Chapter 99 – The most powerful weapon of the Chamber of Commerce

Fang Qingyun yawned out of boredom. It was less than half an hour before the Spring Harvest Festival’s grand event. Fortunately, they had made preparations in advance and all emergency plans were in place. There had been no accidents during the Spring Harvest Festival so far.

During the day, Fang Qingyun heard that an elephant had fallen into the water and then flew out of it. He warned the people not to fly without permission, as it was too dangerous. In addition, the monsters entering the city were not registered, so the owner of the elephant obediently went to register it.

Fang Qingyun dealt with such small matters all day long.

“I hope nothing happens tonight. No one will light a bonfire and cause a forest fire, no one will cause a stampede due to watching a show, no one will fight on the street…”

Fang Qingyun kept talking about accidents that had happened in previous years.

“Qingyun, I’m leaving first.” Li County Chief said goodbye to Fang Qingyun before leaving.

“Take care.” Fang Qingyun was more respectful to Li County Chief than before. He heard that there was no leader parachuting in this time, so he could take over Li County Chief’s position. He owed Li County Chief a favor.

During the Spring Harvest Festival, Li County Chief didn’t need to come, but it could reflect his hard work, which sounded good.

Li County Chief always cared about his reputation. He found that it was easier to get promoted by saying good things than doing things.

Promotion also had requirements for realm, which was an unwritten rule in the officialdom.

“It’s almost time. When I advance to the Elemental Infant stage tonight, my identity as the county chief or the helm will change.” Li County Chief thought of this and walked a little faster.

He walked into a small alley, changed his face first, and then put on a mask. Even if someone took off the mask, they would think it was his true identity and wouldn’t suspect Li County Chief.

Being cautious was necessary when walking between the righteous and demonic paths.

With his talent, he was originally unable to cultivate to the late stage of the Golden Elixir realm. Thanks to his mixed identity, he could use resources far beyond ordinary people’s imagination, which led to his current achievements. In the past ten years, he found that he had reached a bottleneck. He couldn’t reach the Elemental Infant realm by normal means. In order to further improve his status and realm, he thought of using the Reverse Life Element Formation.

“What’s wrong? The Inspector should have arrived in Yanjiang County before noon today. Why hasn’t he come yet?”

Li County Chief, no, after putting on the mask, he became Chu Helm. Chu Helm was somewhat dissatisfied with the Inspector’s tardiness. He specifically told the Inspector to come before noon today and had a surprise for him.

The so-called surprise was to activate the Reverse Life Element Formation together with the Inspector, and to improve both of their realms.

“Has something unexpected happened? I waited until the busiest time to activate the formation together, but since he hasn’t come, I’ll improve my realm alone.”

The Song Mountain was remote, with trees everywhere. The mountain roads were all stepped on by travelers. People who came to the Spring Harvest Festival wouldn’t come to Song Mountain, which was boring.

Chu Helm walked towards Song Mountain, hiding his breath. The fewer people he saw, the better. He stopped at a gentle place where there were some symbols on the branches that were slightly different from ordinary Reverse Life Element symbols. They were used as the formation’s eyes.

He sat cross-legged, adjusted his state, and waited for the moment when the formation was activated. He had already sent six stewards to carry out the task of sacrificing blood. It was the moment!”Reverse Longevity Yuan Formation, rise!” Chu Master raised his hands to the sky and activated the formation.

The soundless power of the formation spread out from him and stopped abruptly at a certain point.

“Somebody took down the flag!” Chu Master was momentarily stunned, but quickly realized what had happened. It couldn’t have been a coincidence that the flag was taken down so precisely. The other party must have had some knowledge of the Reverse Longevity Yuan Formation.

“Who could it be? Officials? No, they can’t keep anything from me. A tourist I don’t know? Or… could it be Lu Yang, who has seen the Reverse Longevity Yuan Formation before?”

Lu Yang’s behavior was abnormal, and it was possible for him to do something like this.

