Chapter 85 – Reverse Longevity Yuan Symbol

“Open the door for him!” Zheng Shouhe held his knife against Wen Xiangyu’s back.

Wen Xiangyu had no choice but to open the door. When she did, Lu Yang’s delicate face appeared.

Wen Xiangyu desperately signaled to Lu Yang to run, but he acted as if he didn’t see and put on a professional fake smile, saying, “Here’s your kebab.”

Zheng Shouhe also put on a professional fake smile. The other party looked like an honest person, so it was too easy to trick him into coming inside. “Young man, come in and sit down. I’ll get you your money.”

Lu Yang believed him and walked in. Seeing that the house was completely dark, he joked, “You already went to bed this early without even turning on the lights?”

Wen Xiangyu was anxious to get Lu Yang out, but it was too late. Zheng Shouhe saw her strange behavior and coldly laughed. He threw Wen Xiangyu behind him and stabbed at Lu Yang with his knife in the darkness.

Zheng Shouhe had been in the darkness for a long time, so his eyes had adapted to it. The other party had just walked in from the street and needed a transition time to adjust to the darkness. This was his chance!

It seemed that tonight was destined to be a bloody night!

Lu Yang kicked Zheng Shouhe four or five meters away.

What was the point of talking science with cultivators?

Zheng Shouhe didn’t expect Lu Yang’s kick to be so heavy and powerful. It felt like a huge rock had hit his chest, causing him to see stars, break several ribs, and spit out a mouthful of blood!

He realized that he had made a fatal mistake and had to use Wen Xiangyu as a hostage to survive!

Zheng Shouhe used his willpower to suppress the pain in his chest and turned over to grab Wen Xiangyu’s wrist.

“If you make another move, I’ll kill her!” Zheng Shouhe threatened viciously.

The person in Zheng Shouhe’s arms sneered, “Who do you want to kill?”

Zheng Shouhe lowered his head in horror and realized that he was not holding Wen Xiangyu, but Lu Yang!

Lu Yang slapped Zheng Shouhe’s chin and took the knife from him with his other hand, easily disarming him.

“What luck. Even delivering takeout can lead to so much trouble,” Lu Yang sighed and lit a candle, illuminating the dim room.

Wen Xiangyu couldn’t believe how quickly everything had changed. The kebab delivery boy had turned into a hero and subdued the villain in an instant.

“Are you okay?” Lu Yang helped Wen Xiangyu up from the ground.

“I-I’m fine.”

“That’s good. Now, give me the money for the kebab,” Lu Yang said politely.

“Oh…oh, right.” Wen Xiangyu suddenly remembered that Lu Yang was here to deliver food and had saved her life.

“Are you…a cultivator?” she asked.


“Cultivators run shops too?”

“Well, we need to make a living, don’t we?”Zheng Shouhe, who was lying on the ground howling, regretted it. What kind of luck was this? He met a cultivator as soon as he went out, and now the cultivator has resorted to delivering takeout to make a living?

Lu Yang looked at Wen Xiangyu, who looked like she had survived a disaster, and shook his head with a smile. “I’ll go with you to report the case.”

“Thank you.” Wen Xiangyu remembered the thief upstairs and said, “By the way, there is another person upstairs. He should be his accomplice.”

When Wen Xiangyu woke up, she saw Zheng Shouhe and Lu Zhi. She thought that these two people were together, but had a falling out because of her beauty.

Lu Yang went upstairs and saw Lu Zhi, who was tied up tightly, and also thought he was Zheng Shouhe’s accomplice. “Looks like they’re working together.”

Lu Zhi protested, “Don’t talk nonsense. I’m not with that guy. He’s a kidnapper, and I’m a thief. Our sentences will be different!”

Lu Yang laughed, “You seem to know a lot about the law.”

“We always check the legal provisions before committing a crime, to see how many years we can get.” Lu Zhi said, showing that he knew his stuff.

“Let’s go then, let’s see how many years you can get at the yamen.”

When Lu Zhi heard that they were going to the yamen, he quickly begged for mercy, “Brother, let’s talk things out. We’re all people who wander the jianghu, why do we have to be so ruthless? Look, I’ll give you something good. You let me go, okay?”

Lu Yang looked at Lu Zhi, who was clearly an ordinary person. “What good thing?”

“A yellow paper that can make people fall asleep. With this paper, you can make anyone sleep and do whatever you want to them!”

Lu Yang thought about the recent strange occurrences and frowned, realizing that the problem was not simple. He asked coldly, “Where is it?”

Lu Zhi wasn’t stupid. He couldn’t just answer when asked. “You have to promise to let me go first!”

Lu Yang solemnly swore, “I, Chi Xulong, swear to the heavens that if I don’t let you go, the heavens will strike me with five thunders!”

Lu Zhi was overjoyed. “The yellow paper is in the corner of the first floor outside.”

Obviously, Lu Zhi wasn’t very smart.

Lu Yang jumped from the second floor and walked around the first floor, and sure enough, he found a yellow paper.

The paper was covered in symbols that Lu Yang couldn’t understand, like some kind of spell.

He took the spell and went back to the second floor. “Where did you get this thing?”

“It was under the Da Shi Bridge. I was on a boat trying to escape when I happened to look up and see a yellow paper stuck under the bridge.”

Lu Yang nodded and went downstairs to pick up Zheng Shouhe’s leg. He brought the two of them to the yamen, and Wen Xiangyu followed closely behind.

“Hey hey hey, you’re not keeping your promise!” Lu Zhi yelled.

Lu Yang sneered. It’s Chi Xulong who will get struck by lightning, what does it have to do with me, Lu Yang?

Coincidentally, tonight was Wei Butou’s shift. When he saw Lu Yang bringing two criminals to the yamen, he felt a sense of “it’s you again.”After listening to the situation of the two criminals, Wei the Head Catcher put away his joking attitude and became serious. This Zheng Shouhe has a murder case on his record and is a serious criminal, while Lu Yang has performed a great service.

“This is the yellow paper that Lu Zhi mentioned.” Lu Yang handed the yellow paper to Wei the Head Catcher, and he had already memorized the symbols on it.

Wei the Head Catcher took the yellow paper and realized there was a problem.

He had heard that some people were feeling drowsy during the day, but he himself did not feel anything and thought it was not a big deal. Now it seems that someone is deliberately causing trouble!

There are probably many of these yellow papers hidden in Yanjiang County!

However, Wei the Head Catcher did not know what the symbols on the yellow paper meant, so he would ask the Chief Catcher when he came to work during the day.

“Thank you, I will send you a banner tomorrow.” After Wei the Head Catcher finished taking Lu Yang and Wen Xiangyu’s testimony, he waved goodbye.

Before leaving, Lu Yang went to the prison and found Chi Xulong: “I have a brother named Zheng Shouhe who will be coming in for a while. Can you take care of him?”

Chi Xulong sneered, “When you need my help, you come to me for help? Take care of him? My Stone Spit Godly Skill has already reached perfection. Let me deal with him!”

After sending Wen Xiangyu back to the tofu shop, Lu Yang firmly refused the tofu she offered.

After all the trouble, the barbecue shop had already closed. When Lu Yang went back, two evil spirits were washing dishes.

Lu Yang showed the symbols on the yellow paper to Lan Ting and asked, “Do you think this symbol can make people fall asleep?”

After carefully examining it, Lan Ting showed a surprised expression and said, “Where did you find this? This is the Reverse Longevity Yuan Symbol. This symbol absorbs a person’s longevity, and the person who is absorbed will appear tired and sleepy.”

“This symbol only works on mortals and will not have any effect on cultivators.”

(End of this chapter)

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