Chapter 100 – Is this the surprise?

The flying boat crashed, smoke filled the air, and the mask of Chu, the helmsman, was broken. He couldn’t even maintain his transformation technique and revealed his true identity, which was Li, the county governor!

His left arm was bleeding and swaying, obviously useless.

Meng Jingzhou was dissatisfied with the result after landing: “It would be great if there were another flying boat.”

Chu took a deep breath and was about to say some clichés, but suddenly coughed up blood, and said, “This smoke is poisonous!”

Chu quickly held his breath, feeling angry. It was no wonder that the innate demon and Dao demon joined forces to trap him with a forbidden spirit array and then smashed him with a flying boat loaded with explosives. After the explosion, the smoke was still poisonous.

Chu thought that Lu Yang might be a spy sent by the righteous path, but after seeing the design of the automatic trap, he didn’t believe even if Lu Yang said he was a spy.

The flying boat crashed and destroyed the forbidden spirit array. Chu had to use some of his spiritual power to suppress the poison that had penetrated into his body. Normally, he could force out the toxin in a few breaths, but Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou didn’t give him time!

Meng Jingzhou used his technique and turned his body into bronze, like a fierce tiger roaring in the forest.

“Six Shakes of Heaven!”

This was the third elder’s unique skill, and Meng Jingzhou only learned a little.

With the surging of blood and qi, he punched out with all his strength, and the explosive force of his fist hit Chu’s face.

Chu was injured, but he was still at the Golden Elixir stage, and he blocked Meng Jingzhou’s fists with just one hand.

Lu Yang was like an assassin, holding a Qingfeng sword, and appeared silently behind Chu. Chu reacted quickly, kicked backward with his right foot, and kicked Lu Yang away again.

Man Gu appeared in the direction that Lu Yang was flying, grabbed his feet, spun around, and threw him back.

Lu Yang was like a sharp sword, and the Qingfeng sword cut through the air, stabbing Chu’s neck!

Chu hit Meng Jingzhou with a palm, turned around, and used his elbow and knee to clamp down on the sharp Qingfeng sword!

With the activation of some ancient barbarian bloodline, Man Gu’s body grew a circle, and his muscles and bones roared like a fierce elephant, charging towards Chu with an overwhelming momentum!

Chu sneered. Even if his opponent was strong, could they be stronger than him, who was at the Golden Elixir stage?

Unexpectedly, just as Man Gu was about to hit Chu, he flipped his palm and threw several sharp bamboo sticks at Chu’s eyes.

Chu closed his eyes and turned his head to avoid the bamboo sticks.

More bamboo sticks appeared behind him, and Chu heard the sound and activated his Golden Elixir, forming a golden film on his body to block the bamboo sticks.

He turned around and found that the bamboo sticks were not thrown by a person, but were automatically launched by the formation.

It was the automatic piercing formation that Lan Ting had researched, at maximum power.Lu Yang had Lan Ting help him secretly, so as to give Chu, the head of the Chu sect, both psychological and physical pressure.

“You’re all going to die!” Chu took out a bright red flag from his storage ring. It seemed to be soaked in blood and was extremely evil. As the flag appeared, the temperature around them dropped a few degrees.

Chu spurted out a mouthful of blood, and the flag was stained with his blood, making it even more eerie. Lu Yang and the others faintly heard the sound of ghosts crying!

“Can’t we use some decent weapons? Why do we always mess with these weird things!” Lu Yang spat out blood and his sword light flickered like a dragon returning to the sea. He used spell teleportation to quickly move underground and suddenly emerged from under Chu!

Chu took a step back, and the flag collided with the sword, making a metallic clang. Lu Yang danced with his sword, fast and slow, extremely agile.

The Shaking Heaven Six Forms appeared again, and Meng Jingzhou came to support him. His fist prints shook the sky, and a few punches hit the flagpole, almost making Chu lose his footing.

Large trees fell from the sky, and Man Gu roared, holding a huge tree and smashing it towards Chu!

