Chapter 95 – How could the Immortal Sect possibly have an undercover from the righteous sect!

There was a murmur from the audience. Although the Transformation Technique was difficult to cultivate, it was very common and had no auction value.

Only a few people did not murmur, such as Lu Yang and Chi Xulong.

The auctioneer continued, “This book is not an ordinary Transformation Technique. It can also be used for attack during the transformation process. If this Transformation Technique is used in battle, I think it will have an unexpected effect.”

People became a little interested, but not too much, after all, who would use Transformation Technique in battle?

The auctioneer reminded again, “It should be noted that this spell is extremely difficult to cultivate. Master Yang Xuanling said that this book seems ordinary, but it is far from simple as it appears!”

Lu Yang continued to mutter in a voice that only Chi Xulong could hear, “Sure enough, this book is too similar to the one in the legend.”

Meng Jingzhou, who was sitting next to him, heard Lu Yang muttering and whispered urgently, “Shut up, can you keep this to yourself? When will you stop talking to yourself?”

Lu Yang was scared and quickly shut up, staring at the Transformation Technique on the stage.

Chi Xulong observed Lu Yang’s performance with a sideways glance, guessing a few things.

“Starting price, one hundred spirit stones!”

This price was much lower than that of ordinary Transformation Techniques, and it seemed that the price of the auction object was uncertain.

“One hundred and ten!” someone quickly called out. This amount of spirit stones was not much, but it was worth buying something rare.

“One hundred and twenty!” Chi Xulong lazily shouted, as if he had casually called out.

“One hundred and forty!”

“One hundred and eighty!”

“Two hundred!”

The price of the Transformation Technique soared rapidly.

“Eight hundred!” Lu Yang shouted.

Meng Jingzhou quickly pressed down on Lu Yang’s hand, “Why are you shouting so high? Are you afraid that no one will notice you?”

“I, I’m afraid someone else will take it away.”

Eight hundred spirit stones were not much, but it was a large sum for a Qi Refining cultivator. A Foundation Establishment cultivator could not easily take out eight hundred spirit stones.

“One thousand!”

A voice sounded next to Lu Yang. He looked at Chi Xulong in surprise, wondering why the other party was competing with him for this Transformation Technique.

It was just a spell that looked a little special!

Did the other party also see something?

But how did the other party see it?

Lu Yang thought to himself, “Oh no,” wondering if the words he muttered to himself earlier had been heard by the other party.

Lu Yang whispered to Chi Xulong, “This spell seems to be a long-lost spell in our family. Can you let me have it? After the auction, I will definitely thank you!”

Chi Xulong sneered. A long-lost spell? Who would believe that? There must be ancient secrets hidden in this spell!

Shen Jinyi, who was sitting next to him, wanted to persuade him, but seeing Chi Xulong’s resolute attitude, he didn’t say anything.

Lu Yang saw that being nice didn’t work, so he shouted, “One thousand two hundred low-grade spirit stones!”

“Two thousand.” Chi Xulong still had the same indifferent expression. He guessed that Lu Yang was probably not a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

Lu Yang pressed all his money, “Two thousand three hundred low-grade spirit stones!”

“Three thousand.” Chi Xulong still had the same expression.

Lu Yang borrowed money from Meng Jingzhou, “Can you lend me one thousand spirit stones? I will definitely pay you back next year!”

“Okay.” Meng Jingzhou readily agreed.

“Three thousand three hundred low-grade spirit stones!”

“Four thousand!”

Lu Yang continued to borrow money, but he couldn’t match Chi Xulong’s wealth.

In the end, Chi Xulong bought the Transformation Technique at a terrifying price of eight thousand spirit stones. Lu Yang earned eight thousand spirit stones with tears in his eyes, achieving a win-win situation and everyone was happy.After the auction ended, Lu Yang and his three companions were preparing to leave. Just as they walked out of the market range and arrived at the deserted foot of the mountain, they were stopped by Chi Xulong and Shen Jinyi.

“What are you guys planning to do?!” Chi Xulong’s mouth curved into a cruel smile. “What are we planning to do? Kid, don’t ask questions you already know the answer to. No one has ever been able to deceive me!”

Chi Xulong took out the Lu family’s transformation technique and released his Foundation Establishment stage aura. “Tell me, what is the ancient secret hidden in this book? If you tell me, I can spare your lives. But if you dare to lie, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Chi Xulong had no intention of letting the four of them go. The fewer people who knew the ancient secret, the better. Plus, Lanting was extremely beautiful, and he wanted to play with her before killing her.

