Chapter 92 – Cultivate Immortality Market

The four of them bought books that they liked. Man Gu bought "The Wild History of the Great Xia" out of interest in history. The book contained many wild stories that even Meng Jingzhou, who knew the inside story, found shocking. Anyway, the four of them were satisfied.


As they walked, they noticed fewer mortals and more cultivators around them, as if there was a mysterious force separating mortals and cultivators. Lan Ting and the other three communicated through voice transmission: "There is an expulsion formation nearby that causes mortals to unconsciously avoid this area, while cultivators are not affected."


Meng Jingzhou suddenly realized that this was the monthly market, which was opening early due to the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival attracted not only mortals but also cultivators.


This was a legitimate market, not the kind of black market where there were often killings and smuggling. They could even see the constables patrolling here. However, there were also many people in the market who hid their identities with masks and black robes. This was common, as some cultivators would hide among mortals. If they came here in their true form, wouldn't they expose their identities?


For example, Lu Yang and the others. They each had their own way of hiding their identities. Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu chose to wear black robes, feeling that it had an atmosphere. Meng Jingzhou even chuckled a few times.


Lan Ting took off her transformation talisman, revealing her stunningly beautiful face. She used her true face when she was searching for clues about the demonic cult in Yanjiang County.


Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou discussed, "Why don't I use my mimicking fist to turn into your appearance?" The response they got was Meng Jingzhou slapping a tofu mask on Lu Yang's face.


Lu Yang put on the tofu mask.


The market had a strong cultivation atmosphere. A huge protective shield covered the entire market, emitting a soft light that was completely different from the outside atmosphere. Cultivators who hadn't been seen for a long time sat in roadside taverns, discussing what they had seen and heard recently. Cultivators argued with merchants over the prices of goods, trying to earn a few spirit stones from each other. The government set up a fighting arena for cultivators to fight to their hearts' content.


"Come and take a look! The powerful pill refined by our ancestral alchemy secret method, the Great Strength Pill. After taking one, your strength will be boundless!"


Lu Yang found it interesting and followed the voice, discovering that it was a pharmacy. It seemed that the pharmacy was run by cultivators, and the seller was either an apprentice or an alchemist.


"How much for one pill?"


The alchemist's apprentice said, "Ten spirit stones for one pill, buy three get one free, buy five get two free."


The price wasn't expensive, indicating that the target audience for the pill was not Lu Yang, who was in the Foundation Establishment stage, but those in the Qi Refining stage. Lu Yang wanted to buy two pills as a souvenir. This was the first time he had seen people outside of the Seek Tao Sect making pills.


"Does it work?"


"It can enhance your strength in a short period of time, but you will be in a state of weakness for half a day after the strength fades."Lu Yang bought a pill and was about to leave when a constable named Sun came in. Lu Yang recognized him as the assistant of the head constable Wei.


"I received a report that your Dali Pill involves false advertising."


The alchemist's apprentice was stunned, false advertising?


Constable Sun explained seriously: "According to the law, when promoting a product, words such as 'most' and 'infinite' cannot be used."


"After investigation, we found that your Dali Pill is suitable for cultivators below the third level of Qi Refining and does not have the effect of 'infinite strength.' After this warning, we hope you will make corrections."


The alchemist's apprentice nodded honestly. After Lu Yang left, he heard a voice coming from the medical clinic:


"Take a look at this, the Dali Pill refined by our ancestral alchemy secret technique, after taking one, your strength is limited!"


Lu Yang suddenly felt that Wu Ming's Ten Bulls Strength Pill was really flawless, without even the most common false advertising problems.


Meng Jingzhou had seen a lot of things. His family had relatively serious alchemists, so he wasn't interested in common items.


"What is this?"


Meng Jingzhou picked up a small gadget from the stall, two wooden sticks stuck together vertically. "Is it for making pancakes? Does this thing sell in the market?"


The owner of the stall was a middle-aged man with a beard all over his face. He looked serious and solemn, with the demeanor of a master craftsman. He rested with his eyes closed until Meng Jingzhou spoke, then reluctantly opened his eyes. He looked like a master craftsman.


"This thing is called the Flying Sky Stick. Put it on your head and use spiritual power to drive it. You can fly into the sky with a cultivation level of seven layers of Qi Refining."


Meng Jingzhou was surprised. The small market was really hiding dragons and crouching tigers, with such a master craftsman.


Unless there were special means, only cultivators in the Golden Elixir stage could fly in the air. If there were special means, such as Lu Yang's ability to control a sword in the Foundation Establishment stage, or Lu Yang's transformation into a fairy crane using the pictographic fist, he could also fly.


Whether it was a general situation or a special situation, the minimum requirement for cultivation was the Foundation Establishment stage.


Meng Jingzhou had never heard of being able to fly in the sky with only seven layers of Qi Refining.


At the seventh layer of Qi Refining, the spiritual power was scarce, and it was difficult to control a flying treasure.


"Seeing is believing. I'll demonstrate it for you." The bearded middle-aged man looked confident and took out a wooden puppet.


He tied the Flying Sky Stick to the wooden puppet and shot a trace of spiritual energy from his fingertips towards the stick.


The Flying Sky Stick turned slowly, and the speed increased, until only the afterimages could be seen.


The Flying Sky Stick, along with the wooden puppet, flew into the sky, seeming to have no problems.


If a person was under the Flying Sky Stick, their brain would be scrambled by the rotation of the wooden puppet, which was spinning at the same frequency as the stick.


"Look, I told you our puppets are of high quality, right? They can spin so fast without falling apart. I'm not bragging, but this puppet can even fight against someone in the Foundation Establishment stage. The price is not a loss either, a one-time payment of 800!"


"Get lost!" Meng Jingzhou finally understood that the other party was just using the reputation of the flying stick to promote their puppets!


It could be seen that the market was full of deceit, and sincere people like Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou were already rare.


Lu Yang and the others decided to go to the Golden Coin Trading Area, which was more formal and wouldn't have the situations they just encountered.


"Gentlemen, would you like to have your fortune told?"


A voice sounded beside the four of them. Lu Yang turned around and saw that the person was a fortune teller with an eight trigrams flag hanging behind him, on which was written "Calculating the heavens and the earth is not as good as calculating people." It seemed that his business was bleak, and no one was coming.


Seeing that Lu Yang and the others had noticed him, the fortune teller added, "If it's inaccurate, it's free. Want to give it a try?"


Lu Yang noticed that on his table were an eight trigrams plate, dice, the four treasures of the study, nine copper coins, and a crystal ball…


Everything that could be used for fortune-telling was displayed.


Was it reliable?


And why was there a crystal ball?


(End of Chapter)

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