“Fire Dragon Talisman!” In the forest, Lan Ting spoke lightly and used blood as ink to quickly draw a talisman.

The red fire dragon opened its mouth and claws, and the air was scorching, diluting the eerie atmosphere brought by the red flag.

“There’s still a fourth person!” Chu glared, gritting his teeth. Lu Yang, this rebellious guy, was really well-prepared.

“Wind-Still Wave!” Chu tightly gripped the flagpole, slammed it to the ground, and shouted loudly. The sound waves and air waves rolled, knocking down the three people and dispersing the fire dragon!

Chu went crazy, his eyes were bloodshot. If he hadn’t been hit by the flying boat and separated his spiritual power to suppress the poison, how could he have been so passive!

He jumped up suddenly and stabbed the flagpole towards Man Gu, who was lying on the ground. Man Gu hurriedly avoided, but it was too late. He only moved half of his body and was pierced through the shoulder blade by the flagpole.

Man Gu’s teeth were bleeding, but he didn’t cry out in pain!

The ancient barbarians were not afraid of pain and death!

Chu was relentless and wanted to kick Man Gu’s head and smash it. Meng Jingzhou took the opportunity to throw a magic weapon and shouted angrily. The magic weapon exploded, and Chu was directly knocked away. Man Gu was stabbed to the ground, but he was unharmed.

Meng Jingzhou had many treasures, but they were too high-grade and he couldn’t drive or self-destruct them.

Chu kicked a boulder to pieces, used the force to rebound and came back, pulled out the flag, and wanted to sweep Meng Jingzhou.

The Qingfeng Sword appeared in front of Chu, and Lu Yang once again fought with him. Lu Yang used his spells skillfully, and whenever Chu was about to hit him, he directly shrank and avoided the attack, making Chu extremely frustrated.

Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu regrouped and launched another attack. Lan Ting drew symbols with both hands at the same time, and the water and fire dragons rose up into the sky, intertwining and pouncing towards Chu.Chu Duozhu could no longer bear this humiliation. The flagpole was planted on the ground, the flag waving in the wind like waves in the sea, and the ghostly howls from the flag disturbed people’s minds.

“Ghostly Chaos!”

The ghostly sounds had an indescribable magical power that immobilized the four people on the spot. They all felt their bodies being entwined by ghosts, unable to move.

Meng Jingzhou’s heart tightened, wanting to shout out and tell everyone that it was an illusion, but not only could he not move, he couldn’t even speak.

Chu Duozhu laughed loudly. This was his ultimate move, which he was reluctant to use as it seemed to devalue him. He was driven to desperation by the four youngsters and didn’t care about hiding his trump card anymore. He had to kill them all to avenge his previous humiliation!


The Qingfeng Sword descended from the sky, as fast as lightning. Chu Duozhu didn’t have time to react before his head was pierced through.

Chu Duozhu looked at Lu Yang in disbelief. He saw Lu Yang’s eyes clear and a mocking smile at the corner of his mouth, completely unaffected by the illusion!

“How can you still move… How is this possible…” Chu Duozhu fell to the ground, blood flowing from his seven orifices.

Lu Yang aimed at the dantian and added another sword, shattering Chu Duozhu’s Golden Elixir, ensuring that he was dead.

Lu Yang had no interest in telling a dead man that this was a technique he had created under the guidance of his Senior Sister, called “Insight into the Nature of the Heart and Mind.” It could maintain one’s true nature and perceive the essence of things.

His cultivation had just begun, and he couldn’t yet perceive the essence of things, but it was no problem to not be affected by the illusions and dreams of a higher-level cultivator.

The inspector was delayed by miscellaneous matters and had just come from Lin County. He had just climbed over the Songshan Mountain and stood on the periphery of the battlefield, only to see Lu Yang stab Chu Duozhu to death with a single sword.

He recalled Chu Duozhu’s words, “There’s a surprise for you,” “The newly recruited Lu Yang is a rare talent who will shine in the Spring Festival.”

“…Is this the surprise that Little Chu mentioned?”

The inspector had lived for a hundred years and had never encountered such a surprise before.

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