Chapter 93 – Fortune telling

The fortune-telling master was a cultivator about the same age as Lu Yang. He noticed Lu Yang’s gaze and explained with a hint of complaint, “There’s nothing I can do. Nowadays, people don’t really believe in fortune-telling. They say things like ‘my fate is in my own hands, not in the heavens.’ It’s not easy to make a living.”

“If someone likes to use the Eight Trigrams to tell fortunes, I have prepared the Eight Trigrams Plate.”

“If someone wants to predict their gambling luck, I have prepared some dice.”

“If someone thinks that character divination is accurate, I have prepared the Four Treasures of the Study.”

“If someone thinks that flipping copper coins is the most effective, I have prepared nine large coins.”

“And this crystal ball, it’s a trend that has emerged in the East Sea in recent years. People like to use crystal balls to tell fortunes, and I went to the East Sea to learn how to use it.”

“Moreover, this crystal ball can not only tell fortunes on the surface, but also secretly play small videos. One tool can earn two incomes.”

“So, do you want to try it out? If it’s not accurate, you don’t have to pay.” The fortune-telling master enthusiastically promoted himself.

Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou looked at the fortune-telling master suspiciously, feeling wary. They felt that this fortune-telling master was not simple and seemed to have seen something.

Man Gu encountered fortune-telling for the first time and found it very interesting. “Can you tell my fortune?”

The fortune-telling master smiled slightly, “Sure, which method would you like to use, and what do you want to know?”

After thinking for a moment, Man Gu felt that he was a Confucian cultivator, so he said, “Let’s use character divination. I’ll write a character, and you can tell me if I can become a Great Scholar.”

“Sure.” The fortune-telling master skillfully arranged the Four Treasures of the Study and asked Man Gu to write the character.

Man Gu wrote the character quickly.

The fortune-telling master tapped on the table and made a long hissing sound, “This character of yours…”

“What’s the problem?” Man Gu asked anxiously.

“You wrote this character so ugly. What character is this?”


“…” The fortune-telling master adjusted his mood and explained, “Ru means soft, and it’s a title for a magician. From a person, it needs sound.”

“Your body is strong and seems indestructible, but in fact, you have a soft heart and no opinions. You listen to everything and learn everything.”

“Look at the character ‘xu’, with ‘yu’ on top and ‘er’ on the bottom.”

“The so-called clouds are above the sky, and it rains when it’s needed. This means that you will be needed by others in the future.”

“There’s also the character ‘ren’ standing on the side, which means that you can not only become a Great Scholar, but also a new type of Great Scholar.”

Man Gu was delighted to hear that he could become a Great Scholar. His Confucian level was at the bottom among the disciples of the Four Elders, although the Four Elders didn’t care about it. They believed in equal education and said that he just hadn’t awakened yet. As long as he could awaken, he could enter the path of Confucianism in one fell swoop, and his future would be immeasurable.

But Man Gu was always not confident. Now, after the fortune-telling master’s analysis, he regained his confidence. He still had great potential!

“Oh, one more thing.”


“Go back and practice writing more.”

“Okay.””Do you need calligraphy exercises? I happen to have a book here. It’s a necessary expense on your path to becoming a Great Scholar,” said the seller.

Man Gu thought it made sense and bought a book.

Lan Ting saw Man Gu finish and found it interesting, so she wanted to try it too. She sat down and asked, “I want to know if my future achievements will be higher in formations or talismans. Use the crystal ball to test.”

She hadn’t been studying formations recently and found that her interest in formations was higher than in talismans.

Lan Ting was considering changing her focus.

The fortune teller held up the crystal ball to Lan Ting, rubbed his hands together, and chanted, “Heaven and earth, crystal ball, show your power! Heaven and earth, crystal ball, show your power!”

The fortune teller was dumbfounded when he saw the result on the crystal ball. “Uh, in the future, you will write formations on talismans and combine formations and talismans into one?”

The fortune teller looked at Lan Ting strangely. What a strange idea. This female cultivator was extremely beautiful, but her thinking was very different from ordinary people.

Lan Ting tilted her head and thought for a moment. She felt that what the fortune teller said was possible, so she happily paid.

