Chapter 87 – Learn invisibility spell

When they first arrived in Yanjiang County, Man Gu suggested informing the local government about the Yanjiang Gang and searching for Qin Yuanhao together, but Lu Yang and Meng Jingzhou rejected the idea, citing the unreliability of the government.

Now it seems that their concerns were not unfounded.

The Yanjiang Gang has planted a spy in the government, and their position is not low!

Chu, the gang leader, said leisurely, “Lu Yang, among the high-level members of the Yanjiang Gang, you are the one I have the highest hopes for. After the Spring Festival, they will send people to inspect the Yanjiang Gang. This inspection is different from previous ones. With you, Meng Jingzhou, and Man Gu, three demonic seeds, the evaluation from above will be raised for me.”

“I have a great chance of being promoted. As a result, the position of the gang leader will be vacant.”

“According to tradition, the new gang leader will be selected from the high-level members of the gang. Although you are still young, considering the leader’s evaluation of you, it is not impossible for you to be appointed as the new gang leader.”

“Your competitors are still locked up in prison and will not be released for three days. Such a stupid move will not earn them high evaluations from above.”

“The Spring Festival is a big holiday in several nearby counties, and its influence is not small. If something happens during this festival, you will be highly regarded by those above.” Chu, the gang leader, hinted at Lu Yang.

Lu Yang told Meng Jingzhou and others what Chu, the gang leader, had said. Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu were both glad that they had chosen to fabricate rumors and cause trouble for Qin Yuanhao instead of seeking help from the government.

Otherwise, their barbecue restaurant would not be so popular.

Lu Yang felt that their focus might be misplaced.

“I just don’t know who the spy arranged by Chu, the gang leader, is.” The four of them were all puzzled, and they didn’t know which government official was qualified to know about the yellow talisman.

“Don’t worry, when you become the gang leader, you will know who the spy is. Chu, the gang leader, values you so much that he will definitely tell you before he leaves!” Meng Jingzhou laughed heartily, surprised that Lu Yang had been promoted so quickly.

If Lu Yang were promoted, he and Man Gu would have free rein in Yanjiang County.

It’s good to have someone backing you up.

As the four of them were discussing vigorously, there was a knock on the door from the guard captain outside.

“Little Lu, I’m here to bring you another banner.”

Lu Yang opened the door and warmly welcomed the guard captain in.

“Oh, everyone’s here. It’s really lively.” The guard captain said casually.

“We’re discussing yesterday’s case.”

Upon hearing this, the guard captain solemnly warned, “Little Lu, you must keep yesterday’s case a secret and not tell anyone. This involves ruthless demonic cultivators, and a slight mistake could be life-threatening. You must not look for the owner of the talisman.”

Lu Yang laughed. The demonic cultivators warned him not to get involved in this matter, and the righteous path also warned him not to get involved in this matter.

“Don’t laugh, this is a very serious matter!” The guard captain thought Lu Yang didn’t take this matter seriously.Lu Yang raised his face and assured that he would not interfere with this matter, and then the head of the guards left with peace of mind.

“Have some tea before you go.”

The head of the guards waved his hand: “No, the leader is urging me, and I have to take people to find other talismans.”

After sending away the head of the guards, Lu Yang and the other three worried that the manpower in the yamen was not enough, and they might not be able to catch the person behind the scenes.

If something went wrong, they didn’t know how many people’s lifespan would be taken away secretly.

Lu Yang lowered his head in thought: “We have already learned the method of hiding our breath, but simply using the method of hiding our breath may not be safe.”

He looked up at Lan Ting, who was learning how to grill skewers with the ghosts, and had an idea.

“Lan Ting fellow daoist, I have a request.”

Lan Ting smiled: “As fellow disciples of the immortal sect, we should slay demons and eliminate evil together. I am still under your command now. You don’t need to be so formal. Just call me Lan Ting.”

Lu Yang readily agreed: “Lan Ting, can you teach us the invisibility talisman?”

Lan Ting understood Lu Yang’s meaning: “You mean you want to use the invisibility talisman to hide your figure and secretly help the head of the guards?”

Lu Yang nodded.

“Of course, there is no problem. The invisibility talisman is not a difficult rune. As long as you have good talent, you can learn it in half a day.”

Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu were excited to hear that they could learn something new, and it wasn’t even taught by Lu Yang.

“Have you three learned talismans before?”

The three shook their heads together.

Lan Ting wasn’t surprised: “Then I will teach you from scratch.”

Lan Ting was also excited. This was her first time teaching others something. When she was in the Laurel Immortal Palace, her senior sister taught her. Now it was finally her turn to be the teacher.

“The essence of talismans is to visualize spells in the form of graphics and put them on paper. You three are from the Seek Tao Sect, and your talent in spells is not bad. It will be easy for you to learn.”

“…The talisman spirit is the soul of a talisman. Whether a talisman can fully exert its effect depends largely on whether there is a talisman spirit guarding it…”

“…The most commonly used pattern in talismans is the cloud talisman, which imitates the changing shape of clouds in the sky and is derived from nature…”

“Specifically for the invisibility talisman, it uses ‘gang’ as the talisman spirit and the ethereal cloud talisman pattern as the graphic.”

Lan Ting dipped her fingertip in water, and with a few strokes of her finger, she drew an invisibility talisman on the table. She sucked it into her palm with her palm, and then tapped her body. She disappeared in front of the three people’s eyes.

After a few breaths, Lan Ting reappeared and smiled faintly: “This is the most basic invisibility talisman. It can only hide the body from sight. You should be able to detect my location through details such as breathing and heartbeat.”

The three nodded. Even so, it was still quite impressive.

“You guys try it.”

After half a day of learning, the three had a preliminary understanding of talismans and took out their calligraphy tools to try writing invisibility talismans, but they couldn’t even write them with water yet.

Meng Jingzhou had been practicing calligraphy for years and wrote good characters. His right hand and wrist holding the brush were very stable.He manipulated his spiritual energy with his pen and quickly drew an invisibility talisman, which looked almost identical to the one Lan Ting drew.

After drawing it several times, it was almost indistinguishable from Lan Ting’s.

Meng Jingzhou happily stuck it on himself and disappeared.

Man Gu was not as talented in this area, and his control of spiritual energy was not precise enough. He tried dozens of times before succeeding once, but as he tried more, his success rate increased.

Lan Ting secretly praised them, thinking that they were truly talented disciples of the Seek Tao Sect.

“What about Lu Yang?” Lan Ting looked at Lu Yang.

Lu Yang quickly wrote an invisibility talisman, and succeeded in one try. His talent was terrifying.

Lu Yang put the talisman on himself and disappeared completely, but his clothes remained, making it look like a haunted scene.

“What the hell!” Something magical happened, and his clothes started talking.

Lu Yang thought that since he was invisible anyway, he might as well take off his clothes. But then he realized that the talisman paper was still visible. What a useless invisibility talisman!

He almost tore it off, but fortunately, he kept his cool and didn’t do it.

(End of this chapter)

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