martial Arts field, and the kitchen is in the Chongwu Institute…"


Feng Jiu talked about the layout of the Feng Residence, including the main characters' features, for a full three minutes.


Du Ge listened patiently, memorized carefully, and asked several uncertain points back and forth several times. Only after confirming that there were no omissions did he nod and walk towards the door, "Wait for me."


The moment he stepped out, his figure bent down, clutching his chest, and limping forward. He had been seriously injured just now, and suddenly he was lively and energetic, which didn't match reality. He should pretend to be weak, as caution is the key to safety.


Seeing Du Ge suddenly weakened, Feng Jiu's expression became particularly cold. He stared blankly at the door for a moment, then tore off another piece of straw mat from under him and stuffed it into his mouth, chewing quickly.

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