Chapter 94 – Could this book be the legendary one that hides…

Faced with Lu Yang’s skilled accusation and framing, Meng Jingzhou disdainfully retorted, “What scared me away? Haven’t you heard that someone said you will have karmic entanglement with immortals in the future?”

“It’s possible that you have done something that has angered gods and men, and the immortals will unite to suppress you!”

Lu Yang waved his hand, “Impossible, I always know my own behavior, I won’t do such outrageous things, it must be Lobu’s made-up excuse.”

The two blamed each other and refused to admit it was their own problem.

Man Gu opened his mouth, wanting to say that it might be both of their problems, but ultimately didn’t say it.

After a few days of contact, Lanting gradually became familiar with Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou’s way of speaking, and in the face of their arguments, she ignored them.

“Look, there’s the Falling Gold Money Chamber ahead, I’ll take you guys to go shopping!”

At the entrance of the Falling Gold Money Chamber, there was a small fat pig holding coins, which was the classic mascot of the chamber.

Lu Yang had long heard of the name of the Falling Gold Money Chamber and wanted to go shopping.

The interior of the chamber was low-key in decoration, oozing with taste, and was quite different from the style of chambers that suddenly became rich and tried to show off their wealth.

The Falling Gold Money Chamber did not need to show off, its own name had already explained everything.

In the central continent, the name of the number one chamber in the world was known to everyone.

The goods listed inside the chamber dazzled Man Gu’s eyes, there were elixirs carefully refined by masters, spiritual treasures forged by craftsmen with great effort, heavenly materials and earth treasures dug out from dangerous places, and talismans and formations that evolved from simplicity to complexity…

Man Gu saw the marked prices and felt like he was a poor pauper who couldn’t afford anything.

Man Gu noticed that Meng Jingzhou and Lanting were strolling through the chamber, not worrying about the prices, which he could understand.

But he was surprised to see that Brother Lu, whose net worth was similar to his own, also seemed indifferent to the prices.

Man Gu quietly asked, “Brother Lu, the things here are so expensive, I can’t afford any of them.”

Of course, Man Gu couldn’t afford to buy everything, he was referring to the things that looked very powerful and were suitable for Foundation Establishment stage that he couldn’t afford.

Lu Yang looked at Man Gu in surprise, “Buy? Why buy things here? Look at these elixirs and treasures, they look gorgeous and expensive, but they are all just ornaments. In terms of practicality, they are not as good as the things produced by our sect.”

Man Gu nodded, this was the truth. The sect’s fried dough sticks were cheap, sturdy and chewy. Over a month had passed, and the fried dough stick that Brother Lu gave to Brother Meng was still half uneaten.

“Besides, if you don’t have money, you can’t make money, with our net worth, we can easily make money by selling things. Look, I’ll show you.”

After speaking, Lu Yang found a waiter standing by, “Do you buy spells here?”

The waiter politely said, “Yes, we do, but we only buy those that are not available in the chamber. We have all the common spells here. Are you selling spells?”

Lu Yang nodded, “I have a shapeshifting spell here that can also attack while transforming. It’s a secret of my family that has not been passed down.”The waiter was surprised. He had been working here for ten years and had never heard of such a transformation technique.

“Please follow me. Today there is an auction, and the appraisal master Yang Xuanling is here to appraise the value of your transformation technique.”

The four were invited to a room where an old man with glasses was reading a book. He was wise and experienced, and it was Yang Xuanling.

The waiter whispered something in Yang Xuanling’s ear.

“Oh? There’s this kind of spell? I see. You can leave now,” said Yang Xuanling.

“Yes.” The waiter respectfully backed out of the room.

“Four people, I heard that you have a transformation technique that can also attack while transforming?”

“Exactly.” Lu Yang took out his “Lu Family Hieroglyph Fist”.

Yang Xuanling remained silent for a moment. “…If I’m not mistaken, the book says Hieroglyph Fist?”

Lu Yang approached and crossed out the three words “Hieroglyph Fist” on the cover, replacing them with “Transformation Technique”.

“Now it’s a transformation technique.”

