Chapter 1 – Maintenance and betrayal

Name: Du Ge;

Number: 48699527;

Spiritual power: 60;

Current ranking: 3000\3000;

Keywords for the session: Maintenance;

Keywords for the session: Betrayal;

Advanced skills: None;

Derived items: None;

The first thing Du Ge saw when he opened his eyes was this string of data. Through the data, he could see the dusty beams and rafters behind him, which clearly belonged to an old and non-modern style of architecture.

Was he time-traveling? Was he dreaming?

The faint smell of blood and stench lingered in his nose, making him very uncomfortable. Du Ge instinctively tried to sit up, but the severe pain all over his body made him fall back.


Du Ge groaned out, he then felt the circumference up and down, the internal organs, as if they were torn, there is no place that didn’t not hurt.


Du Ge groaned. It felt like he had been beaten by dozens of people!

However, this also confirmed that he had time-traveled and was not dreaming. If he was dreaming, he would have woken up from the pain long ago.

Du Ge sighed inwardly. Nowadays, the ways of time-traveling were getting more and more outrageous. Even didn’t spare sleeping.

“Don’t bother, your injuries are worse than mine. You won’t be able to move without resting for a month.” A muffled voice came from beside him.

Du Ge turned his head and saw another injured person lying on a wooden bed next to him. The man’s face was swollen like a pig’s head, with a bloody cloth strip stuffed in one nostril. His swollen eyes looked at him askew, and his mouth kept wriggling.

He had one arm that could move, tearing the grass mat under him and continuously stuffing dry and withered reed stalks into his mouth, as if it was the most delicious delicacy in the world.

However, looking at his grimacing expression as he swallowed, Du Ge also knew that the grass mat was not delicious. At this time, that piece of reed-woven grass mat had been gnawed off a large piece of twenty square centimeters.

Was his family so poor that they had to eat mats?

Du Ge judged the current situation and felt sad. Did he not only time-travel to someone who was seriously injured, but also so poor that he couldn’t even afford a meal?

What a miserable start!

Du Ge refocused on his personal data and secretly rejoiced that he had a golden finger…

The man’s mouth kept moving, and he continued to ask, “Brother, what are your keywords?”

Du Ge was stunned and subconsciously looked at the two keywords “Maintenance” and “Betrayal” in his personal information. What’s going on?

Does everyone have a panel?

It’s not his exclusive golden finger?

Damn it…

“Don’t pretend.” The man laughed awkwardly and shook the grass mat in his hand. “I saw you possessing a body. Don’t believe the nonsense that your civilian school teachers tell you about not revealing your keywords. This is a simulation field trial, not a real alien star battlefield. Cooperation is the only way to win-win. If you don’t cooperate, with your current physical condition, I can eliminate you in minutes after I recover. Do you believe me?”

Simulation field?

Alien star battlefield?

What the hell is this?

Du Ge became more and more confused. He hated this feeling of losing all information, which was unfriendly to a time-traveler. Since he had already time-traveled, why didn’t they give him the memories of his host?

After a moment of silence, Du Ge calmed down and asked, “The premise of cooperation is honesty. You tell me your keywords first.”

“Honesty?” The man sneered, shook the grass mat in his hand, and said, “I’ve been eating these hard-to-swallow grass mats non-stop. With such an obvious hint, what do you think my keywords are?”

“People can disguise themselves,” Du Ge said softly.”It’s the same as the commoner academy…” The person looked at Du Ge incredulously and laughed, “I can’t believe your thought process. Did I lie to you just to eat this grass mat that even dogs won’t eat? Who do you think you are?”

Keywords related to eating?

Du Ge thought for a moment based on his own keywords and asked tentatively, “Do you eat anything when you’re hungry?”

“Fuck your ‘eat anything when you’re hungry.’ You can’t act that stupid,” the person said angrily. “My keyword is ‘gluttonous.’”

“Gluttonous?” Du Ge repeated in surprise.

“Yes,” the person boasted, shaking the grass stem in his hand. “As long as you keep eating, you can grow rapidly. It’s one of the best keywords. Before I possessed this body, my injuries were similar to yours. But after I ate two bowls of rice and a piece of grass mat, I can already sit up. Brother, let’s work together. You have a big advantage. Otherwise, with your injuries, you won’t last long.”

Du Ge saw the two empty bowls in front of him and looked at his own empty bed. He didn’t care that the guy had stolen his food, but focused on the essence of his words. Gluttonous – as long as you keep eating, you can grow rapidly…

It seems that keywords are the key to breaking through.

Du Ge thought to himself. His keywords were maintenance and betrayal. Since gluttonous is about eating, then maintenance and betrayal…

He thought of the meanings of two words in his mind:

Maintenance: to maintain and protect, to prevent destruction; synonyms: repair, maintenance, protection and cover-up.

Betrayal: a backstab, a knife in the back; synonyms: betrayal, sneak attack.

Before crossing over, Du Ge was a Chinese major, and he knew the meaning of these words very well. Since gluttonous means eating to grow rapidly.

By analogy, his key to growth should be to maintain others.

But since there is maintenance, why is the second keyword betrayal?

