Chapter 64 – Shadow

Out of conscience, Lu Yang did not take all of Qin Yuanhao’s clothes, and left a pair of underwear to cover himself.

The storage ring is a kind of treasure widely circulated among cultivators.

The Falling Money Chamber of Commerce has conducted several surveys on “the most popular treasure,” and the storage ring was voted as the first with a high number of votes.

It is a necessary treasure for traveling, exploring the continent, hiding treasures and personal money.

Moreover, the price of the storage ring is very cheap, and even Qi Refining cultivators can afford it, but the space is much smaller.

Every year, many Qi Refining cultivators purchase storage rings, and the Falling Money Chamber of Commerce earns a lot of revenue from it.

The Falling Money Chamber of Commerce also introduces an improved version of the storage ring every year, mainly in appearance, and the internal space has not changed much.

The first treasure that most people become cultivators and use is the storage ring, which is very commemorative.

Both the righteous path and the demonic path use storage rings, and Qin Yuanhao is naturally one of them.

This is Qin Yuanhao’s impression of the storage ring.

He has lived for decades and has never heard of anyone using a storage ring to collect an enemy’s clothes!

Is this reasonable!

In fact, it is reasonable. The storage ring cannot contain spiritual objects with owners, such as living creatures, ghosts, and spiritual treasures. Obviously, Qin Yuanhao’s clothes are not among them.

Fortunately, Qin Yuanhao, as a member of the demonic path, has long lost his sense of shame, and he can fight even if he wears underpants!

Then he saw Meng Jingzhou take out the photo ball.

“Damn, which sect are you guys from, and what deep hatred do you have with me!” Qin Yuanhao believed that Lu Yang and the others were from the other three sects.

Even if Lu Yang and the others said they were from the righteous path now, Qin Yuanhao would not believe it.

He couldn’t figure it out. Although he had enemies, he always paid attention to the degree of the enmity and never made deadly enemies with anyone.

Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu also looked at Lu Yang strangely, as if they had not expected Lu Yang to come up with such a special attack method.

“To deal with the evil and crooked path, we don’t need to talk about the rules of the martial arts world. Let’s attack together!” Lu Yang called to the other two.

The three of them joined forces, and even a half-step Golden Core tiger demon would die, let alone Qin Yuanhao, who was only in the late Foundation Establishment stage.

They even thought about fighting Qin Yuanhao one-on-one. As geniuses, they had the confidence to fight beyond their levels.

But for the sake of caution, it is best for three people to attack together.

Qin Yuanhao put aside his sense of shame and fought with the three of them.

The sword light was like water, splashing like ink, and the momentum was overwhelming. Qin Yuanhao kept retreating and dared not face the enemy head-on!

Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu punched at the same time, like mountains falling down, hitting Qin Yuanhao’s chest, causing him to cough up blood!

Qin Yuanhao flipped his palms, and three poisonous needles appeared on his fingertips, piercing the chests of the three people.

Unexpectedly, the three of them were like nothing had happened. Their swords and fists did not weaken at all, but became stronger as they fought.

Lu Yang had already anticipated that the other party might use poison, so he took the detoxification pill in advance.

Strictly speaking, it should not be called a detoxification pill, but a poison elimination pill.

The principle of the detoxification pill is to enclose the poison before it takes effect and discharge it with sweat.

The poison works from beginning to end, so why call it detoxification?

Qin Yuanhao felt that things were not good. The other party was too well prepared. He could not use his poisonous methods, and even if he could, he was not as poisonous as the other party.Meng Jingzhou’s muscles bulged, veins popping out. Qin Yuanhao couldn’t react in time to the fist that was getting bigger and bigger.

Strange things happened again. Meng Jingzhou’s punch was powerful and heavy, and even a late-stage foundation builder would be crippled by it. However, Qin Yuanhao was not affected at all.

Qin Yuanhao smirked. He had said that these people couldn’t handle him!

After the fight, Lu Yang finally discovered the truth about Qin Yuanhao’s technique. He swung his sword, and a bright light flashed as his sword aura was unstoppable.

The sword struck not Qin Yuanhao himself, but his shadow!

“Damn it!” Qin Yuanhao cried out in pain.

“It’s you who killed the group of thieves last night. Your weakness is your shadow!” Lu Yang realized that Qin Yuanhao had been sent by the sect leader to kill the thieves.

Qin Yuanhao’s biggest reliance was exposed, so he no longer wanted to fight. His body disappeared, and his shadow moved quickly on the ground. Even if he couldn’t beat his opponent, he had full confidence in escaping. Could the sword cut his shadow to death?

“I remember you three youngsters. You can expect endless revenge from me. Hahaha…” Qin Yuanhao thought he had the upper hand and laughed loudly.

Suddenly, a beam of white light shone on his shadow, causing Qin Yuanhao to scream in agony, as if a piece of flesh had been ripped off his body.

The gathering light formation was a simple formation that absorbed light sources and released them. It was easy to learn, but in general, it was not very useful. However, it worked wonders in this situation.

Qin Yuanhao had to emerge from his shadow to block the light, and the gap in his shadow disappeared.

“My, my, you came prepared. But so what? Do you think a mere gathering light formation can hurt me?” Qin Yuanhao sneered. “Don’t you know that the stronger the light, the stronger the shadow?”

Lu Yang calmly threw out more gathering light formations and sneered, “Have you ever heard of a shadowless lamp?”

Qin Yuanhao hesitated for a moment. He didn’t know what a shadowless lamp was, but he had a bad feeling when he heard Lu Yang’s words.

Lu Yang didn’t have time to explain the principle of the formation during the battle. Dozens of beams of light hit Qin Yuanhao, and his shadow crackled. Whether he revealed his body to block the light or shrank into his shadow, he couldn’t stop the process.

The shadow became lighter and lighter until it was almost invisible to the naked eye.

Qin Yuanhao roared and emerged from the nearly invisible shadow. His body was no longer able to hide in the shadow.

The sword light fell from the sky like a rainbow, sudden and unexpected, piercing through Qin Yuanhao’s body.

Meng Jingzhou breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that Qin Yuanhao was dead. If he had escaped, all their preparations for the past few days would have been in vain.

Meng Jingzhou thought they were well-prepared and that Qin Yuanhao couldn’t escape. Who would have thought that his technique was related to his shadow and was difficult to trap?

Meng Jingzhou pushed Lu Yang’s shoulder with a grin. “It’s a good thing you said you wanted to make gathering light formations before we set out.””It’s all luck. I just suspect that his cultivation technique is related to his shadow, but there’s no substantial evidence.”

“But don’t celebrate too early. Let’s destroy the evidence first before we celebrate.”

Under Lu Yang’s initiative, the three of them burned Qin Yuanhao’s body into an unrecognizable corpse and threw it into the tiger demon’s cave, then blasted the entrance shut.

This way, unless someone deliberately searches the mountain, no one will find this place.

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