Chapter 88 – The Growth of Orchid Pavilion

Lan Ting deeply doubted her teaching ability. She had heard that Lu Yang had entered the Seek Tao Sect as the first-ranked disciple and his spell talent was absolutely top-notch.

For example, his previous pictographic fist had proved this point. It was a spell talent that was out of this world, turning decay into magic.

How did she end up like this after teaching? Did she teach it wrong? She had taught Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu the same way and there were no problems.

Could it be that she underestimated Lu Yang’s spell talent and needed a special teaching method for this kind of extraordinary genius?

While doubting herself, she also felt guilty.

Lu Yang, who was carelessly studying his talismans, was completely unaware that a talisman genius was self-doubting because of her inability to teach herself. “Do you think there is a kind of talisman that can make other talismans invisible? Then my invisibility talisman would disappear.”

It took Meng Jingzhou a while to consider before saying, “I find it hard to imagine what purpose the other party has in researching the talisman you mentioned.”

Lu Yang dejectedly put on his clothes and continued to practice drawing invisibility talismans, but the results were the same as before. His body became invisible, but his clothes remained visible.

On the other hand, Man Gu’s drawings became more and more standardized, giving Lan Ting a sense of accomplishment.

Meng Jingzhou sneered at Lu Yang, “Haha, give up. You will never be able to draw a genuine invisibility talisman.”

Lu Yang became angry and held the invisibility talisman with two fingers, sticking it on Meng Jingzhou’s forehead. “Hey, freak, eat my talisman!”

Meng Jingzhou’s body disappeared, but his clothes remained.

He was not to be outdone and also took out an invisibility talisman, throwing it at Lu Yang. “Priest, don’t think you’re the only one who can draw talismans!”

Lu Yang’s forehead was also stuck with an invisibility talisman, and his body and clothes disappeared completely.

The two attacked each other with invisibility talismans, but they were ineffective.

Man Gu was sandwiched between the two, drawing talismans with concentration, undisturbed by the two.

“I’m done.” Man Gu picked up a stack of successful invisibility talismans. After continuous practice, his success rate in drawing invisibility talismans was close to 100%.

Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu successfully graduated.

Lu Yang used the invisibility talisman drawn by Lan Ting to graduate successfully.

“By the way, Lan Ting, do you know how to set up the Reverse Life Element Array?” Lu Yang asked. He was wondering if the person in the dark was really using the Reverse Life Element Talisman to set up the Reverse Life Element Array, but it had not been completed yet.

If that was the case, after finding more than ten Reverse Life Element Talismans, it would be easy to deduce the positions of other talismans according to the positions of the Reverse Life Element Talismans.

Lan Ting nodded and, using her own spiritual power as a guide, drew an extremely detailed formation in the air, with thousands of nodes. “The Reverse Life Element Array is large in scale and has many nodes. If the person in the dark has only a few people, considering the need to post talismans in secret locations, they will not be able to set it up quickly.”

“I see. Can you please watch the store? The three of us will go out and see if we can help with anything.” Lu Yang said.

“What? I have to watch the store?” Lan Ting was a little uneasy. She had always followed her senior sister’s arrangements in the Laurel Immortal Palace and had no initiative. Now she was asked to watch such a big store, and she was a little unsure.

“It’s okay, nothing will happen. If there’s anything, you can make your own decision.” Lu Yang didn’t think there was a problem and left after speaking.After Lu Yang and his companions left, Lan Ting felt uneasy about temporarily taking over such a large shop.

“I’ll set up a gathering spirit formation.” Lan Ting muttered to herself, trying to find something to do.

The gathering spirit formation is a basic formation for cultivators, and she found that there was no such formation in the barbecue restaurant. She wondered how Lu Yang and his companions practiced.

“Everyone lives on the second floor, so I’ll set it up there.”

The gathering spirit formation is the most basic formation, and Lan Ting is skilled at setting it up. She took out spirit stones from her identity jade pendant and followed the instructions she learned in class to set it up flawlessly.

“Let’s also set up a concentration formation to quickly enter the cultivation state.”

“And a soundproof formation to keep it quiet.”

Lan Ting is meticulous in her work. She considered that the gathering spirit formation was too effective and might attract the attention of other cultivators, so she also set up a formation to isolate the fluctuations of spiritual energy.

“This way, everything is foolproof.” Lan Ting was very satisfied with her attention to detail.

“Hello, is anyone there?” A voice came from downstairs, startling Lan Ting. It sounded like a woman.

Lan Ting went downstairs and saw a fair-skinned woman standing at the door, wondering whether to come in.

“Hello, may I ask who you are…”

“I run a tofu shop on Front Street. My name is Wen Xiangyu. Is the owner, Xiao Lu, here?” Wen Xiangyu’s voice was gentle and soothing.

“He’s not here. What can I help you with?” Lan Ting remembered that Lu Yang mentioned her when he talked about how to find the Reverse Longevity Yuan Symbol.

“Well, you see, the Spring Harvest Festival is coming soon, and I want to collaborate with your barbecue restaurant for an event.”

Lan Ting invited Wen Xiangyu in, poured her a cup of tea, and asked, “What kind of event?”

“I have many customers at my tofu shop, and there will be even more during the Spring Harvest Festival. I was thinking of setting up an event where customers who buy tofu at my shop can get a 10% discount on barbecue at your restaurant, and vice versa.”

“And there will be a lucky spin and masks.”


Wen Xiangyu took out several masks. They were square and looked white and tender, like a piece of tofu.

“These masks are made based on the mascot of my tofu shop and are very popular.”

Lan Ting thought about it and found Wen Xiangyu’s proposal to be good for the barbecue restaurant’s business and harmless. She also remembered that Lu Yang had entrusted her with full authority during his absence, so she agreed.

Wen Xiangyu was very happy that Lan Ting agreed to her idea. The two women then chatted about various details of the event, from the rewards of the lucky spin to the concept of gravitational force.

“There is an invisible force that pulls everything in the world together. Lu Yang also agrees with my point of view and named this force gravitational force…”

“But Lu Yang thinks this invisible force is naturally produced, while I think someone set up a huge formation to attract us.”

“Oh, you don’t know about formations. Let me tell you, formations are very interesting. This book, ‘True Explanation of Formations,’ describes formations in a simple and easy-to-understand way…”

When Wen Xiangyu came, she was grateful to Lu Yang, but when she left, her mind was filled with the principles of formations.

After bidding farewell to Wen Xiangyu, Lan Ting noticed a lurking ghost in the corner and had an idea in her mind.Lu Yang’s thoughts were wild and free. If he wanted to teach him well, didn’t he have to learn his way of thinking?

For example, he could use floating formations, fire-gathering formations, and other formations as a basis to design an automatic barbecue formation?

Hmm, that seems like a pretty good idea.

(End of chapter)

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