Chapter 91 – After the sun goes out, it becomes the moon

When the Ling Gathering Formation was not yet set up in Lan Ting, the three of them each practiced on their own, constantly consolidating and improving their Foundation Establishment cultivation. After the Ling Gathering Formation was set up on the second floor, the four of them gathered together to practice and exchanged their cultivation experiences in their spare time, gaining a lot from it.

For example, Lu Yang learned that Man Gu did not recite the words of the sages while doing horse stance, which he thought was disrespectful to the sages, but Man Gu would recite the words of the sages while doing horse stance.

For example, Man Gu learned that Meng Jingzhou often visited brothels during the day to train his spiritual power, listening to songs without doing anything else, which was admirable.

For example, Meng Jingzhou learned that Lu Yang would use the sword qi of a cow hair sword to pick out food stuck in his teeth, which was a new way of cultivation.

For example, Lan Ting learned that the central continent was once made up of stars.

“I can’t believe such a thing.” Lan Ting was stunned and deeply affected by this news, which also solved some of her confusion.

“What confusion?”

Lan Ting thought about it and felt that this was not something that couldn’t be said: “As you all know, the name of our Moon Laurel Immortal Palace has a double meaning. One is that the palace is full of Moon Laurel trees, and the other is that the palace believes that the moon has some special meaning.”

The Moon Laurel Immortal Palace was built on the top of a snowy mountain to get closer to the moon, showing the moon’s status in the palace.

“When I joined the Moon Laurel Immortal Palace, I asked my master why the moon had a special meaning. What about the sun and other stars? Can we draw strength from the stars, such as the Big Dipper?”

“My master said that the moon and the sun were originally one, and as for other stars, she just smiled meaningfully and didn’t say anything.”

“But my master always smiled like that when facing things she didn’t understand, so I didn’t pay much attention to it.”

“Listening to you all now, I think she probably knows the truth about the stars.”

Lu Yang frowned, “The moon and the sun are one?”

Lan Ting nodded, “I didn’t know what it meant at first, but once after class, two senior sisters were talking and one of them said, ‘After the sun goes out, it becomes the moon.’”

“After the sun goes out, it becomes the moon?” Lu Yang was surprised. He had never heard of such a saying.

Could it be that the stars in the sky were just illusions, and the sun and the moon were real and existed as one entity with two sides?

The sun burned during the day, and the moon went out at night.

The energy of the sun was terrifying. Some say that the sun is the source of all life, and there are still people who use the sun for cultivation, either through visualization or comprehension.

If the sun was the moon, then where did all that energy go after it went out? It must be an enormous amount of energy!Does the sun hide its power within during the night and turn into the moon? Lu Yang murmured to himself.

Without the sun, the world would be dim and countless lives would perish. According to Chu Duozhu, the ancient nameless person viewed human life as insignificant and would not hesitate to remove the sun.

Meng Jingzhou suddenly asked if Lu Yang knew about the Yao Yang Sect, one of the four major demonic sects that worshiped the sun. They believed that the sun held a unique power and that when it was revived, everything would perish. They advocated for self-destruction before the sun’s revival to enter paradise.

Although Lan Ting shook her head, she did not think that Meng Jingzhou was offending anyone. The Seek Tao Sect also held similar beliefs, and even more radical ones existed within the sect.

Meng Jingzhou speculated that the ancient nameless person might be hiding within the sun, which had been hanging in the sky since ancient times, and no one had ever doubted it.

Lu Yang suggested that the sun might contain immense power, and even the ancient nameless person might not want to touch it.

Regardless of the possibilities, the sun and the moon were far from peaceful.

Meng Jingzhou suggested that they stop thinking about it and enjoy the Spring Harvest Festival, which was approaching.

As the festival approached, the atmosphere became more festive. Various shops prepared for a large influx of customers, and even the barbecue shops gave out tofu masks with every skewer, which delighted children.

Everywhere on the streets, one could see colorful little flags, a tradition in Yanjiang County. The government organized it, and it was meant to imitate the colors of spring and welcome the season.

It was said that Li County Magistrate had specifically instructed that the flags be inserted quickly and not disturb people’s lives.

Meng Jingzhou noted that the little flags added to the festive atmosphere, and even the barbecue shops had a red flag hanging outside.”Come and take a look, these are rare books that are hard to come by!” The old man with yellow teeth shouted on the street, arousing the interest of the four people.

“What kind of books are you selling?”

“Secret martial arts manuals, rare cultivation techniques, everything you could want.” The old man with yellow teeth laughed.

Meng Jingzhou casually flipped through the books, and suddenly his eyes lit up as he found a martial arts manual. “Lu Yang, this book is perfect for you. If you are willing to practice it, I guarantee you can reach the highest level.”

Lu Yang looked at the cover: Toad Skill.

“Get lost!”

Soon, Lu Yang also found a martial arts manual and suggested Meng Jingzhou practice it. “This martial arts manual is tailor-made for you. If you are willing to practice it, it’s not impossible for you to become a martial immortal in the future!”

Meng Jingzhou looked at the cover: The Sunflower Treasure.

The two looked at each other and laughed, kindly buying the secret manuals for each other.

Man Gu saw the first page of The Sunflower Treasure, which read “To practice this skill, one must first castrate oneself,” and fell into deep thought. “Does this mean women can’t practice this martial art?”

Lan Ting didn’t hear Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou’s mockery, as she was engrossed in reading a novel in chapters.

The story was about a famous courtesan who wanted to redeem herself and pursue true love, entrusting her life to a scholar. However, the scholar was weak-willed and selfish. Although he genuinely loved the courtesan, he was too embarrassed to marry her. With the instigation of his friends, he eventually betrayed the courtesan, leading to her tragic death by drowning in a river.

Lan Ting was moved to tears, feeling that the courtesan was pitiful.

Lu Yang saw Lan Ting immersed in the story and stretched his neck to read as well, thinking that the story was truly vivid and touching.

He leaned over and saw the book’s title.

“Dream of the Brothel”

Lu Yang: “…”

He felt that the title had a particularly rustic feel to it.

(End of Chapter)

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