Chapter 86 – Undercover agent hidden in the government office

“There seem to be many people showing symptoms of sleepiness. Could it be that the Reverse Life Element Talisman has started absorbing the life force of ordinary people?”

Lan Ting shook her head. “Not exactly. Life force is the foundation of life and cannot be easily shaken. Based on your description, people have only recently started showing signs of sleepiness. It’s just the prelude, and it will take at least half a month before it truly begins to absorb life force.”

“The process of officially absorbing life force is extremely long and difficult to detect.”

“But there is also a way to forcefully activate the Reverse Life Element Talisman.”

“What method?” Lu Yang asked.

Lan Ting said seriously, “Using the Reverse Life Element Talisman as a node, set up a Reverse Life Element Formation, use human blood as a guide, and activate the formation without waiting for half a month. You can use the life force of ordinary people to improve your own cultivation!”

In fact, the Reverse Life Element Talisman and the Reverse Life Element Formation are quite esoteric knowledge, and only a few books have recorded them. Because the Reverse Life Element Talisman is a real evil way, books that record the Reverse Life Element Talisman have been banned. Even those who are knowledgeable about formations may have only heard of the name of the Reverse Life Element Talisman and do not recognize its pattern.

Only Lan Ting, who came from the Moon Laurel Immortal Palace, had the qualifications to access these banned books.

She claimed that she only had a shallow understanding of formations, but her knowledge reserves were far beyond that.

“However, the person who wrote the Reverse Life Element Talisman should not know how to set up the Reverse Life Element Formation. Before the Reverse Life Element Formation is activated, there are no signs of sleepiness, making it even more secretive. However, it is also possible that the Reverse Life Element Formation is still being set up and has not been completed.”

Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu listened on the side and realized the problem. Now, everyone in Yanjiang County has a tendency to sleepiness, indicating that the Reverse Life Element Talisman is hidden in various locations in Yanjiang County!

The person behind the scenes has a huge plan!

“After the Reverse Life Element Formation is activated, what level can the practitioner be promoted to?”

Lan Ting shook her head. “It’s hard to say. It depends on how much life force the formation can absorb. It’s still unclear at the moment.”

“Let’s go to the Big Stone Bridge and take a look. Maybe it’s still there!” Lu Yang called the three of them.

On the west side of Yanjiang County, there is a big river called Hidden Dragon River. This section of Hidden Dragon River passing through Yanjiang County has a gentle flow and is often frequented by people for leisure activities. It is a major characteristic scenic spot of Yanjiang County, and the name “Yanjiang” comes from this.

The “Big Stone Bridge” that Lu Zhi tried to break into was located here.

At this time, it was late at night, and there was no one on the Hidden Dragon River. The four of them went to the Big Stone Bridge together, searched up and down, but did not find a new Reverse Life Element Talisman.

“Indeed, the other party is not stupid and won’t put two Reverse Life Element Talismans in the same place.”

The next morning, Wei, the head of the guard, found the chief of the guard, Fang Qingyun.

“Little Wei, what’s the matter with me?”

“Master, have you noticed that the people of Yanjiang County have been sleeping early and cannot get up in the morning recently?”

Fang Qingyun nodded. “Yes, I think it’s because the consumption level of Yanjiang County has increased, but the income has not increased, causing great pressure on people’s lives. They have to work hard during the day to earn money.”

Wei, the head of the guard, rubbed his forehead in pain and carefully organized his words. “Master, I know you want to be promoted, and you have been reading books on social and economic issues recently to prepare for your future promotion. But have you ever thought that you are not suitable for development?”

“Speak up if you have something to say!”

…”…It’s like this, last night a vigilant citizen caught a thief who broke into a house. According to the thief, he accidentally obtained a sleep-inducing talisman that can make people within a fifty-meter radius feel drowsy.”

The guard captain took out the talisman from a box sealed with a seal.

The seal had an effect of sealing, and he found that the sleep-inducing talisman had no effect on him, but it had an excellent effect on ordinary people. Everyone who was on night duty with him fell asleep.

He had no choice but to lock the talisman in the box.

“Do you recognize this thing?”

Fang Qingyun looked at it for a moment and shook his head, indicating that he did not recognize it either. “Li County Magistrate has a broad knowledge. Perhaps he knows.”

When the two of them found Li County Magistrate, he was busy handling official business.

The two of them admired Li County Magistrate very much. As a Golden Elixir stage cultivator, he had been in Yanjiang County for twenty years. Yanjiang County had not changed at all during these twenty years, but whenever a higher-level official came to Yanjiang County for inspection, or when Li County Magistrate went to report to higher-level officials, Yanjiang County always showed its best side, as if there had been earth-shattering changes in Yanjiang County over the past twenty years.

“Li County Magistrate, I have something to report!” Fang Qingyun said.

Li County Magistrate put down his brush and motioned for the two of them to sit.

The guard captain truthfully reported what happened last night and took out the talisman for Li County Magistrate to examine.

Li County Magistrate narrowed his eyes and murmured, as if he remembered something and fell into deep thought. After a few minutes, he said, “If my memory serves me right, this is the Reverse Life Element Talisman?”

“Thirty years ago, when I was responsible for cracking down on demonic cultivators in Poyang County and exchanging experiences with colleagues from other counties, a colleague introduced me to this kind of talisman. He said it was the Reverse Life Element Talisman, which can absorb people’s life essence and convert it into cultivation base. It is an undisputed demonic technique.”

Li County Magistrate said solemnly, “The Spring Harvest Festival is approaching, and there will be a large number of people from other counties and cities coming to Yanjiang County to play. This includes both ordinary people and cultivators. The Spring Harvest Festival is our most important event for external promotion. We cannot afford any mistakes. You must catch the demonic cultivators who put up these talismans before the Spring Harvest Festival begins!”

“These demonic cultivators are simply lawless and do not put the court in their eyes!”

“Guard Captain Fang, you must pay special attention to this matter. Once the Reverse Life Element Talisman becomes popular, there will be endless troubles!”

Then Li County Magistrate turned the conversation around, “Of course, if you catch the mastermind, it will also be a great achievement, and I will report it to the higher-ups. If possible, you’d better break through your cultivation base once, so that your promotion will be a sure thing.”


“That’s all. You can go now. I have another meeting later.”

The next day, Lu Yang and the others wanted to continue searching for the location of the Reverse Life Element Talisman based on the clues, but before they could leave, Chu Headmaster sent someone to summon Lu Yang.

Lu Yang didn’t understand why Chu Headmaster only called him, and he was secretly alert, feeling that something was strange.

Chu Headmaster sat on the jade throne, propped his head with his hand, wore a mask, and his voice was hoarse, “I heard that you caught a thief and found a yellow talisman that can make people fall asleep?”

Lu Yang respectfully said, “Yes, I suspect that the yellow talisman is a technique of our demonic cultivators. I want to find the person who wrote the talisman and learn the technique of drawing this kind of talisman to kill people and rob goods!”Chu Master waved his hand: “It is necessary to establish good relations with the government, but this time is different. The government will vigorously investigate this matter. With a Golden Elixir stage cultivator involved, the truth will soon come to light. Do not get involved anymore to avoid exposing your identity and getting caught up in it.”

“It’s just a sleep-inducing talisman, not worth the risk.”

Lu Yang was shocked. Chu Master knew about what happened last night this morning, and even knew that a Golden Elixir cultivator would intervene. This matter was unknown even to himself.

Yanjiang Sect had planted a spy in the government!

(End of chapter)

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