Chapter 96 – Long holiday

“Also, I received a summons from the inspector, he said he had long heard of the Spring Harvest Festival and advanced the schedule to arrive in Yanjiang County during the festival. Be prepared and don’t show any fear in front of the inspector.”

Previously, the inspector said he would come to Yanjiang County after the Spring Harvest Festival.


When Lu Yang left the sub-dock, he met Wang He, Bai Zifang, and other stewards who were walking towards him.

Wang He and others nodded slightly to greet him. Lu Yang, the newly appointed steward, was a big shot in front of Chu Dockmaster and couldn’t be offended.

Wang He and others had worked in the sub-dock for decades and knew some things. They speculated that Chu Dockmaster directly appointed Lu Yang and the other two because they had high evaluations in the entrance exam, especially Lu Yang, who was probably the highest evaluated among the three.

Wang He whispered, “The dockmaster has always been a person who doesn’t get up early for no reason. He may know that Lu Yang will rise and wants to establish a good relationship with him before Lu Yang becomes successful, which will facilitate future promotion.”

They knew that what the dockmaster most wanted to do was to be promoted and become a dockmaster in an economically developed area, so he attached great importance to the inspector’s arrival.

“Maybe our arrival this time is also related to the inspector.”

“But speaking of which, the dockmaster is still missing a condition for promotion, right? Has he reached the Elemental Infant stage?”

The promotion within the sect not only looked at the belief in the immortal, but also focused on cultivation.

“Who knows? Maybe he has already reached it and just hasn’t told us. He never explains to us what he is doing, and we don’t know the purpose of his actions.”

Chu Dockmaster’s style was also the style of the entire demonic sect, full of distrust. Chu Dockmaster seemed to trust Lu Yang, but in fact, he didn’t. Chu Dockmaster had not revealed any information about himself that was related to Lu Yang.

Lu Yang knew very little about Chu Dockmaster.

The Spring Harvest Festival arrived as scheduled, and the customer flow of the barbecue restaurant reached its peak. Many out-of-town merchants had already noticed the business opportunities of the barbecue restaurant and proposed to Lu Yang to open a branch. Lu Yang refused them all with a black face.

There were also cultivators who wanted to eat for free, but when they saw the three banners hanging on the wall, they gave up on this unrealistic idea and paid honestly.

With the help of the automatic barbecue array, the two ghosts had more time to skewer, so even if there were more customers than usual, the barbecue restaurant could still operate smoothly.

“Let’s go to the barbecue restaurant again…yes, this one. My aunt told me that this barbecue restaurant is particularly delicious. If you come to Yanjiang County, you must try it!”

“Look, this restaurant is still having a promotion. You can get a voucher for consuming in this restaurant and get a 10% discount when consuming at the tofu shop on Qianmen Street.”

“Participate in the lucky draw once for consuming more than one or two silver, the number of times can be accumulated and there is no limit. The prizes are limited and first come, first served.”

“Let’s go and taste it.”

The two of them reached a consensus and queued up at the end of the line, not knowing how long they would have to wait to eat.

At the entrance of the barbecue restaurant, Meng Jingzhou was busy with the lucky draw, and he was extremely happy.

The big wheel was marked with “Come again”, “Third Prize”, “Second Prize”, “First Prize”, and “Special Prize.”

“Congratulations to this customer for winning the second prize. The consumption this time is 40% off! Let us congratulate him!” Meng Jingzhou clapped his hands happily, looking even happier than the winner.

“The first prize, the first prize is here. This customer’s consumption is all free!”

“The special prize, someone actually got the special prize!”

The customer didn’t expect to win the special prize and asked happily, “What’s the special prize?”Meng Jingzhou warmly shook the guest’s hand and said enthusiastically, “Congratulations! You have won the opportunity to experience being a waiter in our restaurant! Others usually have to pay to experience the joy of working as a waiter here, but you’re very lucky, you can enjoy it without spending a penny!”

“Considering the smoky and chaotic environment in the backyard, our professional staff will bring the skewers to the entrance of the backyard, so you don’t have to go there!” Meng Jingzhou said with an expression that implied they were very thoughtful and didn’t need any compliments.

Guest: “…Can I exchange this for the first prize instead?”


The guest refused the special prize reward.

Up to now, Meng Jingzhou hadn’t managed to convince anyone to enjoy the special prize treatment, but he enjoyed the process of trying to do so.

Inside the barbecue restaurant, Lu Yang carried a tray and shuttled back and forth. He moved swiftly and nimbly, with a steady lower body, keeping the tray level and the skewers steady, without touching the guests. He was as light as a feather.

After more than a month of working as a waiter, his footwork had improved significantly.

“Ma Gongcao, Chi Zhubu, how’s the food?” Lu Yang greeted the two guests with a smile. They were local officials who often came here to eat and drink.

“It’s still as delicious as ever, Little Lu. I must say, your skills are wasted here. You should open a restaurant in a bigger county, I guarantee you’ll earn more than you do now!”

“Stop talking nonsense. Haven’t you heard that Little Lu doesn’t even open branches? It’s clear that he opened this restaurant for fun, not to make money.”

Lu Yang could only smile apologetically: “I hope you both enjoy the Cai Chun Festival.”

The two men were obviously drunk, their cheeks flushed, and Ma Gongcao grumbled, “Speaking of the Cai Chun Festival, I get angry. Originally, the holiday was seven days long, but I don’t know who came up with the idea to shorten it to three days!”

“What can you do in three days? They even called it a ‘short long holiday.’ Does that even make sense? If you add the word ‘short’ in front of ‘long holiday,’ is it still a long holiday?”

“I wish the person who came up with this term a short life!”

Chi Zhubu hurriedly covered Ma Gongcao’s mouth: “You can’t say that. You came late, so it’s normal that you don’t know. This was Li Junshou’s idea!”

Ma Gongcao snorted, “So it’s him. He’s not very capable, but he has lots of ideas!”

Chi Zhubu was better informed: “Keep your voice down. You can’t say bad things about Li Junshou now. I heard that he found a way to capture three evil cultivators in the county, which is a great achievement. He’s about to be promoted, and the Chief Catcher, Fang Qingyun, is going to take his place!”

Ma Gongcao sneered, not caring about Li Junshou’s opinion. After all, Li Junshou wouldn’t care about someone as insignificant as him: “A few days ago, a colleague complained to me that Li Junshou gave random orders, making the bailiffs work overtime in the early morning and demanding that they plant small flags overnight without any mistakes. He even acted as a supervisor himself. He doesn’t need to sleep at the Golden Elixir stage, but others do. Many bailiffs fell asleep while working!”

Lu Yang poured wine for the two of them: “I have to attend to other things now.”

“Go ahead, Little Lu. You don’t need to worry about us.”

On the first night of the Cai Chun Festival, the four people and two ghosts were exhausted.

Before going to bed, Man Gu remembered, “It seems that ghosts don’t need to sleep. Should we arrange some work for them at night too?”

(End of chapter)

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