Chapter 65 – Examiner

Lu Yang tried a few times with Qin Yuanhao’s storage ring, but shook his head regretfully.

“What a pity, this storage ring can only be opened by Qin Yuanhao himself. Even if we get it, it’s useless. Forcibly opening it will only cause the internal space of the storage ring to be scattered, making it harder to find.”

“Let’s go to his house and see. Maybe we’ll find something.” Lu Yang motioned for the two to leave.

The ghost who tricked Qin Yuanhao to come followed behind. Man Gu felt that the ghost did a good job and decided to reward him with two skewers of lamb kebab. In theory, if the lamb kebab was burnt, the ghost could still eat it.

Whether the ghost ate the well-cooked lamb kebab or the burnt one would have to be proven through practice.

Qin Yuanhao’s house had few decorations. Living alone, it seemed empty and lifeless.

The three of them arrived at the training room. Apart from a jade statue, there were only two rows of bookshelves, which were filled with many martial arts secrets.

The jade statue had a blurry face and was dressed in a long robe. It was impossible to tell if it was male or female.

“This should be the belief of the Immortal of the Eternal Teaching.” Meng Jingzhou circled around the statue twice. The material of this statue was much stronger than that of ordinary statues, but its appearance was far worse.

Which family’s statue didn’t strive for realism?

“‘Avoiding Water Technique,’ ‘Introduction to Formations,’ ‘Sword Techniques and Countermeasures’… they are all relatively common martial arts. You can find them on the first floor of our scripture depository.” Lu Yang’s hand swept over the book covers. He liked the feeling of running his hand over the uneven surface of the book covers.

“‘Common Methods to Please Your Boss,’ ‘Human Nature,’ ‘Cutthroat Competition’… all sorts of nonsense.”

Lu Yang picked up a book at random. It was ‘Common Methods to Please Your Boss.’ The book’s corners were curled, indicating that Qin Yuanhao had flipped through it many times.

“Method one, become the boss’s family member. Depending on your age and ability, you can target the boss or the boss’s children.”

Qin Yuanhao remarked, “The sect leader never takes off his mask, and his identity and gender are unknown. It’s impossible to get close or get married.”

“Method two, offer treasures. A high-profile treasure will make the gift-giver seem high-profile too, which is not likable. It is recommended to give the boss a low-key and expensive gift.”

Qin Yuanhao remarked, “I took out a loan to buy a jade chair for the sect leader, hoping it will work.”

“Method three, cultivate interests. Pay attention to the boss’s interests and cultivate the same interests as the boss.”

Qin Yuanhao remarked, “The sect leader’s interest is fishing. I went fishing with the sect leader by the river, and I caught more fish than him. I hope the sect leader won’t be jealous of my talent.”

“Method four…”

“Method five…”

Qin Yuanhao was very attentive in pleasing the sect leader, but the results were not very good.

“It seems that it’s not easy to get along in the demonic sect.” Lu Yang couldn’t help but chuckle.

However, thanks to Qin Yuanhao’s remarks, Lu Yang had a simple understanding of the sect leader and the various executive officers.”Within the Yanjiang Sect, from low to high, there are ordinary members, deacons, and the sect leader. There are many ordinary members, ranging from the Qi refining stage to the Foundation Establishment stage, and they rarely have access to the secrets of the Immortal Sect.”

“Only those who pass the assessment can become deacons during the Foundation Establishment stage. There are twelve deacons in the entire Yanjiang Sect, and now there are only eleven left after Qin Yuanhao’s death.”

“The identity of the sect leader is unknown. They have a Golden Core cultivation level, but the specifics are unknown. They like fishing.”

In addition, the three of them also found scattered spirit stones and a few spell books that didn’t seem to be for righteous cultivation, such as hypnosis and bedroom arts, which were not worth mentioning.

“We’re leaving. We need to prepare for the Demon Sect’s trial in nine days.”

At the border of Yanjiang County, numerous silent cultivators shuttle through the dense forest, and the mottled light shines on their expressionless faces, appearing somewhat eerie.