In Chi Xulong’s eyes, these four people couldn’t even produce several thousand spirit stones, so they must all be at the Qi Refining stage. There was no chance of resistance in front of him.

Lu Yang sighed and thought of Chu Master’s implication to cause trouble during the Spring Festival. Did Chu Master predict today’s situation and hint that he should kill Chi Xulong and Shen Jinyi?

Chu Master was truly a brilliant strategist!

Lu Yang took off his mask and revealed his true appearance. “Chi Xulong, there’s no need for us to be so hostile towards each other.”

As he spoke, he secretly took out a recording ball.

“Lu Yang! You’re dead!” Chi Xulong was furious and instantly realized that Lu Yang was playing with him.

The auction was just a show for him!

“There must be a misunderstanding between us. Someone must have instigated this. How about we go to Chu Master and clarify things? Even if you don’t believe me, you should believe Chu Master, right?”

As soon as Chu Master was mentioned, Chi Xulong became angry. “How dare you mention Chu Master? Who do you think you are?”

“Chu Master must have been deceived by you to make you a steward. And who is the instigator? You are the instigator!”

“How could I be the instigator? Don’t make unfounded accusations!” Lu Yang argued.

Of course, what Chi Xulong said was just a bluff. If he really thought Lu Yang was a spy for the righteous path, he would have secretly monitored him for evidence.

Lu Yang sighed and put away the recording ball. He drew his three-foot green sword with some reluctance. “Since that’s the case, it seems that we can only fight.”

Chi Xulong and Shen Jinyi sneered and took out their weapons.

Meng Jingzhou, Man Gu, and Lanting did the same.

The battle began.

Lu Yang brought the news of Chi Xulong and Shen Jinyi’s deaths to Chu Master.

No matter how strong Chi Xulong and Shen Jinyi were, they couldn’t survive against four immortal sect disciples. It was a one-sided crushing situation, and their deaths were gruesome. Lanting didn’t even want to eat after seeing it.

Lu Yang took out the recording ball and explained to Chu Master, “You know Chi Xulong’s temper. He kills people at the slightest provocation. I recorded this in advance just in case he came to you to complain that I bullied him.”

“Now, it seems he won’t be able to come to you.”

“There seems to be a problem with the recording ball, and it’s intermittent, but fortunately, it can roughly reflect the situation at the time. Please take a look.”

Chu Master sat on his jade throne and picked up the recording ball, watching the scene at the time.

“Chi Xulong, there’s no need for us to be so hostile towards each other,” Lu Yang tried to ease the tension between them.

“Lu Yang! You’re dead!” Obviously, Chi Xulong didn’t appreciate it.”Between us, there must be some misunderstanding. There must be someone instigating trouble. How about this? Let’s go to Chu Du Master to clarify things. Even if you don’t trust me, you should trust Chu Du Master, right?”

“Chu Du Master… What a joke!”

“Chu Du Master… making you a steward… is the real villain!”

“…How could he be a villain? Don’t talk nonsense!” Lu Yang argued.

“Don’t think I don’t know… the good things… he’s done!”

“…Chu Du Master… pretending to be a gentleman… since joining the sect, he’s done nothing but harm us… I think… he’s an undercover from the righteous sect!”

The video ended here, and Chu Du Master was gritting his teeth in anger.

Lu Yang, filled with righteous indignation, said, “Du Master, you have treated me well. In our Demon Path, we also have disputes and anger, but we also know gratitude and repay kindness. When I saw Chi Xulong slandering and framing you, and Shen Jinyi not stopping him, I was furious. In a fit of rage, I took Meng Jingzhou and others to kill them!”

“During the battle, it was not suitable to record, so I put away the video recording orb.”

Naturally, Lu Yang would not let Chu Du Master know about their fighting style.

Chu Du Master praised loudly, and one could even hear the anger towards Chi Xulong: “Well done! Those two beasts deserved to die!”

Chu Du Master knew that Chi Xulong was dissatisfied with him. Considering Chi Xulong’s talent, he had even called him over for advice. At that time, Chi Xulong had expressed his loyalty in front of him, saying that he would definitely do better than Lu Yang.

Now it seemed that Chi Xulong still harbored resentment against him, even going so far as to say such nonsense that he was an undercover from the righteous sect.

How could the Immortal Sect possibly have an undercover from the righteous sect!

“Lu Yang, you have eliminated two great threats for our sect. Well done! When the inspector arrives, I will definitely praise you in front of him!”

(End of Chapter)

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