Chu Master’s expression turned cold. This was equivalent to cutting off his own path, and it was even more painful than killing him!

“Huh, am I such a person in your eyes, Chu Master?” Lu Yang’s lazy voice sounded nearby.

“Lu Yang!” Chu Master saw Lu Yang and was furious. “Don’t think that just because the Sect Leader has a good opinion of you, I can’t kill you. It’s too common for demonic cultivators to die unexpectedly. You’ve given me a reason to do so!”

Lu Yang thought for a moment and said seriously, “Didn’t you tell me to cause trouble during the Spring Harvest Festival? I thought the biggest thing I could do was to kill the magistrate. We followed the magistrate for several days and found out that you were the magistrate.”

“I thought that if I was going to do something, I might as well just kill you. Isn’t this the tradition of our demonic cult?” Lu Yang said with a smile.

“You’re looking for death!” Chu Master was enraged.

“How could I be? I still want to live forever.”

“Just a Foundation Establishment cultivator dares to brag here. Die!” Chu Master struck out with a palm, and the palm wind was terrifying, crushing trees into sawdust.

Lu Yang used shrinking technique to escape the attack. Chu Master stomped on the ground with his right foot like a dragon turning over, and the entire ground was overturned. Lu Yang was also thrown out.

Lu Yang was shocked. This was a cultivator in the Golden Elixir stage. He was kicked out by just one foot.

“Tsk, really hard to deal with.”

Chu Master moved like a thunderbolt, approaching Lu Yang at high speed. He formed a fist seal with his hand, and his fist was like the wind, as if he was going to beat Lu Yang to death.

The Green Edge Sword was horizontally in front of Lu Yang, and the blade was raised. As long as Chu Master dared to strike, the Green Edge Sword could cut off his fist bone!

Chu Master immediately retracted his fist and kicked out. Lu Yang had anticipated this and kicked out as well. Their feet collided, and Lu Yang flew out!

Chu Master attacked again, but found that his spiritual power was imprisoned and he couldn’t use it at all.

“A Forbidden Spirit Formation that has the same effect as a prison! You really understand formations!” Chu Master stared at Lu Yang. Although he couldn’t use his spiritual power, with his physical defense, Lu Yang couldn’t hurt him at all!

The Forbidden Spirit Formation was set up by Lan Ting temporarily, and Lu Yang’s goal was to lure Chu Master here.

Lu Yang smiled and waved goodbye to Chu Master.

Chu Master looked around and didn’t notice anything unusual. He suddenly looked up and saw a flying boat hovering above his head.

It was the flying boat that Meng Jingzhou had just bought from the trading company.

It was now night, and the Songshan Mountains were so dark that even people’s shadows couldn’t be seen. Otherwise, Chu Master would have noticed that he was in the shadows.

The flying boat lost power because spiritual power couldn’t be used above the Forbidden Spirit Formation. It landed quickly, and Meng Jingzhou jumped down with a parachute on his back.The flying boat was too large, and Chu Duozhu couldn’t use his spiritual power to maneuver it. The speed was limited, making it impossible to evade. Lu Yang calculated the distance and hid far away.

The flying boat, like a meteorite, fell from the sky and crashed towards Chu Duozhu!


The flying boat fell, stirring up endless dust and sand, making a rumbling sound, and the entire Song Mountain felt the tremor.

It seemed that there were explosives inside the flying boat. The moment it fell, the explosives were detonated, setting off a sky-high fire, deafening!

Lu Yang gave Meng Jingzhou a thumbs up: “It’s great to have money, buying a flying boat just like that!”

Meng Jingzhou also gave a thumbs up: “If it weren’t for the fact that the merchant only had one flying boat, I would have bought a few more!”

None of the magical treasures in the business alliance could compare to the power of a flying boat crashing down directly.

Fang Qingyun, who was sighing about the peaceful times, saw a flying boat landing and was almost scared to death by a heart attack.

“Are you kidding me?!”

(End of chapter)

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