Each cultivator is far apart from each other, wary of one another, secretly gathering strength, waiting for the moment to strike, trying to reduce the competition once they see the other person’s guard down.

They all learned about the location of the trial through various channels and arrived early to the Yanjiang Sect as rogue cultivators.

Under the suppression of the righteous path, their living space has been continuously shrinking, and if they want to obtain more resources, they must join a large organization. Therefore, the Yanjiang Sect has become their primary target.

In the past, only those recommended by the deacons could join the Demon Sect, and they had to bribe the deacons to do so.

This time is different. Everyone has a chance, and it is a rare opportunity to join the Demon Sect in thirty years.

An hour before the start of the trial, the rogue cultivators arrived in droves.

“Look, isn’t that Chixu Long, who slaughtered an entire family overnight, leaving no survivors, and left in front of everyone?”

A burly man held the leg bone of an unknown demonic beast, resembling a wild man, with bronze-colored skin, bulging muscles, and numerous scars on his arms. He grinned, revealing two teeth that looked like those of a wolf.

Chixu Long is extremely famous among the rogue cultivators for his domineering and arrogant behavior. He has survived many deadly situations and even has experience in leveling up during a battle. He is truly invincible.

“Chixu Long, I didn’t expect you to be here too.” A white-faced scholar shook his paper fan and teased Chixu Long.

Chixu Long snorted coldly, “Hmph, Shen Jinyi, what are you doing here instead of teaching at a school? No one needs you to teach here!”

“What? He’s Shen Jinyi, who specializes in teaching people how to kill at a school?” Someone heard Chixu Long call the white-faced scholar Shen Jinyi and whispered from a distance.

Shen Jinyi is indeed a teacher, but he doesn’t teach Confucian classics. Instead, he teaches efficient and secret ways to kill.

He has trained countless assassins and is also a ruthless person who frightens rogue cultivators.

Don’t be fooled by Shen Jinyi’s harmless appearance. If you provoke him, you won’t even know how you died!”Assassins? Just a bunch of cowardly people who dare not show their faces.” The swordsman, who carried a sword as tall as a person, smirked coldly and did not take the assassin Shen Jinyi seriously.

Shen Jinyi was about to retort, but when he saw the swordsman’s true face, he held his words back and only muttered a few words through his teeth: “Yizhang Hong!”

“Why are you shouting for your grandpa?” Yizhang Hong faced Shen Jinyi’s murderous gaze with disdain, even spitting on the ground.

The rogue cultivators widened their eyes. The people who came were all famous figures in the cultivation world. “It’s actually Yizhang Hong, who always draws blood within one zhang of distance! It is said that he is invincible in close combat, and even half-step Golden Core experts do not want to face him easily!”

In addition to these three people, there were also many notorious villains who had high bounties on their heads but no one dared to provoke them, fearing being killed in return.

These villains gathered together, and others with lower cultivation levels stood far away, not daring to speak loudly.

Suddenly, the appearance of three people caught everyone’s attention. One person carried a sword and walked in the middle, while the person on the left seemed to be a Confucian scholar holding the words of a saint, and the person on the right had a bright smile on his face, looking like a madman.

The three of them remained silent, staring straight ahead, completely ignoring these rogue cultivators, and their aura was extremely strong.

“Who are they? Do you know them?”

“I don’t know, but they seem to have a big background.”

The three walked straight through the crowd and came to the front. Finally, they muttered something about “Immortal Sage” and opened the stone wall, pretending to take out tables, chairs, and benches from the other side of the wall, but in fact, they took them out from their jade pendants.

Chixu Long and others pondered, “They can open the stone wall, it seems that they are members of the demonic sect.”

After sitting down, the swordsman cleared his throat twice and caught everyone’s attention.

He said loudly, “My name is Lu Yang, these two are Meng Jingzhou and Man Gu. We are the examiners for the selection of the Immortal Sect. Now, line up and report your personal information.”

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