It was Meng Jingzhou’s turn. Meng Jingzhou raised his eyebrows and said, “Are you a disciple of the Tian Ce Sect?”

The Tian Ce Sect was the number one fortune-telling sect in central mainland. They had predicted the time of the reappearance of the ancient world.

The Tian Ce Sect believed in cause and effect. Ordinary means of concealing identity were useless in front of the Tian Ce Sect.

A disciple of the Tian Ce Sect could tell the other party’s identity and origin with just a glance.

Maybe this fortune teller had figured out that they were all disciples of the Seek Tao Sect and the Guiyue Immortal Palace.

“Haha, Junior Brother, you must be mistaken. I am just an idle person named Xian Yun Ye He. How could I be a disciple of the Tian Ce Sect?” said Meng Jingzhou.

Meng Jingzhou was silent for a moment, then took out a blood contract from his identity jade pendant. “Three hundred years ago, the elder of the Tian Ce Sect borrowed a huge amount of high-grade spirit stones from our Meng family. Later, he couldn’t pay it back and hid in a cave, claiming to be in seclusion.”

“Our Meng family went to your Tian Ce Sect to collect the debt, and your sect leader made a blood contract, saying that he would definitely pay it back. And any direct descendants of the Meng family could demand payment from a disciple of the Tian Ce Sect according to the blood contract.”

“Do you want to try the power of the blood contract?”

Lu Yang heard that the Meng family was the debtor of the world, and it seemed that what Meng Jingzhou said was true.

The fortune teller fell to the ground with a thud, clutching Meng Jingzhou’s thigh and crying, “Big Brother Meng, leave me a way out. Let’s meet again in the future!”

“We disciples of the Tian Ce Sect are so poor that we can’t afford to keep our disciples. Let us go down the mountain and rely on ourselves. If I, Luo Bu, had money, I wouldn’t have to cheat people here!”

“I need to pay for this stall, but I can’t even afford the fee! Look at my jacket. I’ve been patching it up for years and can’t afford a new one!”

Meng Jingzhou rolled his eyes. This jacket was obviously refined and valuable.”I didn’t expect you to pay me back, just get up.” Meng Jingzhou forcibly pulled his leg out, “If you give us two free divinations, I won’t bother you anymore. Remember, no cheating!”

“Hahaha, that’s not difficult.”

“Come on, measure my fate, and tell me how my future achievements will be?” Lu Yang spread his hands, letting the Tian Ce Sect disciple, Luo Bu, read his palm.

Luo Bu laughed heartily, as confident as ever in his field of expertise: “That’s a common question, let me take a look.”

Unexpectedly, Luo Bu’s eyes widened, and he suddenly stood up, his face full of disbelief. He stepped back several steps until he leaned against the wall.

“You, you, what’s going on with your fate? It’s so hazy. In the future, you will have cause and effect with several immortals!”

Luo Bu found that Lu Yang could move freely even though he was entangled with the cause and effect of immortals, as if he was not affected at all.

The most terrifying thing was not this.

The most terrifying thing was that Luo Bu also discovered that Lu Yang would become a great scourge in the Cultivate Immortality world in the future, spreading the Seek Tao Sect’s atmosphere throughout the Cultivate Immortality world!

The atmosphere of the Seek Tao Sect was already outrageous. If the entire Cultivate Immortality world were assimilated by the Seek Tao Sect, how could people live?

Absolutely can’t have cause and effect entanglement with such a person!

Luo Bu secretly lamented, he saw that the four of them were from the Five Great Immortal Sects, which were four fat sheep. He just wanted to deceive them and make some money, but he didn’t expect that there was Lu Yang, an existence that he absolutely couldn’t touch!

No, from the palmistry, it’s not just Lu Yang who spread the bad atmosphere throughout the Cultivate Immortality world, but another person was cooperating.

The other person was…

Luo Bu looked at his biggest creditor, Meng Jingzhou.

Run quickly!

Without saying a word, Luo Bu used his escape technique, not even bothering to clean up the table, and ran away: “I, I, I haven’t seen you today!”

If he looked at them any longer, he worried that his life would end here.

The four of them had not yet reacted, and Luo Bu had already fled.

Lu Yang blamed Meng Jingzhou: “It must be because you wanted to collect the debt that you scared him away.”

(End of this chapter)

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