Chapter 98 – Underwriting Program

Lu Yang saw more and more people on the stone bridge and suggested leaving and finding an uninhabited place. The four of them arrived at a secluded mountain forest, and Lu Yang took out the map of Yanjiang County. On it was marked the nodes of the Reverse Longevity Element Array that had been deduced last time. “Before that, I want to confirm one thing. Lan Ting, when you mentioned using blood as a sacrifice, did you mean killing people at the node or using the blood of cultivators as a sacrifice to activate the array?”

Lan Ting didn’t understand Lu Yang’s meaning. “Both methods can be used, but usually the former is used. Killing people only requires killing mortals. Using too much cultivator blood will affect cultivation and is not beneficial for future practice.”

Lu Yang pondered for a moment. “Then the person who set up the formation should use the second method.”

The other three didn’t understand. The person who set up the formation must be a demonic cultivator, and for demonic cultivators, killing people is much more convenient than using blood.

“Who do you think has such a big influence that they can hide the Reverse Longevity Element Array in a small flag, and even set it up overnight, disguising it even in the night, so that no one will suspect anything even if they get drowsy?”

Meng Jingzhou immediately realized, “Someone from the government, and they hold a high position!”

Lu Yang nodded. “Yes, to be precise, it’s the county magistrate!”


Upon hearing this, Man Gu and Lan Ting were shocked, but Meng Jingzhou had expected it since he had mentioned that the government and demonic cultivators often colluded when they first entered Yanjiang County.

“Yesterday, I heard from the officials that when they set up the small flags, County Magistrate Li personally supervised and demanded that the location of the small flags must not be wrong.”

“This kind of thing doesn’t require the county magistrate to take action. Even if he uses the excuse of being dedicated and serving the people, it’s too far-fetched!”

“This can only mean that County Magistrate Li used the small flags to set up the Reverse Longevity Element Array that covers the entire county!”

Man Gu suddenly realized that the world was even darker than he had imagined. “In other words, the undercover agent that the branch inserted in Yanjiang County is County Magistrate Li. With County Magistrate Li’s cultivation and position, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to use a cooperative relationship?”

Lu Yang shook his head. “It’s not an undercover agent, nor is it a partner. I suspect that Chu Branch Master and County Magistrate Li are the same person!”

“There is no direct evidence, only two doubts.”

“The first is the time when Chu Branch Master summoned us. It’s always at night. I and other disciples have inquired about this matter, and the other branches are not like this.”

“The second is that Chu Branch Master and County Magistrate Li are both about to be promoted, and the time is almost the same.”

Man Gu took a deep breath. The world was even darker than he thought. If Chu Branch Master and County Magistrate Li were the same person, wouldn’t it mean that both the righteous path and demonic path were being played?

“Of course, they may be two different people. These are just speculations, but no matter what the situation is, the method of activating the Reverse Longevity Element Array will never be killing mortals!”

Man Gu still didn’t understand, and Meng Jingzhou explained, “County Magistrate Li wants to be promoted. If a heinous murder case occurs during the Spring Festival, does he still want to be promoted? Even if he has connections, they can’t openly promote him.”

“And with the position of the county magistrate, what’s difficult about obtaining cultivator blood? Just find a few cultivators in prison.”

Lan Ting still had some doubts. “County Magistrate Li and One Zhang Hong both set up the Reverse Longevity Element Array. Is it a coincidence or is there a connection?”

“I think there is a big connection.” After figuring out the relationship between Chu Branch Master and County Magistrate Li, Lu Yang had a new perspective on many things.

“As for the impact of capturing three Foundation Establishment demonic cultivators on County Magistrate Li’s political achievements, I won’t say anything more. If there were no branches, a small county would only have so many Foundation Establishment demonic cultivators. This is equivalent to eliminating the demonic cultivator leader of a county.””After the Reverse Lifespan Array is activated, it may not be noticeable on the surface, but it will be discovered by someone eventually.”

“If Yizhang Hong hadn’t been there, the government would have pursued the murderer vigorously, putting both Yanjiang Lodge and Governor Li at risk of exposure.”

“Governor Li cleverly arranged for Yizhang Hong.”

“With Yizhang Hong setting up the Reverse Lifespan Array first, even if Governor Li activated the array to reduce the lifespan of mortals, the government would only focus on Yizhang Hong.”

Man Gu was surprised, “But Yizhang Hong didn’t succeed in setting it up.”

Lu Yang sneered, “Not succeeding is just Yizhang Hong’s side of the story. It’s possible that the array was really activated, but Yizhang Hong didn’t operate it properly, only reducing lifespan without increasing his own cultivation. After all, it’s an unfamiliar array, and anything could happen.”

Man Gu still couldn’t understand, “But Yizhang Hong’s two companions can also confirm that it didn’t succeed.”

Lu Yang said, “Companions? Where do demonic cultivators have companions? They just use each other, so it’s reasonable for Yizhang Hong not to tell the truth to those two.”

“With such a ready-made suspect, who would suspect Yizhang Hong?”

“Besides, Yizhang Hong has committed many crimes and is bound to be sentenced to death. By the time the government discovers that the Reverse Lifespan Array has been activated, Yizhang Hong might have already been executed.”

“With Yizhang Hong as the target, who would suspect Governor Li?”

Meng Jingzhou and Lan Ting nodded frequently, agreeing with Lu Yang’s point of view.

Lu Yang then asked, “Also, are there seven nodes that require blood sacrifices?”

Lan Ting looked at Lu Yang in surprise, nodded, and didn’t understand how Lu Yang knew, wasn’t he supposed to not understand arrays?

“Yesterday when I left, I encountered seven stewards who were temporarily summoned by Lodge Master Chu. They must have some mission, and I guess they were arranged to take the essence blood to the array nodes and wait for the opportunity.”

“In that case, tell us more about the Reverse Lifespan Array.”

Lan Ting did not refuse and circled seven points on the map of Yanjiang County: “These seven places are the key nodes for activation, near the scenic spots of Yanjiang County, and the array eye is… on the hillside of Song Mountain!”

Of course, a secluded place must be chosen to break through with the Reverse Lifespan Array.

“Let’s first remove some of the Reverse Lifespan Symbols to prevent the array from being activated. However, doing so will most likely attract the attention of Lodge Master Chu. Instead of being approached by him, we might as well set up an ambush and catch him off guard.” Lu Yang said.

Lu Yang was worried about a battle with Lodge Master Chu, which was why he didn’t leave any information about the four’s fighting styles in the Shadow Ball.

The three of them felt troubled, as it would be a life-and-death battle, and Lodge Master Chu was a late-stage Golden Elixir existence, extremely difficult to deal with.

“Can we report this to the authorities and tell Fang Qingyun?” Man Gu asked.

Lu Yang shook his head, “If Fang Qingyun learns about the array on the small flag, he will definitely suspect Governor Li. If Governor Li is caught, our identities as demonic cultivators will also be exposed.”

Lan Ting hesitated, “It’s difficult for just the four of us to deal with a late-stage Golden Elixir.”

Lu Yang was confident, “Don’t worry, we’ll make full preparations, and if we really can’t handle it, I have a backup plan.”

“What is it?”

“Big Sister’s Elephant Fist!”

Upon hearing this, Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu’s faces changed drastically. Lan Ting noticed their change but didn’t understand, “What is Big Sister’s Elephant Fist?”

“It’s the ultimate move of Lu’s Elephant Fist!” Lu Yang said confidently.

Lan Ting nodded, seemingly understanding.

(End of this chapter)

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