The two should be conflicting, right?


That guy just mentioned one keyword…

Du Ge looked at the person and asked vaguely, “Is there anything else?”

“What else?” the person asked back, then he sneered, “Brother, don’t be too greedy. I have the initiative now…”

“My keyword is maintenance,” Du Ge interrupted him and concealed one keyword.

He didn’t understand too many things, and didn’t care about the other party’s intentions. The information he got from the other party, whether true or false, was much better than groping around by himself.

It’s better to use one keyword to gain his trust. There’s no need to reveal the keyword of betrayal, which requires concealment to be effective.

“Maintenance?” The person’s eyes lit up, and he swallowed the grass mat in his mouth. “An auxiliary keyword, great. You are truly a chosen partner. You protect me while I eat. Brother, let’s work together and take everyone down…”

The other party didn’t mention the second keyword at all, so it seems that he really only has one keyword.

Indeed, he still has a golden finger.

Du Ge smiled awkwardly and asked, “What’s your name?”

“Feng Jiu,” the person said.

“Real name?” Du Ge asked.

“Of course, it’s the name of this body,” Feng Jiu chuckled. “Little brother, our relationship ends with this simulation. We each take what we need. Once we leave the simulation field, we don’t know each other, understand?”

“I understand,” Du Ge nodded and stopped asking.

This was the second time Feng Jiu mentioned the simulation field. Combined with the current situation, Du Ge speculated that the simulation field probably refers to the current world.

Is a real world simulated for people to play games?

Du Ge looked around at the environment.Architecture, smell, and the pain in the body…

Everything was vivid and lifelike.

How advanced must the technology of the other world be if such a realistic world was virtual?

If it was a game, there should be an exit button!

Du Ge looked at his character interface again. He didn’t find an exit button, but he noticed a change in a value. The current ranking value was originally 30000/30000, but now it had become 1115/1213.

“1213?” Du Ge muttered consciously.

“Sixty percent of the unlucky ones who didn’t succeed in body possession!” Feng Jiu sighed, looking at Du Ge, “Brother, I have to say, with your mental strength, being able to pick up a heavily injured person and successfully possess their body is really lucky.”

A sixty percent elimination rate?

Du Ge followed the key point in his words and continued to ask, “Brother Nine, do you think we can eliminate others if we work together?”

“Definitely.” Feng Jiu grinned and continued to gnaw on the straw mat, “My keyword is Gluttonous, the representative of lying down and winning. With your maintenance, if we don’t make it into the top ten, where’s the justice in that? Don’t worry, if I can make it into the top ten, I can definitely bring you in too. Otherwise, with your unremarkable maintenance, it would be strange if you could grow.”

“Brother Nine, I’m counting on you.” Du Ge squeezed a smile on his face, “Brother Nine, I don’t know what kind of identity the person we possessed has. Can you tell me? I don’t know anything, I don’t want to mess things up…”

“You don’t have any memories?” Feng Jiu asked in astonishment.

As expected, only he didn’t have any memories. Fuck, this is such a pit!

Du Ge cursed silently and said dejectedly, “I don’t have any memories at all. I don’t know where the problem is.”

Feng Jiu looked at Du Ge with pity and tutted, “Maybe the person you crossed over with was too badly injured and died during the body possession, so the memories were lost! This kind of situation has happened in the Simulation Field before. Luckily you met me, otherwise, with an auxiliary keyword and lost memories, how would you survive?”


Du Ge let out a sigh and said with a bitter smile, “Just bad luck, I guess!”

“Your luck has changed since you met me.” Feng Jiu spat out a mouthful of grass residue that he couldn’t swallow, cursing, “Fuck, it’s so disgusting. When my body recovers, I have to eat delicacies every meal to make up for the suffering of eating this straw mat.”

He tore off another piece of the mat and stuffed it into his mouth, “Your name in this world is Feng Qi, and mine is Feng Jiu. Our identities are sparring partners for the young masters and disciples of the Feng Family.”

Du Ge was puzzled, “Sparring partners?”

“Actually, we’re just punching bags.” Feng Jiu spat out another mouthful of grass residue, “Those young masters don’t treat sparring partners as human beings at all. Otherwise, why do you think we got injured so badly? But we also took advantage of it. If they weren’t injured so badly, our body possession wouldn’t have been so easy…”

Punching bags?

Du Ge’s face instantly darkened. It was indeed a miserable start.

He continued to ask, “Brother Nine, is there any other crucial information?”

“In half a year, the Qiao Family’s Holy Land will open, and the Tenth Martial Arts Tournament will be held to select outstanding young people from the Martial World to enter the Holy Land and search for treasures. This should be the main storyline. We need to find a way to participate in the Martial Arts Tournament and get closer to the main storyline to have a chance of getting a good ranking.”

Feng Jiu looked at Du Ge seriously,

“The Feng Family’s young masters and direct descendants are preparing for the Martial Arts Tournament, and they are torturing us, the sparring partners, which is why we are so badly injured. What we need to do now is to find a way to escape from the Feng Family.

Otherwise, we will be killed by their training sooner or later…”

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