Yang Xuanling had never met someone who named things so casually. After doing this for so long, he had encountered all kinds of people.

Yang Xuanling slowly turned the pages and analyzed them word by word, angrily saying, “This is just Hieroglyph Fist!”

“How could that be?” Lu Yang was surprised. “This is definitely a transformation technique. Let me demonstrate it for you!”

Lu Yang immediately performed a set of Hieroglyph Fist, transforming from Man Gu to Meng Jingzhou, and then into a tiger demon, with a powerful momentum and a powerful look.

Yang Xuanling stared at him for a long time, but still couldn’t figure out how Lu Yang transformed.

It was indeed Hieroglyph Fist, and the process was exactly the same as what was written in the book. The other party did not secretly use any spells.

How much should this be priced?

Yang Xuanling stroked his beard, looking like he fully understood. “Your transformation technique is indeed interesting. It’s a waste to put it outside as a general commodity. Why not take this transformation technique to the auction? We’ll have an auction later.”


At the auction, Lu Yang saw an old acquaintance.

It was Chi Xulong, who had practiced the Stone-Spitting Godly Skill.

Chi Xulong did not disguise himself, and as he had previously introduced himself, he was outspoken and disliked disguises.

With his cultivation level, he was well-known throughout Yanjiang County and did not need to disguise himself.

Next to Chi Xulong sat a black-robed man. Lu Yang guessed that he was the killer Shen Jinyi.

Lu Yang took the initiative to sit next to Chi Xulong, but Chi Xulong sneered at him when he saw that he was wearing a childish tofu mask.

For some reason, he was very angry when he saw Lu Yang.

The well-dressed auctioneer stepped onto the stage, looking professionally trained. He did not use his cultivation level and had a loud voice that could be heard throughout the venue.

“Good afternoon, everyone. Thank you for coming. Without further ado, let’s get started.”

“The first item up for auction today is three Foundation Establishment Pills.”

With these words, the entire venue became restless. They didn’t expect the auction to start with such a heavyweight item.Most of those attending the auction were in the middle or late stages of Qi Refining. Those in the early stages of Qi Refining knew their financial resources were limited and would not participate in the auction.

Even Foundation Establishment cultivators were tempted, as who didn’t have a junior in the Qi Refining stage?

Lu Yang didn’t.

He thought about it and realized that among the people he knew, his cultivation level was the lowest.

In the ancient times when the ancestors opened up the path of cultivation, they naturally did not rely on external objects and built their own foundations. However, the risk of building a foundation in this way was extremely high, and countless people died in the process.

Later on, someone researched and developed the Foundation Establishment Pill, which not only increased the success rate but also ensured that there would be no hidden dangers or cultivation regression if the attempt failed.

Even Xian Palace disciple Lan Ting took the Foundation Establishment Pill when she built her foundation.

She asked through a voice transmission, “Did you use the Foundation Establishment Pill when you built your foundation?”

Lu Yang shook his head, “Our philosophy on taking medicinal pills is quite advanced. When building our foundation, we directly consume the raw materials of the Foundation Establishment Pill, using our own body as the pill furnace to refine the materials, allowing the medicinal effect to thoroughly dissolve in our meridians.”

“Through research, it was discovered that this method has the highest efficiency in absorbing the medicinal effects.”

“The Seventh Elder of Dan Ding Peak built his foundation a hundred times when he was young in order to reach this conclusion. The data is absolutely reliable.”

“At that time, the Seventh Elder was also given the title of ‘Strongest Foundation Establishment Stage’. Later, because his foundation was too solid, the process of forming the Golden Core was extremely painful, just like having gallstones.”

Lan Ting: “…”

While the two were talking, the three Foundation Establishment Pills had already been auctioned off.

“The next item up for auction is a book on transformation techniques.” The auctioneer took out the book that Lu Yang had just consigned.

Lu Yang let out a soft exclamation, using a voice just loud enough for Chi Xu Long to hear, “Could this book be the legendary one that hides…”

Chi Xu Long, who was originally not interested in the book, suddenly became alert.

(End of this chapter)

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